Tarot READS.

  • Quick ?

    If you do lots of tarot reads occasionally..atleast once a day,is this bad ?

    Are tarot cards something you should`nt mess with ?

  • Well,

    I wondered that myself, and I read somewhere that if you get an answer, then don't ask the question again, at least for a few days or weeks. Its like telling the enity that answered you that you don't believe them. I do lots of readings myself, but I ask different questions that relate to the first, but take it one more step. Sometimes I don't think the cards are even closely related to my question, and then I just sweep them back up and think to myself that I did not set the mood for the reading. You need to concentrate on the question while you are mixing the cards. I like to shuffle them at least 9 times while thinking only of my question. I love that feeling when the cards fall into place, and I know that Universe, and my guardian spirits are there responding to me.

    Its okay to mess the with tarot, because I said so...just kidding. As long as you respect your cards, and reading area, and pray for good, and will evil away you will get good advise, and info from the cards. They say that if you joke around, and maybe drink too much and try to do a reading you just might get a joker or evil enity giving you bad information.

    You have the power to will in good, and push out bad. Get some sage incense, or other "cleansing" things. Put your cards in the moon light, or sun light, and wipe them clean with a cloth dampened with pure natural sea salt. Do the same with your crystals...crystals and stones will hold energy...good or bad. So if someone who is "negitive" touches them, soak them is sea salt water, and place them on your window sill in the moon light. Do forget to say a "cleansing" spell.

    Also seek the positive white, and positive black, and all the beautiful colored light and energy...not the negitive energy. Keep your heart positive, and caring.

    May good karma be yours

    I hope this was quick enough.....M

  • You are so great 🙂 Cant wait till you do my reading x

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