Brian tristan could you help me

  • ive seen you help others wondering if you could help me

    ive worked at a job for 12 years yesterday i applied for a managers postition the interview didnt go well its between me and a womanthat doesnt even work at this place. now im so upset i dont know if i want it anymore, i saw a job in the newspaper and thinking about appling for it .

    because my feeling got hurt in the interrview i dont know what i should do ?

    thank you for your time


  • I can try, hold tight.

  • Kathy72,

    You work there? And have for 12 years? How did your feelings get hurt in the interview, in what way did it go bad?

  • Kathy72,

    I have no clear feelings on the manager's position. Could be for many reasons, including me.

    Blown interviews are something that happens, and you need to not beat yourself up about it too much. If you have worked at this place for 12 years, that should count for plenty. There is this

    mindset that bringing in "new blood" is the way to do things, but they do not know what they are getting really. So do not take whatever happens as a personal slight.

    I would apply for the other job you saw in the paper, it can not hurt. Plus if you want to interview well for any job, you need to have some practice at it. If you stay where you are at now, I would apply for a job every 3 months or so, so you get about 4 interviews in a year. People that do the interviews many times do not know much of anything, so it is best to get out there and do it, so when you are asked something like, "if you were a tree, what kind of tree you would be?", you do not look at them like they have lost their mind. Mind you they have if they ask that, but you can not react that way. Go to the bookstore and buy a job interviewing book, and read it. All you can do is prepare yourself for opportunities, and remember the people interviewing you are probably pretty clueless about what they are doing, and not to take it all so personally. Opportunities are just that, if you treat them like your life hangs in the balance, then you are more apt to fail. Relax, you have been a good employee for 12 years, and you just got your feet wet.

  • thank you your words make me feel so much better two years ago they hired a woman that didnt get along with anyone we got into a disagreement and had words i got written up so did she a few months later her and the boss had words [she made it hard to work there]. evenually

    she got moved to another building.but in the interview they made it out like i was the bad one i didnt know how to answer without . i think the supervier liked and was impressed with other lady that applied that she wanted her to have the job so she bad mouthed me before i got there.

    thank you for your time you really made me feel better about the thing.


  • Kathy72,

    As you move up the ladder, as you advance to higher positions, people become more shall we say, callous, and rough. There is some truth that it is lonely at the top, but that is of those own people's doing. If you are a boss, you do need to have some space between you and the people you supervise, but that is just some space so the supervised do not think you are their "buddy". They can think you are their friend and advocate, and still respect your position. A lot of people think this is a tightrope to walk, so they act like "respect my authority you puny underlings", and that does not work out well at all. You can keep the balance of boss, and also be your employees best ally, with that you will do well, and you will have loyal workers who will do for you, what they will do for no one else. That is going to make you a great boss, and you will get your opportunity to be a boss, if you prepare yourself.

    Lastly, when you deal with interviews, you are going to deal with petty people, people who try to mess with you, and if you react, you are going to have a bad interview. When you get a stupid question, or something you feel is an attack, you need to be able to answer the question and let the nasty roll off your back like water on a ducks back. Chances are you will deal with these childish people very little if you get a manager job. And remember part of a manager's job is dealing with nasty customers, employees, and bosses, so you must improve your skills in those areas. Your future is bright, you just have to do some work on your skills of dealing with people who act like less than people.

    The above is more just common sense advice, more than anything, but you are worthy of a manager's position, and I see your future as bright, but that is up to you, and how your conduct yourself. You already know this, I am just bringing it to your attention.

    Best wishes,


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