Request for reading from Hans Wolfgang

  • how this situation will progress? An anquished cry pierces the night. Fully armed, sleepless and ever-watchful, but there is no need for fear. It will awaken your potential, your male side in you.

    what should i do to remedy it? You should come into harmony with you and with the rest of the world.

    Two keen football fans up in London for a big match,

    decided to spend the evening at a Soho strip-club. The

    first act was a very voluptuous blonde who went through

    her whole routine while the whole audience stared

    open-mouthed. As the curtain came down and the applause

    rang out, one of the two fans said 'Phooey!'

    His companion was surprised, but said nothing. The

    second act was even more breathtaking but again, when

    the curtain came down, the first man said 'Phooey!'

    This went on all through the show -- however

    beautiful and exotic the girls were, after each act the

    first man said 'Phooey!'

    Finally the second man could stand it no longer.

    'What's the matter with you?' he said. 'These are some

    of the most attractive and sexy girls I've ever seen --

    and all you can say is "Phooey?"'

    'I'm not thinking about the girls replied the friend.

    I'm thinking about my wife!'

    Now this is his preoccupation.

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