Mr Hans Wolfgang ....May I have

  • A reading please and thank you , When you have a free moment . Just one in regards to my life in general .

    Thank you in Advance

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Thank you Doves,

    self-doubt vanishes and determination grows. You have now to achieve three goals in your life.

    Your hopes are destroying you. In the beginning all is going well, but then you are suffering that what you actually had expected of yourself.

    Do not remain confined in the familiar, want new skies, new stars to explore.

  • Hello Hans ,

    Thank you for your reply , I will try to figure all that out , as I a bit puzzled with some of it . I think I know what Goals I need to achieve , but not intirely sure . Can you tell me what these three Goals are ? I just want to make sure we are on the same page lol l

    It's a sad thing if all my hopes are having a negative effect on me . But , there are days where I feel completely frazzled , with all that I am hoping for . So maybe you are right on with that . ugh ! Maybe I do expect to much of myself , instead of just letting things just happen in the time they are are suppose too . I don't know anymore . I guess I am just confused state .

    I want to expand my horizons , but there seems to be so many barriers , whether they are of my own making or that of which is alrighty around me . who knows ....

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Can you tell me what these three Goals are ? You can be entirely sure that you know what these three goals are you need to achieve!

    So my suggestion is that first you can go on moving slowly, patiently. That which can come out through passivity will come out and on that which cannot, you have to work hard.

  • Hi Mr Hanswolfgang. I'm really in a tough situation. sorry I get ur time but i have to tell my story. It's more than 2 years that I know a man.we visited in a work place and befriended. He is 16 years older than me and I knew that he is married but I felt that he is lonely.He was kind with me but said nothing about his feelings.just once he said he dosn't have a good relationship with his wife but he doesn't want a divorce because he loves their son and if they divorce the son would live with the mother... That time it made sense to me.but little by little I understood that he loves me but doesn't explain it.some one told me his wife has gone to a witch to do sth that keeps the guy for her.Me and this guy are just friends and have never dated so far.We live in two different cities.About one month ago I had a trip to his city and told him I want to see him but he didn't respond.I got back to my home town.and kept messaging him till last week that I was restless and I send him an email and told bitter things to him.He knows I love him and he loves me too but acts indifferently.He answered and said it's over between us.I wonder if that witch has done sth to him or he himself has made his mind about me.Does he come back to me? lately I have contacted him so much.My pride is hurt. now I'm not willing to try any more.Does he come back? What should I do? plz do a relevent reading for birth date: sep 11,1980.Let me know if u do the reading or not.thanx.

  • Hi, amaranta,

    I wonder if that witch has done sth to him or he himself has made his mind about me: Neither nor.

    Does he come back to me? No.

    Does he come back? No.

    What should I do? You should really love. You should understand the images of others by energy. You should care more for yourself, because outwardly you look alive, but inwardly you are burnt out.

    plz do a relevent reading for me: chills down the spine but no startled movements, then no regrets. Just do your work.

    my birth date: sep 11,1980: this indicates a change in your financial condition, up or down, money coming in or going out. This can also indicate changes within your present business such as changing locations or the way in which you do business. Another possible manifestation would be taking one or more business trips. At its deepest level, this signals a time when you will undergo a change in values. If your values, or what you really want from life, changes, it is likely that many other changes will occur at the same time. You could move to a new location, get a new job or even change relationships. In other words, all things valued are susceptible to a big change.


    with the moment.

    In the beginning it will be very difficult to remain

    with the moment. And sometimes the moment may not be

    very happy. You are angry, then the mind starts

    thinking of repentance or tries to do something so that

    the anger never happens again. Sometimes you are sad;

    you put on the radio or the TV, you start reading a

    book, because you would not like to be sad. You want to

    divert the mind. And because miserable moments are more

    than happy moments it becomes a constant habit. And

    when it is fixed, even when happiness comes, you are

    not found at home. You are somewhere else.

  • Thank You Hans,

    I appreciate your appreciate your time . Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me huh :O)

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


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