Can somebody please help me

  • So I am pregnant I thought I knew who the father of my child is but I'm not so sure now. There are only two possible fathers ones who's name is jesus and the other who's name is angel. I wanted to see if anyone could help me out with this problem. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

  • Taurusbaby22,

    Is it going to make a difference? Do you really want either of these men knowing their child?

    I know for the sake of argument you do. However, you are going to be a mother, and neither of these men are angels.

    You may want to think about moving so the child has a better environment to grow up in than where you are at now. Whether you find out who the father is is secondary to providing a good home for the baby. You will be a wonderful mother, but you also have to make sure the people that you have around this child are as decent as you. If you do not, bad things will befall the child. It is that clear to me.

    God bless you, and give you the wisdom and strength that you will need,


  • I understand that men can be assholes and not stand up and take care of what they made.....but EVERYONE has to realize weather you like it or not that baby needs a father!!!

  • First if you are living at home you need to tell your parents or guardian then you need to inform the 2 men who are involved right or wrong it takes two to tangle and you both have that responsibility and to better your life and your child you do not want to start out with a lie.You are not responsible for their actions but you are for yours and your baby then you can feel good about yourself for letting them know and you might be surprised at their actions either way they will know and you can get a maternity test to see which is the father.Keeping secrets is a double edge sword it can come back and cut you bad.I hope this might help you and as a father and grand father and great grand father i am very glad they all have had a chance to experience this world cause there is a lot of good in the world .May you find the light and guidance you seek DelbertC

  • Michellesmom,

    A baby/child needs a father that will positively contribute to it's life. A father that will endanger a child's life, or otherwise be a terrible influence, does not need to be a part of the child's upbringing.

    Children need a safe, predictable environment in order to thrive and grow. That is paramount. Drugs, substance abuse, violence, and general abusiveness has no part in a child's life.

  • i hear the name angel when i mediate on it

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