I need Aries love help!

  • Ms Sunny,

    No, I am not her cop or watch dog, but I am not on here as a self-proclaimed know it all either!

  • you are so funny!

  • The Problem is Aries men lack the sensitivity that most females need. I am a female Cancer married to an Aries.Although they are supposed be a fiery sign mine is anything but that., which

    frustrates me to no end. They also can be very stuborn. I would totally leave him alone until he comes around. The more you push any man, the more they run. Hope this helps

  • Phewf! Things are getting heated in here!! 😮

    Perhaps I should clear some things up...maybe it will resolve some issues being discussed...

    One, he is not seeing anyone new, nor did he start to when we were together. I always knew exactly where he was, what he was doing, who he was with. He kept nothing from me, ever. Our relationship was positive. I do believe that he is going through something right now, and that is why he is holding back at this time. One person said he had Saturn in his 7th house?? I hope I am remembering correctly...Anyhow, I searched that and boy was it dead on....it described so much that was going on between the two of us, even right down to dates. So, perhaps he is extra sensitve to the planets?

    As for communication, he sent me a message yesterday. He even called me the nickname he always did...he said he is going to write me back (remember I wrote him that letter explaining some feelings/thoughts) and he said he is going to be calling me this weekend. That was all on his end...not mine. I actually kind of resent the statement that we would only get back together b/c I won't leave him alone....?? I have been so respectful to what he is going through. I haven't been pestering him, I simply let him know in a very kind way how I felt about him and why I was feeling confused. He spoke me after reading it and said that he thought it was very nice and that I was special to him. I may be hurt that someone I care so much for has chosen to take some distance while he figures something out, but that doesn't mean I am going to battle and harrass him over it. If he needs time, I will give him time. Stating that you think I have left something out with all of this seems silly to me; I even posted our text messages. I came here for help and advice, and I don't believe I would find it if I was hiding something. I was fortunate to meet all of these wonderful people with big hearts, all of whom have helped to bring me out of my funk. I don't think it's fair that someone enter into the topic and start causing drama...there has been 100% positivity here until some of the recent comments, and whereas I appreciate you taking the time to give your opinion (even though I don't agree with it b/c I know it's not true; I wonder about the pyschic ability you speak of) I don't think it's right to lash out at other writers with saucy comebacks.

    I hope I'm not crossing a line by writing this, it's not my intention in the least. I just love that there have been so many wonderful posts, and then negativity was introduced. Hopefully we can all continue on the path we were leading before MsSunny showed up (again, no offense).

  • Ps: Brian, when is Mercury out of retro?

  • Woude,

    I did not lash out at anyone. It's the other way around. it's okay, I am not offended by you or anyone else here. You are the one with drama issues.

    Best of luck with your love life.. I do mean that sincerely.. Sunny

  • Woude, One last thing before I disappear from YOUR thread. Of course you want to go on and on about your drama with your boyfriend. has it occurred to you, that you are obsessed with him? smothering? every post I have read of yours here, shows you are obsessing on the details and overlooking the big picture. of course it's all about you..

    good luck with your Aries man


  • Woude,

    Mercury out of retro you will need to check, there is a topic on the Forums about it. It can affect communication, and when it deals with a relationship that revolves around, almost entirely, the emotional, you would be wise to take it into account. So check out when that cycle ends before you have any heavy or detailed discussions, because misunderstandings can happen easily in an emotionally charged relationship.

  • Woude,

    I apologize to you for stirring things. I found some of the commentary made about your situation unjustifiable and felt a strong need to put that out there. It's that fiery Aries temperment in me coming out, especailly something is unfair and/or unwarranted. You came here seeking insight and help about your situation. Please know that really is all well and good. We all need objective input at times. Especially when going through a difficult shift in life such as you are dealing with. It is important to go over details. It's not obsessing. The more information that is given the better someone else can get the picture of what is going on and hopefully the more helpful someone can be to you. I hope I have not made an ugly impression and that you may understand that I meant well for you. I make a stand whenever and wherever I feel there is injustice.

    I hope you have been able to talk to him and things have gone well.

  • I use to be married to an Aires. He turned into an a__ and an alcoholic. I was married to him for 12 years and couldn't put up with it anymore. My experience makes me very leary of Aires men. Sorry I can't help further.

  • Marsfeml, you're a sweetheart! Your comments always work to make things feel better amid my, ahem, 'drama'....lol. 🙂

    Brian, I will look into it for sure. Thank you so much for the info! 🙂

  • Hi Folks...

    Woude: Mercury goes direct on Tuesday the 11th...takes a couple of days to get up to speed. By then, the 13th there's a new moon.....plant the seeds for hopes and wishes then. New moons represent beginnings whereas full moons conclude.

    Listen to your video weekly horoscope depicted on the front page of this website. I hope this week brings you peace and better times all 'round!


  • Thank you Spicemiss! Astrology is so facinating to me, but I'm still learning, so the explanations help sooo much! 🙂

  • Woude,

    Astrology is fascinating, but like numerology, or any of this stuff, it is a tool, and is to be used as a guide. Guides help us navigate, but they do not do the real world work of being a decent person, or doing the actual physical, mental work of life's stuff.

    Concentrate some of your focus on exploring interpersonal relationship, and the dynamics of them. It will be an important part of what you are seeking.

    Also, remember that happiness is in finding contentment, and do not confuse happiness with fun and excitement (the last two last as long as they last, the first one is made and is lasting). What you truly seek is the peace of happiness. You like the excitement of drama, and the fun of good times, but neither will bring you happiness.

  • Brian,

    So true...I'm starting to really focus in on an inner balance that I think I've been lacking. I am excited for when I reach it.....


  • did my last post show?

  • LOL, Sandran you crack me up, and your comment above and thunder's got me thinking here. yea, Brian is good with sugar coating, but I call it blowing pink smoke up your A S S


  • Woude,

    I am not sure if you will see this post or not, but just want to check back to see how you are doing and how things have been going with the Aries man ... ?

    Hoping for the best for you!

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