Addictdtoriches, did you forget about me?

  • hello!

    I asked for a reading a couple of weeks ago and you said you´d help, I was just wondering if you forgot about it or something?

    Because I still need your help, I still don´t know if I should choose Tom or Bill.

    So please, is one of them the one I will spend the rest of my life with or is there anyone else?

    is there anything I need to do to make it happen or know about them?

    Also, I´ve started my makeup artist education now, what does my career look like?

    Is bill or tom not single anymore?

    If you only got the time for one question, then please answer the first one because it is really important to me to know if one of them is the one I am meant to be with for the rest of my life.

    I know you´re not psyhic but I don´t care about that, I just need straight answers and I think you got the ability to feel what is right.

  • Hi bellasweden,

    Im sorry Hun,I must have overlooked it.

    I keep getting the message, that whichever one you want, You can have..

    This choice is not your most important option right now though,

    See I feel you have other things to take care of First. You will be with

    one of these two, But I have something to tell you, just as my mom told me yesterday

    As I was talking to her I said I need a job Ive tried everything, Went everywhere

    and she said, You will get the job when you get things In order.

    There is something you must first do in order to then establish which guy is

    right for you. Second you are putting too much energy into something that you are'nt suppose

    to be in control of My dear, You will be with someone take some time out of this problem

    and focus on what other issues need taken care of.

    Do Tom or Bill who have Kids? Which of the two just got out of an relationship ?

    One of these guys are good for you, Do he have kids ? although this is extra

    package, but i feel he may be at the same point in his life as you are,

    and have experience and able to build a strong relationship.

  • Hello!

    Hm, no they don´t, I think Tom had a relationship little over 1 year ago and i don´t know about Bill.

    What issues is that?

    So by other words, whoever I pick, is the one I will be with? I never thought I ever had a chance with them...thanks and don´t worry, I know you got alot on your mind and I hope everything is alright with you

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