How do you know a cancer man is still in love with you?

  • What are some signs that he may still be interested based on his sign. What would a typical Cancer man do to express love after he breaks up with you and wants to come back?

  • Hi, I don't know if typical describes cancer men, they all seem too be a bit different, yet have some common threads. Is he saying he wants too come back, or are you feeling it from him? Why did he break up? Sometimes, the first thing they might do is check too make sure your not with anyone else yet, thats a big thing too them if they want too come back, they might want too gage how much work they need too put into winning you over again, so they can proceed, if they do want too come back, the approach will be important too them, even if they casually mention it, there be more going on as far as the planning too get back in one's good graces. I know when they are in love they can seem like they will go too the ends of earth, but then do dissapearing thing too, as they do need their space, but you won't be far from thier thoughts, their usually just recharging for when they see you next. Also, if they are in love, they will usually talk about it, tell someone else something about it, like a friend for instance, this is one of the few things they don't easily hold back on expressing when their feeling it. Cancer can be a bit like the game piece that can move back too its first spot sometimes, they seem too like too create pasts just too go back too them, especially if they realize there was something good back there too go back too, sometimes they go back regardless, so watch for that, as I don't think its always intentional for them too be cruel, confusing, its just in their nature too sometimes want too go back, try again. I would defintly let them know you needed too see a solid attempt, and they should be able too answer a few hard questions, you don't have too be in thier face, just making sure history doesn't repeat itsself.

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