Ok I let go.... I feel great

  • I let him go and feel great. I have no regrets. I feel good about myself. I m learning to manage by myself. I love my independence again. I love me. I am getting to know me all over again. Does anyone see anyone for me in the near future. I am open so is my heart to love again. I have been not only nice and polite to everyone I meet but I m respectuful to not only others and myself. I know there is time and place for everything. Is there nyone for me?

  • of course there is someone for you but don't dwell on it. Trust that it will surprise you like the perfect desert after a perfect meal--a meal you carefully and lovingly made for you. Spirit says this time period is about law of attraction. You are on the right path--keep your energy positive and attract positive--of course it won't be all smooth--you will get bumped by challenges but don't think oh my where did I go wrong! It's just life giving you more opportunity to be the new you--keep your power moving positive. Spirit advises that as long as you remain energy conciese you will move towards a more rewarding relationship. Avoid feeling needy at all costs as this is what trips you up--the wrong relationship is attracted to needy vibes. Like attracts like--respect your needs and you will attract others who respect your needs. Love yourself unconditionaly and others will. Avoid craving or being needy for love and others will not be needy of you--it will be your reward to attract unconditional love. Make a wish list of the perfect man for you and tuck it away in a special place under something earthy like stones or feathers or a favorite book--then let it go. Enjoy your time alone and don't be needy as it will attract a needy man. I see July bringing you a new opportunity--an invitation to join up with a group or new job setting--there is a church atmosphere I pick up so the people will probably be offering a higher vibration spiritualy for you--you will meet new friends through the summer and in October someone will mirror in you just how far you've come. Spirit says do not dwell on this though or try and force it just do what your doing and trust in the law of attraction to surprise you. Blessings

  • what do you mean by when I make my list, put it somewhere then let it go go where, There is no perfect man or woman. what wrong relationship? Do I seem needy?

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  • I have been told make a list of all the qualities that I want in a man. And I have done that before and ended up leaving out one crucial point...a man that wanted to be in a relationship. I got exactly what I asked for. So, this time around, I will do my list of everything that I want to find in a person, and give it up to the universe to manifest for me. That's what Blmoon is saying. Make the list and tuck it away and have faith that it will be brought to you. No, no one is perfect but think of the qualities that you want in a man. I too have to be careful of not being needy, meaning wanting to be in a relationship so bad that I am clinging to something that is wrong for me. I have found that as I love myself more than I have ever before, I am attracting all kinds of new people to my life that are healthy for me. I no longer feel like I need anyone to complete me so to speak so that I can be happy since I make myself happy and I am doing a better job than anyone else ever could. :0)

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