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  • twinsoul

    hi i am on pg 22 i still have samec question about my children, i know your very busy -, i just need your help whenever you can get to me thanks and many blessings to you.


  • Hi Twinsoul, I am not sure if I got overlooked since there are so many questions and people thanking you. I posted on May 2, page 14.. Thank you...

    My question...

    Will I get the job with the State housing Department?

    Thanks for the reading..


  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Thanks for the readings!! My question is:

    will we run into each other in person this year?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi TS

    Me again, It seems you keep overlooking my post or perhaps the future for me and this Leo man is to dark to see anything. But if you can tell me anything about this relationship with K, I will appreciate it very much. I just need to know if there is a future with this man or am I wasting my time.

    Thank you....

  • scorpiann

    when i dont answer it is because, i am getting nothing about the question asked. believe me i try. Finally an answer for you. Why do you keep trying, i dont feel that this is right for you at all. You dont really love this K, so why are you persisting. You love to win, dont we all, however K is not the prize you deserve. I see a very happy life in front of you. Move toward it.



  • Natalia

    you will accomplish this in 2 years



  • Loanlady

    I see you very content with your work, and at a new job.



  • Hello twinsoul 🙂

    I need your help again. I was told that someone, in my friend (G) company will be going to jail.

    Could you tell me if this person is Male or Female who will be going to jail?

  • hello red

    yes you can repair the damage between you and your children. Never give up is the key for you. even if you are not encouraged by their response. keep telling them how much you love them and that you are sorry for the hurt they experienced. dont quit



  • Thanks for the quick turnaround!

    All the best to you.

  • Hi TwinSoul,

    I'm on pg 21. I know you're busy, justmaking sure I haven't been overlooked!


  • Heyyy Twinsoul ,

    I really would appreciate your insight I'm trying to find what my career path should be I'm battling with nursing , being a cop, and fashion ... Insight my dear ?

    Thank you so much ! Blessings

  • Thank you so much Twinsoul,

    I love doing what I do currently,( helping people with their home purchases) but I feel that the State job will further my career and not require me to be a "salesperson", which I am not. The current economy has me asking for a temporary modification of my own mortgage. Ugghh, I am embarrassed!! I just want to make peoples lives better and have no more homelessness/ helplessness. It is so sad for me to see people living under bridges in the wealthiest country the world, especially those who serve in our military and children My daughter and kids 7 and 3 mo. sleep on my floor on an air bed and she has a job!. I have my future plans set on doing something to better the planet. For some reason my education and experience has lead me there.

    Karma? BLESS YOU

    Peace and health..


  • Loanlady1,

    I will pray for you to help further this planet. Blessings to you and your family. Stay positive, it's the only way.

  • bump

  • Twinsoul - Michael decided to get engaged to re-marry his ex wife. You say that he does not want to talk to me and he is angry. I don't know why. We did not fight. Is this anger perhaps inside of him for a reason that is not true?

  • thank you so very much twinsou!

    You have instantly brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat, also my dilemma is that I tend to, no I am a huge avoider if a task seems large emotionally or that someone might preach to me about my wrongs (which I already realize) also I am the hardest on my self more than anyone else ever could be. I will prolong it or avoid it even if it hurts my heart even more, I tend to run for sitauations or my problems thinking that if i remove myself it will just go away. How can I just get over that? Please anyone with advice I welcome your insight or guidance.


  • Ilovefish,

    Thank you, prayers and positive thinking have brought me this far 🙂 In tough times the blessing is that families band together to help each other.


  • Hello ..Dear Twinsoul, which grandmother do you see with me? grandma wright or nana? maybe not either one? Gods best to you always! x x x

  • Hi TS

    Thank you so much, It just feels that my life is in such a turmoil at this moment and nothing seems to go right. You are right about K, he is no good for me I know that, but I am so confused and tired of being lonely that I suppose I keep hanging on and hoping for the best. I can just hope this happy life will come soon, Thanks again you are great.......

    Stay Blessed.

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