What am I?

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  • Leoscorpion,

    Hello! And Thank you once again! Hope you have a great weekend!

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  • leoscorpion,

    Hello! Hope you are well! Will you please do a reading for my son, his name is Anthony and his birthdate is September 5th, 1993. He was born at 1:14am. Thank you!

  • hi nasusone

    will try fit it in next week OK

    it will be general read, only need his DOB

  • Leoscorpion,

    Thank you!

  • hi nasusone sorry for the delay

    there was a death in the family

    I was going back and forth setting up memorial, work and home

    will do your reading tonight it's Friday

  • Hi There

    looking at your numberscope you have many 2's shown this is highly sensitive, both to places and people. Your birth number has the ability to channel and help others. You must let your self confidence out and share this with others. Listen to intuition a lot more and go with gut feelings from within, these will help so soooo much. In your past through not listening you have been hurt by others and this is why your confidence was held back.

    You need your family closness too, yet I feel that there has been a big let down where you have been hurt by a family member.

    Go with your thoughts and intuition and you will be a lot happier take care of yourself.

  • Nasusone

    Here is quick look at DOB

    His purpose in this life time is to embrace Sagitarian influence. Higher learning is a good place to start. This is not limited to mental and intellectual learning, but also spiritual practice. He may find what he needs to achieve this purpose, in the far away land. Expansion of consciousness and spirituality, will be a general theme in his life. Jupiter, ruler of Sagitarius, is home of the ascendant masters. Mars conjunct Jupiter, gives your son extra energy, optimism and luck. The trick here is to act when the time is right and focus this extra energy properly, or he will end up wasting Jupiter’s abundance and creates blockage instead of smooth path. It’s a good thing that these planets are in Libra, at the very least he tends to take his time rather than act on impulse.

    Pluto in Scorpio is another warning for applying energy properly. Pluto is at home here, bestows him great intensity and inner strength on top of heightened intuition. Another warning of energy application, or else he will invite troubles into his life. Pluto requires devotion, an all or nothing attitude. Either he does it right, or Pluto will make sure he does. Teach him to nurture his intuition and listen to guidance, it will help him so much later on in life.

    Saturn makes him enjoys the company of friends and he may be quite sociable. But watch that he is not surrounded by the wrong bunch, or they will give him bad influence.

    Uranus conjunct Neptune, he enjoys freedom and one that chooses his own path, instead of being told where to go. Neptune’s illusion can take him to the wrong path of freedom. Teach him that only the truth sets him free. Until his find his truth, Neptune will keep wrapping him in its fog and he will regret the decisions he makes under this influence. In Capricorn, he may achieve material success – that is if he makes the right decision at the right time. Sun conjunct Mercury, he possess mental strength and stability. He has to watch not to let his mind be corrupted by false belief and unnecessary fear that can lead him to being obsessive and self criticism. Or else he will end up hurting himself and other people.

    Hope this helps.

  • Leoscorpion,

    Hello! I am so very sorry, my sympathies to you and your family.

    You didn't need to rush on my account! I truly appreciate all the readings you have done for me! I wish I could be as positive and insightful as you are! I will have my son read this and hope that he takes it to heart. He is getting much better at following his intuition, and understanding how education is key! I am sure he will be very successful in his life!! Thank you, thank you, again!

  • Helen 49,

    I want to Thank you as well. He is a very sensitive soul, and he is careful about relationships. I am sure he is starting to listen to his intuition more now and have it help him steer him away from any bad influences. He is very intelligent!! I am proud of him!!

  • nasusone

    thanks for the thought. It is not a problem for me to give you a reading so no worries.

    My brother had been sick for 20 yrs. Now he is free of pain and joins my dad (who passed away 10 yrs ago). Both of them died with a smile, I see no reason to grieve too long.

    My father died of cancer, so his death also frees him of this physical constraints, all this nonsense of the physical world.

    A wise woman once said, the true life is in the spirit. We all come from the spirit world, and someday, we will come back 'home'. No matter how far we have travelled, we would eventually miss 'home'. So I choose not to grieve too long and setting up memorial corner instead. I will remember them, that's how I deal with their departure.

    I hope blessing and protection over you and your family. This is difficult time on earth for many people. Change is coming at an accelerated speed. The ancients have predicted it without much of technology that we have now. Be prepared for the great change.

  • Leoscorpion,

    Hello. Hope you are well!

    The Memorial Corner sounds like a great idea. My Best friends' husband just passed away on Wednesday night. Their daughter will be 6 on Nov. 1. I think, if you don't mind, I will pass this idea onto her?

    A difficult time indeed! Were you raised with intensity on spirituality or did you find your path later in Life? Hope you don't mind me asking.

  • nasusone

    memorial garden is a general idea. I am sure many people already have some kind of memorial for love ones who passed away. sure, pass the idea to her and to anyone you feel like it.

    about spirituality. I was always interested in spirituality, anything beyond the physical, since I was small. I have always thought there must be more in life than just school and work. but my parents are not knowledgeable in spirituality and metaphysical. they were children of wartimes. all they cared about was to survive. my father was rather care free about religion, my mother was a devout rather fanatical.

    but the true life is in the spirit, as a wise woman once said. and so without nurturing spiritual life, the children all suffered. Only the spirit is immortal, nothing else is. So I have no idea why spiritual life or guidance is underestimated. Without guidance, the mind can not tell difference between the truth and lies. We will keep taking the wrong turns in life and end up injured or die.

    I won't bother writing my life story again. It's all in the past, and now universal change is coming. Be prepared. Those who are not prepared, their physical won't be able to survive it.

  • leoscorpion,

    Hello and Thank you for sharing this with me. I am asking because my spirit wasn't nurtured when I was growing up. I was baptized, then when I was 3 my parents left the church. I always felt as if I missed out on learning something very sacred. I have a tough time with relationships and I wonder if this is why.

    "Without guidance, the mind can not tell difference between the truth and lies. ..." This is so TRUE, I have always said, I keep making the wrong decisions because I never had the right "guidance" and you have put it clearly into words. When I meet with people who are spiritual, I try to tell them how fortunate they really are and admire them for following their faith throughout life.

    Thank you again! ~Susan

  • hi nasusone

    I don't mean to sound harsh but spirituality goes beyond religion

    the Creator and Angels transcend religions = They do - not - belong to a certain religion

    I can understand you feel like missing a great deal when your parents left the only religion that you knew of but believe me, you are not missing much

    there are religious people who are spiritual, but there are no spiritual people who are religious

    whatever it was that made your parents left the church

    they probably didn't have much of spiritual knowledge either

    there are many ways to enrich spiritual life

    but all these ways require expansion, since spirituality goes beyond religion limitation

    an example of religion limitation is that Christ, Confuscious, Gautama among many, are the Ascendant masters

    but you can see that each of them is worshipped in each religion and if you follow the other masters teachings, you will be condemned

    if you learn to see what these enlightened beings teach us, you will see that none of them leads us to damnation

    so why are people condemned, for following more than one teachings?

    if there are many ways to Rome, why should we take just one? If this one road really is the safest, why are there so many killings on this road?

    Limitation, to place you in a smaller box, instead of living your life fully, finding your true purpose as a living being and experience interaction with all beings in the universe

    the universe is unlimited, the Creator and its Angels are not bound by religion limitation, Ascendant masters are all enlightened beings (or else they won't ascend LOL)

    get out of the box of thinking that limits you

    expand your reach and reach out to those who have been waiting for your call

    send out a call for guidance, be open to possibilities open your heart open your mind

    they will answer and I am certain you will be surprised of how many possibilities available

    they come in many forms, because they are not bound in physical forms

    I find expansion through meditation and yoga

    you may try the same methods or go with your own choice if you know any

    btw I forgot to mention, I was also baptized as a baby

    spent much of my life being fanatical as my mother is

    but in 2009 I found my path and since then I left the religion and its limitation

    take care nasusone

    I hope you will find your way

  • Leoscorpion,

    Hello! I clearly was mistaken in my belief that spirituality started with the church. It does prove that growing up, spirituality wasn't recognized as being part of the whole. Now it truly is a shame! Thank you for helping me to understand how you are able to view both sides. I was teetering on going back to church, but I do need to find more than one way to expand what I am learning about it.

  • Dear Texture~


    I dabble is some astrology but without even looking @ your chart & to answer your original question it seems to me that you are in fact, The 'quintessential Pisces'.

    You see most Pisces are born intuitive or empathetics.The feelings & impressions you get are natural for you(but not for others).You may fell like nobody understands you & it must get exhausting at times trying to process or just plain block it out for your own sanity.If you learn to channel/control it some= you can tune it down (when needed), you may feel better & you could likely be very helpful to others with your gifts...& you likely will find it rewarding instead of burdon-some. Thank G*d for your gifts...which is what it is...

    Good Luck :0)

  • thanks for the update nasusone

    wish the best for you and your son

  • may be, that you have psychic power to some extent. i've learnt that every human being have some psychic ability to some extent. if worked on it, they can attain psychic power to exercise.