If anyone could explain this period for Gemini

  • Hi guys,

    I'm a Gemini, 24 May 1985 and I'm questioning right now if I am a Gemini. Maybe it's just this half year, I act completely different. I used to be allover everywhere, chat, be happy.

    I think I tried to change my character and ground myself, so I got a desk job ( which I truly hate ). I still don't know what I want to do, so I can't just leave my job. I have been in a relationship for 2 years, got sooo bored. I am now hiding at home, don't socialize and I feel depressed.

    If anyone could do a short reading, maybe it's this period, or maybe I'm not really a Gemini, or maybe I should not be fighting my flighty character. If anyone has any similar experience??

  • Lanaav you are truly a Gemini you have all the traits. Like getting bored quick and wanting to hide out and be by yourself. Geminis's often fell depressed or not sure of themselves when it comes to relationship. I hate the idea of them just turning so cold and hot so D A M N fast. OH my bag they do have two different personalities, that's why they stay so confused or not sure. By the way I don't do readings, I have been with my Gemini friend for awhile and I know his trait so well and it just p i s s e s me off, other times he can be just sweet and nice. What's up with you guys (Gemini's). What are you afraid of?

  • to know us is to love us....

  • Hello there. Dont doubt yourself, you are a real Gemini and be proud of it. You are experiencing the transit of Saturn in Libra in your 5th house that started on October 29 2009 and will be completed in October 5 2012. What does it mean? This transit will limit or delay creative expression, fun, pleasure and happiness for 2 years and a half. Dont panic, this transit is there to explore your creative energy by eating good food, drinking fine wines and buy striking clothes in orange and yellow color, be practical and manage your money well. Dont forget to have also good sex. Hope I help you out. Good luck

  • Oh Gosh! 2 years(( I'm not gonna survive so long! I am proud of being a gemini, I just wish I could learn to control this bad moods and use this to my advantage!

  • October 5, 2012?!?! I'm at my witts end NOW. I'm a Gemini born June 7, 1971, It's been a very stressful year. Sure I'm stressed out at other times, but it seems constant this year. I'm just going to try to stay positive. I'm curious to see how other Geminis are doing this year.

  • Speaking for myself I would say boredom is my worst enemy. Mental stimulation is the key to getting to know me. I adapt very well to change but also like being grounded, love home and all the comforts it can bring. Like s butterfly, I sometimes like to flutter around on my own and enjoy quiet time to myself. I love nature and outdoors, flying kites, climbing tree's, digging in the dirt, feeding the birds and turning around to slip in to something soft and feminine and spend the evening fussing over my best friend and lover (I have no one at this time)..I haven't given up on that, keeping a positive attitude and letting things fall as they may. I'm ready and this I know for sure. My energy is felt by many, if I could bottle it I would be a self made millionaire. I am youthful and sometimes childlike in a girlish way.

    There is so much about me to enjoy if only one truly understood that you get "two" for the price of one!

    Good day...

  • Hello again, to help you all other Gemini experiencing with the Saturn in Libra transit in the 5th house, do some hobbies that can turn into jobs. You might choose to coach a sports team, scout group, volunteer at school, etc. Because this is a longer period, it might be great for taking courses in pottery, mechanics, writing, law, real estate, etc. Discover new things and be naturally an eternal student, ever-curious about everything—structured classes with distinct goals are ideal activity now.


  • hi ladies! i have a question for you! im a taurus may 12, i have a gemini ascendent! i feel more like a gemini then a taurus and have been guessed as one also, since im a late in the month taurus and gem. rising sign could i have more of the gem. influence ? it sure feels like it(my mind never stops! anyone know enough about this to tell me? thanks !

  • Hello stclaire, trust me you are a sun sign Taurus 100%. The rising sign you have in Gemini only means the face you show to the world when people sees you for the first time but your personality, drive and soul is taurus.

  • thank younatapier! that explains why people think im a gemini..lol! and the good news is that i dont have to wait till 2012 to have things on tract!.blessings!

  • im also a gemini and iam so glad that im not the only one going through this. i also find myself holed up in my hose and im usualy such an outgoing person i even find myself a little on the depressed side 2012 cant get here fast enough for me

  • My daughter is also a Gemini and I live with her, its not been a good year for her either, she got fired, we moved to Florida, she is now going for her second interview, crossing my fingers she gets this job. She hates puttering around the house. AND she does have a different personality that I don't like.

  • Ayeeee, geminis (you are definitely one). Can't deal with all those personalities and mood swings, its very depressing... very unfocused... very confusing. I'd rather date 4 different men that date one with 4 completely different personalities.

  • Hi Lanaav

    What it seems that is happening to you now is you're reflecting on past decisions and choices. This is a wonderful thing!

    Right now, Mercury is in retrograde. It is not a great time for starting new things nor to make radical changes in our lives. Instead, it is a time to reflect on where we are and where we want to go. This is a cycle that occurs every 88 days.

    To reflect in a productive way takes courage because you must do it with complete honesty with yourself. And be mindful to be compassionate with yourself as well.

    You need to learn how to meld the two different personalities that exist within you. This will bring you balance. It will not happen overnight. It's a journey.

    Make the best of it by tapping into that light hearted Gemini that STILL very much exists inside of you. Use this invaluable aspect of yourself to take yourself through these times that are feeling dark for you. Make a game of the reflection period. Play with it. No one plays better than a Gemini!

    Our sun signs are not all there is to us. They are a good assesment to our likes, dislikes and what makes us tick. But they in no way decide our fate or choose our paths, so to speak.

    Numerology is a great source for insight as to where we are, and where we need to go. Explore that! Its a lot of fun!

    Find yourself a place that you can relax and be comfortable with yourself. Be it outdoors or indoors, whatever makes you feel the best.

    Think back to what prompted you to decide to take this desk job. Ask yourself what made you feel it was best for you at that time. Once you have that answer, ask yourself why. Explore as many aspects as you can.

    Do the same with why you left your previous job. Make a list of these things. Take your time in doing these things. When you have the lists compiled, you will have a good indication of what kind of job would be satisfying to you. Once you have that, you can start embarking on the road that will take you to it.

    Again...make this fun! Make it a game for yourself. Otherwise, your Gemini nature can get bored, and you could easily begin to manipulate yourself into believing this is no longer an issue you need to address.

    In the meantime, as you cannot walk out on your job right now, try to find something outside of work to compensate what you are lacking in your life that is preventing you from feeling happiness and joy. Whatever is lacking, compensate for it as much as possible outside of your work day. It'll help bring you back to a more balanced state. That is what I sense your feeling of depression is.

    You are probably lacking in something stimulating on an intellectual level. Find something that stimulates you. Force yourself if you have to in order to get started. Whether it's light hearted chatting to an acquaintance or a crossword puzzle, whatever. Whatever is going to work for you will be something that you enjoyed in the past.

    In darkness..we will always find our brightest light!

  • bythelight thank you so much for your kind words. All Geminis! let's try and be strong!

  • I know this is a bit late in the game for this thread, but I used to struggle with feeling a dual Taurus/Gemini 'thing' in my life. Per my birth chart, the sun falls within the final degree of Taurus - I've always felt a strong push-pull with earth and what seemed like air energy, and some days, weeks, months, even years have felt like a constant battle with myself. So many decisions felt like frustrating compromises, moods swung back and forth like nobody's business - I hole up, ignoring phone calls, getting nowhere with myself, thoroughly unaided by my reclusive and emotional Cancer moon. A few years ago, I even met a friend of my father's with the sight, and he pegged me for a Gemini right off the bat - and I was happy, hoping that maybe I could at least expect to wind up one way or the other, instead of feeling like not enough air tugged down by too much earth.

    To an extent, I was right. I started scrutinizing my birth chart much more closely last year and began studying some of its less subtle aspects. I've become aware of many more nuances - and one is signs my north and south nodes fall in. In part, the nodes indiciate the balance of karma in our lives - the south nodes represents those lessons that the self comes into this life knowing well and embodying, and the north node indicates a direction for necessary growth, change, and balance. I have always felt a strong aversion to Pisces people, for one reason or another - which makes little sense as I have some very strong watery tendencies and idealize many traits this sign encompasses. But I wasn't as surprised when I realized this was my north node - in a way, part of the lessons I have to learn, something that takes me away from the energies I was born into being comfortable with. My south node is in Virgo - and now, everything makes sense. My obsession with achieving order, being disciplined, moving forward, working hard, linear progress, and patient planning came into relief - Virgo and Taurus is a real double whammy for someone with floaty tendencies. When I feel stuck, I ask myself how the energies I know I have an abundance of might be at play - really, I was blocking my own development by clinging to ways of being that felt right and safe. I was AFRAID of being artistic and would talk myself out of projects because I feared I would not have the technical skill to execute the way I wanted to. I'd talk myself out of listening to my intuition. I was kind of an idiot, really. And now, I like to meditate on the lessons embodied by the fish.... when the moon inches into Pisces I feel like a completely different person, and find my earthy tendencies enjoyable rather than restraining (balanced!).

    I'm not ashamed to be a Taurus. I used to be, but now I can really embrace being the way that I am. I just need to follow my feelings and be gentle with myself when I get off of track, instead of thinking: what did I do wrong and what's the matter with me? And sometimes, I have to ask myself... now what would a fish do? 🙂

    I don't know if this will be helpful for you at all, but it's really changed the way I approach my life and myself. Young life trauma has also unfortunately played a role in my self-oppressive tendency, but celebrating my ability to overcome it has helped aid me in healing.

    Good luck and bright blessings on your journey. 😄

  • Hi"Lanaav" Hello there, why do you think you are not a Gemini, it seem to me you are one lol. Anyway, i think the real issue you want to talk about is about your personal life and not about the question if you are a Gemini or not. what is your ideal job? and why are you not happy in your relationship?

    just know that it's normal you feeling whatever you feeling but you do have the power to change any of your situation, you may need more support from people that are around you

    to share your feeling, maybe this is easier to do with people that dont know you directly then with people around you

    i found Gemini people not very comfortable with their feeling, or understand their feeling but hey we can maybe talk about it and it will be cleared what you need to do

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