Twinsoul Here, readings

  • moonraiz

    I am sorry, cant get a time frame for you. do you have someone in mind. i pull a blank




  • lovesfish

    Are you sure this is what you really want?



  • ladycdf

    I want this to work out for you. I feel how your heart hurts. The answer is yes, the time frame...quite a while. more than 6 mos. OMG what did you say. I dont really want to know.

    right now he doesnt want to talk to you.he is so angry. say you are sorry one hundred more times.



  • Charmedwitchbenete

    You will marry the one with the larger belly.



  • Thank you Twinsoul, I've been waiting for this man for 7 years and you're right, I'm to the end of it all, you really are accurate there. I still have very deep love for him but he keeps me hanging on,all for nothing, it hurts horrible.

    When will I ever have a good, loving relationship that will make me feel complete?

  • TS, will I be meeting anyone named Chris soon? Any idea where?


  • Thank you TwinSoul! I appreciate your time with me. The reason I asked, our astro charts show 60% harmony and 71% conflict. I was wondering if there was a long term chance for us, because there is a lot of love. It's overcoming the day-to-day that is the challenge. I just wondered if I should hold out hope for him to come back to me or to move on. That is the biggest part for me, since I am having trouble with this feeling we should be together despite the challenges. Thank you again for your time!



  • Hi Twinsoul. Can you tell me if I can be friends with David again?

    Thank you.

  • Twinsoul - I didn't say anything... I don't know why he would be angry with me. He's the one who decided to get engaged to his ex wife. We never had a fight... More thoughts?

  • Hello Twinsoul.

    Will Jason and I get married?

    Thank You.

  • Aww sorry TS i was on page 16 ... anywways i was just wondering if there is a chance for me and my husband to get back together we been separated for 6 months and he filed for Divorce but theres so much blockage he filed Jan and nothing is happening weird...anyways thanks for your time....

  • Hi twinsoul,

    Life has taken a big U-Turn. I was about leave my hometown for my further studies. However, due to some reasons I have to stay back and study from my hometown itself.

    I am quite disturbed with whatever is happening in my life in context to my career and personal life.

    I am about to begin my studies in the field of Mass Communication and Journalism. Then how will I end up in jewelery business??

    Kindly guide me.



  • Twinsoul, somebody told me recently they could see a little girl around me and that I would be pregnant soon or one of my daughters. My eldest is 7 years so that can never be. But what about me? I seriously doubt it but it makes me curious to know who this little girl is. Can you sense anything?

  • Morning Twinsoul, I don't know how many of these requests you are able to respond to, but if you don't respond, is that because you don't see a clear answer or just a matter of your timing?

    I understand it is Mothers day in the States; happy mothers day to you all.

    Love Greenshoots (p19)

  • hello and happy mothers day everyone. Can you please tell me if i the relationships between myself and my children will and can be repaired I have been in such turmoil over this I just don't know how to repair it, pleasse some guidance. Thanks you in advance,


  • ajahny

    move on. your husband is not a faithful man. why do you want this pain to return to your life.



  • roop

    all will be well. communications is a field with millions of students and 1000 jobs. that is how you might end up in the jewelry business. Perhaps this will be a job while you are in school. Your life is going well, sometimes the blessing lies in not getting what you ask for. I see happiness for you.Stop all of that worrying , you are a fortunate person, celebrate that. You will never struggle with love or money when you are older. go with the flow and take opportunities as they are presented to you.



  • unicornmustang

    Dear 60% compatibility and 71% conflict sounds like a normal relationship to me, lol. You can do better.



  • Twinsoul I'm on page 19. Will Gavione and I get married? Please help. I don't want to waste anymore time if we're not. I've been with him for 7 years really rough long years.

  • graphisist

    Be kind and supportive. Law school is very stressful. As soon as your fiance gets a job, you will get married.



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