Knocking (dreams)

  • last night I dreamed I heard knocking. Not a loud knock, but a knock nonetheless. Does anyone here have insight on what this may mean, if anything? TIA

    Sorry if I posted this is the wrong place

  • I mean I aint gonna say I know 100%...But i think It is someone or something trying to have you be open or not afraid of hearing the message..Like most likely the begining stages or awakening...

  • Hi, I agree an awakening (spiritual.) But, if it's a spirit, could be telling you about an event you are to prepare for. Could be an omen saying, "wake-up." Is there some issue that your not addressing.

  • KNock associated with sleep is also linked to astral projection process, either detachment, or reentry.

  • Hi, hearing knocking in your dream means you can expect a change for the better or money coming. If you were the one knocking or touching the knob it would be different. Simply, hearing knocking is normally a good omen. Congrats!

  • Touching a DoorKnob.

  • It sounds like Astral Projection. Re entry.

  • can astrial projection be used to reach my husband who is on the other side already ? 20 yrs.have past since he introduced me to this but i never asked questions..thank you for anything you can help with, i miss his and would love to hear his voice. MS.IZZY

  • In the Dream book I have it said. Hearing knocking or seeing others knocking means money is coming. I could use that dream.

  • Hi there,

    The first thought which entered my mind as i read the question was the words of the song by Leo Sayer, "someone's knocking at the door. Somebody's ringing the bell."

    I always think that it is polite to knock before entering a door.

    This could be an opportunity coming your way which is asking for a chance to be considered or a person wanting to enter your life.

    As with all things and people, it is your choice whether or not you let them in.

    You should go with your intuiton. If it feels good. Go for it.

    Verdana. 🙂

  • i guess your only interrested in "knocking " around here i thought this sight was for any astrial ??'s my apologies i'm in the wrong spot

  • Last night, for the first time in about a year, I heard my knocking. I'm not sure that I believe in tarot or psychics or anything but I was searching for a reason for my dream and I wound up here...I'm intrigued,

    Anyway, here's my "story"

    Same as always. I wake up because I am 100%, swear on my children, sure that I heard someone knock. I don't know why it's important to me but I always note (swear to goodness I just Instantly became covered with goosebumps as I am typing this..I must be spooking myself. anyway..) that I am not scared or anxious when I wake up from hearing this.

    The only difference is that every other time I can remember this happening (maybe a total of 5 times in my life) it has always been a knock at the front door. Last night I was sure it was one of my kids knocking on my bedroom door. (goosebumps...weird)

    So I lay there a minute waiting for a knock again and then I call out "what?" because once again, I am positive someone is there although I don't "feel" someone is there.

    I always have to get up and check the doors -look out the peep hole to see if anyone is there- make sure everything is locked up still and that my kids are all in bed and OK.

    Then I just go back to bed.

    I am open to any one's idea of what this is all about. My first thought is maybe stress? But why do I hear knocking that is so real that it wakes me up?

  • I just read this about hearing knocking...

    To hear knocking in your dreams, denotes that tidings of a grave nature

    will soon be received by you. If you are awakened by the knocking,

    the news will affect you the more seriously.

    a grave does that mean something bad is going to be happening soon?

  • I don't believe that's the correct interpretation of your dream, julie. I think your dream indicates that you should listen to or take heed about a certain situation in your life. Is there something happening in your personal life that should be receiving your 100% attention but isn't? If you are single, is there some man who may be just a friend or acquaintance but is beginning to show you a bit more attention than usual? Or is there a project or something that needs doing? Do you need to spend more quality time with your family? Something is definitely demanding your attention - not necessarily something nasty though.

  • Hi, There are a few things that I have experienced in regard to audio sounds. Usually occuring in my house. Seem to be a precursor for something bad. Usually very accurate. I will hear a phone ringing and ringing--sometimes endlessly. Also, my house is older and the light switches are heavier. I will start hearing a noise like someone has turned these on. Other people have heard the light switch noise. Both usually mean I'm in danger.

    Yesterday, when I was at work, I heard a lady say my name. There were things going on around me but no one had called me. I thought that's strange, I'll remember that. Anyway, I left the building later to run errands. On the way to my car this lady was pulling into a space and didn't see me. I just saw this car speeding towards me. My first reaction was--this is someone I know playing a joke on me. When I realized this car was too close, I darted past it. I couldn't believe it--she apologized when she saw me. My guess is that the warning came from an angel.

  • So, maybe the knocking is bringing something to your attention....something that needs to be done urgently.....I think the "urgency" is the key... or a warning not to be careless...

  • The knocking is from a stranger beware of making life changing dicisions. If the dream is reacurring then a messenger will be bringing great news my friend. Good luck.

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  • Gosh, my life is a pile of things that need more focus! LOL

    Maybe I am stressed and it doesn't mean anything.

    I don't think I am anymore stressed or more worried about anything than I normally am. Also, thinking back to the few other times in my life this has happened, I don;t remember anything significant;y happening before or after...

    who knows.

    I know the other night when this happened I just couldn't sleep. I went to bed much later than normal because I was up doing college homework and after I finally went to bed I just couldn't fall asleep. I kept thinking :Dear Lord please soothe me to sleep, I need to get up with the kids soon...

    Seems like the 1 time I finally fell asleep, I was awakened by the knock. I laid there for a sec thinking it was my youngest son (sometimes he gets up) but no one was there.

    In my world, my Lord has a sense of humor...maybe he was just being mischievous.

    I had a hard time sleepling last night too...but I didn't awaken to a knock.

    Maybe I am just reading too much into it anyway.

    One other thing...doesn't the idea of this stuff...tarot, horoscopes etc. scare you out of your mind? Do you think there are spirits etc.

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