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  • Thanks so much Twinsoul!!! I needed to hear that!!

  • Twinsoul will my problem get solved soon please ?

  • twinsoul

    How does my financial future look? Thank you


  • Dear TwinSoul,

    Will Kevin and I marry soon? If so, do you see a time frame? Also will we relocate?

    Thank You!

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  • Hi twinsoul - You have been inundated and might have missed my original question which was not very good. Here's a better one: Is my frined Bob still my friend or is he really really so mad at me he doesn't want to talk to me? When should I call him to apologize or should I wait for him to call me? If I should wait - when do you think he might call?

    That's 3 questions but its probably only 2 answers

  • Hi Twinsoul:

    I'm on page 8 and still have the same Q, could REALLY use your take on this! Thanks!

    Re: my new friend Gemini Lu. Can you enlighten what the nature of this relationship is supposed to be?

    He's much younger--I thought great! a smart new friend. Surprise to me-- spark there, he reached--we've both reached forward, stepped back, then reach for again a few times since we met--friendship continues to develop. First man in long time who GETS the me I appreciate. Special guy.

    We're BOTH 3 Destiny--me 111--him 66, both 11 Soul, both 1 Personality. My LP 5, his 7.

    He's Gemini, I'm Cancer with both Venus and Merc in Gemini in 10th. See the attraction:)?

    See why I chose Twin Souls to ask:)?

    I'm 2 years out of a 10 year relationship (I don't hook up--I mate.)

    He's 3 months out of a 3 years casual--one year live together one. He says "Always had GF since 9th grade, whether they break up or me--we stay friends--good terms." He grew up with sisters.

    I'm ready to be loved again. Dunno if this is meant to be my friend, my next mate, good for me, or what!

    Appreciate your reading on this! Thank you for your generous offer. Z

  • my dear z

    Yes i did answer this question before, perhaps another thread, no matter.

    Age, . Life is just a 1 year sabbatical, from the world we exist in most of the time. If you have found a real friend and companion and lover here, then age means nothing unless either one of you is under 18 years of age. Besides it is very fashionable

    I feel only joy concerning this union, fear can destroy it if you both are not careful. Yes he is a serial monogamist, and you are very afraid of that. But I think that this one is a gift for both of you. Love each other, and dont let it go away. I will be disappointed if either one of you use this union as a deep lesson of sorrow instead of what it is meant for; True companionship during this difficult tenure of your existence here on earth. No Fear. Move forward together in love.



  • mc3101

    please move on, he is not as nice as you think.



  • turtledust

    You obviously know that you have done something to hurt him. Make amends, its on you.

    He will come around, but never the same.



  • paddifluff

    difficult question. so much of what psychics see is the here and now. right now there is no little girl around you. i cannot see if there was one at the time of the reading that spotted her. However the name Marie, keeps whispering in my ear. Perhaps you know her.



  • Hello Twinsoul ,

    How are you and how are thing going today ? I hope all is well in world and your are in good spirits ! My question for you would be this will I ever feel Happy and Content again with my life? I know life is what we make it out to be and not all things in our lives will be perfect . But just to feel content and happy with my life in general would be a blessing in itself :O)

    Thank You for Your Time

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


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  • Hello Twinsoul and thank you.

    My question is whether or not you see Frederick and I together (possibly married) in the future. I love him so, but conflict exists.


  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Twin Soul. I am a serial monogamist myself--since my early 20's that is. Before that--it was "go STEADY??? I'm just a KID!" My serials have been 3 men in the last 15 years--one four and a half years--the other 10. In between was a shortie. I did not look in another thread (I will NOW:) so thank you for addressing it again.

  • Ah Twin Soul--my deepest old-school classical Russian ballet reverence (that to the floor deep curtsy) to you! I'd been checking here--being new to the forums, I didn't realize there could me more than one thread. Curiosity of what you might have said the first time you answered led me to exploring the threads--and oh MY--you are giving your gift in humongous amounts!

    I am sending you lots of love and strength and good energy to replenish what it must take out of you to help so many of us! I went back to the beginning of March (and he and I just connected mid-March--but I had to keep reading:) You are AWESOME! We have both been so busy this Merc retro--connecting from a distance while both creating work and livelihood, complications, temptation/distraction. We shall see what happens when Merc goes direct and the new moon comes. My gratitude. I appear to the world fearless--but you are right, I have my fears about love--I am doing my best to not allow them (or my pride) to prevent what feels like it will be very very powerful and interesting blossoming.

    Just to mess with my arbitrary "how young is too young"--the Universe just conspired to give me a jolt! I passed 50 a few years ago. The one asked about--19 years younger. But I just fielded a play from a very smooth and mature 21 year old who KNOWS my age--and when I said Oh no no no no and reminded him of my age and his--his response was "But you look late 30's no more then 40--why not?" Were I a woman who played--perhaps--but that 30 years younger making a play sure put 19 years younger in perspective!!!

    Please remember to take good care of yourself and receive as much as you give TwinSoul--perhaps with the Twin Souls--you have double--that means you should be feeding those Souls double too! 🙂 My most healing & loving wishes sent to you Sister! Be Blessed & Blessed Be!

  • who is "the one" for me?

    **thanks in advance 🙂

  • Many greetings TwinSoul,

    Do you feel that I will be able to continue getting the financing I need to complete college? Im worried about my grades and the outcome from this semester.

    Thank you for your time and dedication,


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