Please help aqu and gem relationship 4 years!!!

  • Hi,I been with my bf (Gemini) for 4 years he broke up with me and I haven't talked to him or seen him in 3 days bcc online it told me the best way to get a gem attention or bavk I'd to ignore them...I caused the break up bc I let my anger get the best if me with these other females.we go to college together and have Bern dating since high school and then came to college.I meet his family everything ..he'd stubburon..Should I ignore him or apologize through text since I don't see him?

    All advice welcomed.Gemini men/women please help ..thanks

  • the key to this relationship is not to exert authoritative subtle dictatoral control on your part because of fears and low self esteam. All the money and material things are good however they will never take the place of inward gentleness, inner stength based on moral common decent core energy values. Selfishness, with a... me, me,me attitude will erode and corrode any relationship. Honesty and open communication is always a very good thing. Also perhaps at this stage of your young lives you need to discover and explore life because this is a big, big, world while at the same time very fragile and small. It seems since high school until now you have experienced and learned a lot but have you stopped to think is it proper,or correct, because right thinking produces right results. it is true there are many ways but there is only one right way and it produces right results,right kind everytime, enjoy the movie because you are the star...

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