What am I?

  • This is how I am: I can *sometimes feel what other people are feeling, even if they do not display it outwardly. I sometimes KNOW what's going to happen-often times things come to pass when I ignore my intuition. I can feel absolutely ALONE in a crowd of people I know. I can sometimes feel, see, and maybe even hear spiritual beings.

    Example 1: I can be outside and feel perfectly calm, but when I walk into a building, I can feel the energy (excitment, happiness, busy-ness, etc) of the people around me.. or what they have left behind.

    I know that people who FEEL the feelings of others are called Empaths, but I'm not sure if that's what I am. I'm a Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, and a Rising Aries. Birthdate: 22 February 1991 @ 0855.

    Can anyone help?

  • I have been told that I have deep emotions and that I might seem calm on the outside, but have a raging storm going on inside of me.

  • Sorry for the triple post, but this has to be said: I don't like to display feelings other than the following ones: happiness and immaturity - SOMETIMES depression and anger (depends on who I want to "talk" to).

    I don't like to cry in front of people, but I understand when I'm happy, I'm EXTREMELY happy and when I'm sad, I'm EXTREMELY sad. I admit, though, there are "calm" times (which I like).

  • Texture,

    i feel The same way! Im calmy-composed on the outside

    but inside is another story L O L,

    It hasnt happend in a while,(about 2 months) ive been working on becoming

    humble, But I used to get sudden urges of happiness, sadness,

    depression, ect and each time an event would occur right after which

    explained exactly how i was feeling on the inside. I Hated the Bad Ones.

    I would lash out alot. when im aorund alot of people often as well

    for long periods of time i reicieve their energy because i wasnt

    able to reflect my energy back against thier so i'd just soke up thiers.

    This would most likely be an empath quality.

  • Thank you addictd. I can, when I realize that it's others, cut them off or ignore them totally, but not all the time.

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  • I know my birth chart.

    22nd February 1991 @ 0855 turns into this:

    Sun- Pisces

    Moon- Gemini

    Rising- Aries

  • from a quick look here is what I come up with :

    you are mostly of air and water elements. a strong intuition, you are what they call "sensitive'. Indeed, with Pluto sitting on the sign it rules, Scorpio and Sun in Pisces with Venus on the cusp.

    to the world you are one of charging in (full of energy and enthusiasm) but you are also one that negotiates, collect informations, researches and communicates, which is precisely the gift of air elements. Mars conjunct your moon, it gives an active and aggressive drive to your emotions. you feel deeply and your mood can swing to the extreme. with Pluto in Scorpio, it is 'at home'. All the intensity doubles, puts you in constant turmoil or upheavals, you may take small things seriously. the good news is, your intuition and sensitivity are almost undeniably accurate.

    Capricorn is prominent in your chart. a sign of organization, business, priority and restriction. there is an aura of formality in you. no matter how unsettled you are inside, you somehow manage to keep it to yourself or at least you try hard to do so. this may seem impossible at times, but it is your purpose in this life time to embrace Capricorn personality as this is where your north node is.

    This is as much as I can read. Hopefully it's close. Online chart usually gives you plenty of explanation. If mine is out of tangent, just ignore it.

  • No, what you wrote seems appropriate. I do try to keep my storms (or battles) to myself.

  • If it seems accurate, then when reading your horoscope, you need to read dominant sign first, then your Sun sign. So read Capricorn first, then Cancer.

    Or if you know your rising, read that first before your Sun sign.

    See which method works

  • typo

    So read Capricorn first, then Cancer.

    I mean

    Cap first, then Pisces

  • Yes, yes. I understand. Cap, then Pisces.. or Aries, then Pisces.

    Thank you,

  • Laurieann ... what a kind, sweet and generous person you were to give so much information so freely and selflessly to help such an ungrateful individual. Keep being who you are despite it, ok? Hugs to you, Icearia

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  • i wo uld love a quick reading or meaning of all my retrograde planets..my dob is 4/28/1982 at 2.50 am MST ..thank you to all of you who are so blessed and gifted with the Creator's language tools and divination

  • Dearest Zephire,

    WOW! O MY!

    Please come back to the pond .. we can stay free in there, ok?

    Angel love,

    Icearia x

  • georgeous

    will look into it next week.

    too busy with deadline at work this week. thanks

  • Leoscorpion - If you could please help me out with mine, I know you're busy, and I can wait....I would appreaciate it very much 🙂

    DOB: 17Aug66, female born at 1:38 p.m. in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

    Thanks again:)

  • Forgive me for barging in but how do u know which is the dominant sign.Is it the rising sign or the ascendent.

  • Leoscorpian whenever u get a little time please could u check mine too.My

    DOB is6/15/58 at8:24 PM in Calcutta,India.I'l truelly appreciate it.

    Thankyou so much.I can wait .

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