Curious Gemini wonders about love

  • Hey guys, I'm a Gemini, and all that it implies.

    Joined the forum on a whim because I was just curious about something that's started to bother me a bit.

    I've had quite a few relationships throughout my life, with mixed results. It usually starts out pretty interesting, and I feel like 'this is the one!' ...but of course, it never quite works out that way.

    I've heard that the first step in getting rid of a problem is admitting that you have one, which is the easy part. I have a hard time committing time to anything. At all. I just.. get bored. 😞

    Please don't get me wrong, its not that they become less attractive to me, or that I find someone else, or that the thought of a meaningful relationship frightens me, no, thats not the case. I just hate this.. 'tied down' feeling I always get.

    I 'want' a relationship, and all those cozy trappings that comes with it, but theres always this niggling voice in the back of my mind that analyzes everything, and I start worrying and stressing over all those stupid little things that really shouldn't matter.

    I absolutely believe that love exists, and I'm not giving up yet. I'm just taking a little break until I get a few things in my life straightened out, and going in the right direction.

    I just wonder though.. is it the same way for the rest of you Geminis out there?

    Are we destined to be alone, hopping from person to person, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind us?

    How do you deal with it?

  • I'm guessing you're in your late 20's, maybe early 30's. You're just not ready to commit. That's really not so unusual or necessarily a Gemini thing. Perhaps trying not to get so fired up early in a relationship might help you & it wouldn't be so confusing for the other person, either, when the dating relationship has to end.

    I'm curious, do you usually end up being friends with the women you date? I'm asking because my daughter, also a Gemini, does this alot.

  • 25, you nailed it. 🙂

    And yea, I've always been that guy who has a lot of female friends, but nothing ever comes of it.

    I meet and get to know people easy enough, and I do like turning on the charm here and there just to see what happens, though i've learned to be careful with that. Sometimes I think i'm putting out the wrong signals, and I end up looking like a #$%$, when all i'm trying to do is just get to know them.

    Its wierd though, I usually do end up staying a 'casual friend' with my ex's, for at least a little while after the breakup.

    I think you may have a very good point though! I do try to crank things up a bit too early, I suppose. Everything flares up, the romance crackles and i'm walking on air... but then it just kinda fizzles out into a 'bleh' kind of feeling.

  • You've got alot of time to find that someone special. Consider yourself lucky that you know what feels right for you. There will come a time when you know it is right, when those little things that may usually annoy you about someone doesn't seem to matter anymore.

    Good luck RabbitGuy.

  • You Gemini guys are funny. Oh, I don't know if my Gemini man feels I tie him down, he feels that me wanting to be in a relationship that is about the both of us and not just HIM is asking for too much and if I can't deal with him just doing himself then it's over is what he says. Ofcourse he always comes back. Yeah, he talks big and tough but then he's at my feet when I catch him in a totally into ME moment. LOL I don't ever use him but once he was talking big and bad and I threatened him with no sex and he was an angel. It was cute actually. Gemini guys are just the best men to me. Their split personalities can be fun sometimes. Sometimes he's the boss and other times I am, and sometimes, we both are into eachother. Most of the time we are good to eachother. ^^ It's fun playing with him. Try a sign that is as detatched as you are so you don't feel controlled. And other elements in a persons chart make up their personality, but I personally think Gems and Aquas are great! ^^ fun fun!

  • Nice to hear a Gemini admit to having a problem. I've dated 2 and recently came here to get advice with my Gemini. I am coming to the conclusion that I should not date Gemini's in the future. Just a matter of I am sick of the flirting with other women behind my back. I also don't like friendships with ex's. I cut all mine off, I don't understand how Gemini's keep them around.

  • Hello "Rabbitguy" wow, it'a amazing really what you wrote, the guy i was seeing that his Gemini too always told me he doesnt want to be "tie down" never really understood it.

    Anyway, you Gemini men are very smart, you analyse everything very well but maybe what you need to do is take time to analyse and understand yourself

    You hear another voice tell you something, then listen to it and try to understand why you have this voice, what his origin, dont take everything your mind telling for a complete truth

    try to write down the picture you get with the whole"tie down" scenario.

    i found a great tecnhique to do this 3 years ago claling CBT, please try that it may help

    i hope you find some balance soon because you maybe feel confuse but some people that can really care for you guy can get hurt in the middle of your confusion

    and i m sure you also most feel hurt in process

    good day

  • Hi Rabbitguy

    I am also with a gem who is in his late 30s and he was living with his ex g/f when I meet him, I am a pisces and that did not fly with me, so I made him cut the ties with the ex's. We are like a light switch on one mintue and off again. But I do agree with HeavenlyBohemian Once you say NO they are back at your feet begging to come back.

    I think its the thrill of the catch, they always to seem to want what they cant have. Me I just get mad and we end it until he figures out what he wants, and they normally only last a few

    I do love him tho, we have a connection thats out of this world and I think thats whats keeping him around and me wanting more. I can feel him thinking about me and it just turns me on.Sex is freaking awesome, if you like sex find a pisces women, they are freaks in the

    Despite what Astrologers say that pis/gim are not compatable, i have been with him for 3 yrs and our best freinds are also pis/gim and has been married for 27 yrs and still happy. We have our ups and downs but work thur them. So like the others said take it slow and find that feeling inside that makes you bound with that person and you find the right one. I knew from the first kiss he was mine 🙂

  • Hmm, sorry you Pisces and Gems aren't compatible. =( But hey, you are making work. 😉

  • As they say, its not just the sun sign. The moon and other stuff matter. I'm a cappy with aqua moon and get along very well with gem.

  • RabbitGuy, i was looking forward to hear some of your feedback

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