Twinsoul Here, readings

  • Hello from Australia twinsoul. Will I live with d?

  • virgolady

    omg my dear go and get some money from that man. You are entitled to money for your son. get your car back. and go away from these,mean people.


  • Dear twinsoul,

    Thanks Very Much Hun, Thank You Words Cant Express.

    I Miss My Friends. ;( Not sure how the phone call will turn out.

    Many Blessings To You, and Hugs.

  • Dear ~~ Twinsoul

    I dont even know where to begin , how to handle this , what to expect , where to start , how to relax , the car is his .. im out of luck , would much rather be dead , had a job but couldnt keep it because of all the drama in my life , it wasnt anything grand . but i guess i wont be meeting my prince charming now . : (( boy do i wish i could skip all this pain and heartache now and just be happy . I could have my ex back fast enough but ill never be happy or complete . i dont know what to do hunny , any insight ,And another thing i know he has to pay but i dont know if i should go to family court or work out an agreement with him i dont know what his intentions are all together . Any insight twinsoul would be greatly appreciated . blessings & peace to you hunny .

  • Thank you Twinsoul. He's been a huge presence in our lives, I just wanted to make sure he'd be around going forward :0)... we just love him to bits...

  • HI Twinsoul.

    Should I move on????

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Why aren't you reply ing to my question?

    Does the boy whose name starts with K loves me truly?



  • Twinsoul,

    Sorry, One Last Question Hun. I know You are very busy

    and I truly Appreciate you taking out the time to offer you guidance.

    Will I be Getting A New Job, Or Going Back To My Old Job ?

    Thank You Much.

  • i don't see you with him. someone better will come along. just give yourself some time and it will happen. you'll be happy with the new person. i see 2012 for you. start looking at wedding gowns.

  • if you have to question whether he loves you or not, you answered your own question. you wouldn't have to ask if he did love you they way you need to be loved .and a deep and lasting one he can't provide. short term it's okay. there are many different types of love. you want and need more.

  • give it just alittle more time to make your final decision

  • Good Morning, I miss my Angel Card readings, loved them!

  • Hi Twinsoul.

    Is Kobus the one I am meant to spent the rest of my live with?

    Thank you, Twinsoul.

    Blessings Scorpiann

  • Twinsoul,

    I am on page one and haven’t received a response. Perhaps I was missed accidently or you’re not picking up anything on this.



  • Twinsoul,

    Thank you for offering the generosity of your gift to us once again. My question isnt really so much about maybe it is but anyways.

    A dear friend of mine that I have talked to online at least a little bit on a daily basis suddenly disappeared about two weeks ago. No parting message of any kind like cya later or anything that is typical. I am curious if everything is ok? I find my self for some reason praying for his protection every night... which is a very very weird feeling.

    So my question is... Is he ok, and will eventually stick his head back up again?

    Thanks a million.... love and light to you,


  • Terilyn53 - who are you replying to hon?

  • Hello Twinsoul,

    My question is, what type of relationship will Chris and I have?

    Thank you 🙂

  • I would like to know about my financial future. I am not sure what you need but my date of birth is 3/27/71, time of birth is 3:27 am.

    Thank you!

  • Greetings and my thanks TwinSoul:)

    My Q: is per my new friend Lucas. Can you enlighten what the nature of this relationship is supposed to be?

    He's much younger--I thought great! a smart new friend. Surprise to me-- spark there, he reached--we've both reached forward, stepped back, then reach for again a few times since we met--friendship continues to develop.

    First man in long time who GETS the me I appreciate. Special guy.

    We're BOTH 3 Destiny--me 111--him 66, both 11 Soul, both 1 Personality. My LP 5, his 7.

    He's Gemini, I'm Cancer with both Venus and Merc in Gemini in 10th. See the attraction:)?

    See why I chose Twin Souls to ask:)?

    I'm 2 years out of a 10 year relationship (I don't hook up--I mate.) He's 3 months out of a 3 years casual--one year live together one. He says "Always had GF since 9th grade, whether they break up or me--we stay friends--good terms." He grew up with sisters.

    I'm ready to be loved again. Dunno if this is meant to be my friend, my next mate, good for me, or what!

    Appreciate your reading on this! Thank you for your generous offer. Z

  • Hi Twinsoul

    When will i meet the one?

    Thanks Twinsoul.

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