It's my b-day what do you see for me?

  • gorgeous,

    Hope your year will be full of good things too.

  • Thanks to one & all for the readings and insights for coming year. Here's hoping it's a good one.

  • Hey RC! When I said I saw you in under the wave, I didn't get that you were going to crash into the wave. I felt that you were safe and watching all that was going around you, but staying detached from it. Learning by watching and observing.

    Also, when I say expect the very best for yourself, I mean just that!!! Don't just EXPECT the very best , BELIEVE AND KNOW that you are worthy. You are a child of the Divine are you not? Why should you not deserve?

    And as far as the person standing with you; I feel it will come from a family member that you don't think would be there for you.

    If you want to read about the chakras, a good book to get is by Sonia Choquette and it is called "True Balance". Your chakras are your energy centers and are related to organs in your body and your physical and mental and spiritual aspects. The first three are your lower chakras in the lower half of the body and pertain to your everyday stuff, ie jobs, stability, your foundation in life, material stuff, emotions, willpower and ego. The upper four are more about spiritual stuff . Check it out! Peace, Trish

  • pacers, thanks for the clarification. I thought you meant I was more detached like it was going right over my head. Some family member I wouldn't expect eh? That's interesting. I appreciate the boost too, I'm working on the self-esteem issues. I'll see about finding the book you mentioned thanks for the tip.


  • Hello there, for the year ahead try to balance work with leisure activities and avoid 'burning that proverbial candle from both ends'—avoid burn out is the message. Also, this is an excellent time to work on a second 'career' turn your ideas into a business. Remember to ask for help or assistance rather than attempt to go it alone. You desire a harmonious environment at work and when you are engaged in tasks. At work you are often known as the mediator; you know the guys and gals in the office, in the shop, etc. Take a bit of time to beautify your surroundings and get ready to mediate constructively. Good luck

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