Destiny - is there any such thing

  • I have been to a number of physics after my husband walked out on my and my kids, most say we will get back together this year and that is my destiny, another says I will remarry. Is there only one path in life, does destiny really exist or do you create your own????

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  • Well lets put it this way that something have been set up already for us, & things would go that way if we dont ourselves make changes. I just did a reading for you & sent you if you can at all relate to it let me know. If you ever heard of feng shui, we could do some feng shui love cure for you & your ex husband, for a relationship for u 2 & for ur family also.

  • Hi Rchi

    Thank you so much how do you do this feng shui??


  • Ok about the reading I shall try again now that I have your date of births.

    I will give you a few general tips, 'coz I can not do in detail till I have seen the house or have pictures of the rooms.

    Whatever you do...1st clean the area & burn a nice candle for sometime to attract positive energy....

    1. In your bedroom keep his & your picture...of which you have a nice memory. Do not put kids/other family members/friends pictures in your room.

    2. Use green spherical vase filled with white flowers.

    3. If you cannot get real or silk peonies, put a picture of them on your bedroom door.

    4. Keep a ceramic figurine of a girl & boy or 2 mandrin ducks in the far right corner of your bedroom.

    5. Keep things in pair. Like 2 red candles, 2 vase.

    Try doing whatever you can do from the above mentioned things. Hopefully things will get better.

    Remember though that whatever you do, do with the positive intention of getting your love, your husband, his support, love attention.

  • Hey Rchi - Thanks I will try this, anythings worth a go! I'll let you know how I get on 🙂

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