Gemini Female and Capricorn Man

  • I am a Gemini female (born 8th June 1978) and I have just started a relationship with a Capricorn male. We were work buddies, he was married BUT has left his wife and child to be with me. We are living together BUT am moving away. We are mardly in love and he tells me that I am the one for him and that he has been in love with me for many years! We have only been together a few months, yet we have talked about having kids and getting married within the next 2 years. I love him and he loves me. I just want to no if this is the "one" for me. He was born 16th Jan 1968. PLEASE HELP ME.....................

  • I am the one moving away, very soon. In Aug 2010.

  • Hello happygirl-

    Capricorn will seem to drag your light and airy energy earthwards immediately. This may not sit well with you. The combination will work well on a business or professional level, but it doesn’t offer you much in the way of common interests or similar personality traits. The elements of air and earth are quite different — the combination produces dust.

    Capricorn is in a difficult zodiac area for Gemini, and reflects a strong karmic connection associated with money issues. The two of you would need to do a lot of talking about values. What is it you both want out of a relationship and how will you manage your finances? These will become key issues if they are not sorted out at the start.

    You may not give a toss about financial security, and sometimes you spend freely and generously. Capricorn is likely to count the pennies and be more frugal. In a committed relationship this could mean a fight for control over the way money and resources are managed.

    Hope it helped you out. Good luck

  • I'm a Cappy married to a Gemini long as you both are able to be independent of each other and give yourselves the freedom to do your own's a ball!! Trust each other...been married for 43 years so it's all up to you...!!

  • I'm new here. I have both Cap and Gem friends,but don't really know how well they go to gether.Sorry,best wishes for you.

  • Does anyone know what is the most compatable for Libra ? I've really been having lot's of trob with Leo!

  • Hello Lilllibra,

    You are a air sign and you are compatible with other signs like Aquarius( Jan 19-Feb 18) and Gemini ( May 22-June 20). Good luck

  • Thank you ALL for the imfromation. The thing is we are going to be separated for a few YEARS!!!! We will only see each other a little bit. Im not sure if he is telling me the truth when he says he loves me and that he ALWAYS has. I feel he does love me, but not totally. We have talked about marriage, children and what we want. But Im not sure if he is just telling me what I want to hear. He already has children and a wife. He left his wife for me. I guess what I really want to no is, will he go back to his wife and children. I do love this man with all my heart, but is it that I have rose coloured glasses on??? Does he really want what I want or is he just saying that to keep me???

  • I am a Cap female and have never had a relationship with a Gemini male, so I can't totally say how that will end. But for an Earth and Air sign to connect it has to be something in your other signs that caused that connection b/c Earth and Air are not known to traditionally connect. However, for a short time all I attracted to were Aquarius signs which are air signs like Gemini's. I have several Aquarius/Planet infuences in my zodiac. Maybe you have the same with Gemini. Look it up on one of the many zodiac sites on the internet. You will need your birthdate, city, state, if you can your time of birth...that's a big help. Hope that helps.

  • I meant to say see if you have any Earth signs in your horoscope you are the Air sign and he is the Earth sign. I'm tired right now. Sorry.

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