It's my b-day what do you see for me?

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  • Hi,

    MY name is Roopashree Sharma,

    Date Of Birth 23rd September 1990

    Place of Birth Rohtasgarh, Bihar , India.

    Kindly do a natal chart reading and a tarot reading for me....



  • Wow Holland, I hear it's beautiful there. Yes I am in USA - Delaware.

  • RCdreamer,

    I wish you a very, very, happy Taurus birthday! I chose a card for you from a deck called "Healing with the Angels". The card that came up was "focus". I don't know what is going on in your life but the card means:

    "Think about what you want, not what you don't want. Guard your thoughts carefully because they create your experiences. Sometimes it seems that our thoughts choose us, but this is never the case. We always choose our thoughts---every moment. Our thoughts always have an effect, and there are no neutral thoughts. One-half second before you hold a thought, you decide to hold it. So, with practice, you can learn to monitor and alter your thoughts. This is equivalent ofputting your hands on the steering wheel of your life. You may believe that your concentration abilities are impaired, yet the infallible mind of God is within hyour own mind. YHou can experience remarkable feats of concentration by affirming: I am now able tofocus my mind at will. I hold only loving thoughts and my angels act as my gatekeepers in establising asteady stream of thoughts of love."

    So happy birthday and maybe this card was something that only you can know if it has meaning and what the meaning is. Blessings to you!

  • Redpetals,

    Thank you. That is a very good reminder and something we should definitely think about. I for one have been very guilty of focusing on what I don't want to happen. Perhaps that has held me back in the process. I will do my best to redirect my thoughts properly and positively in hopes things will turn around for the better and vibrantly in the year ahead. I appreciate the card you drew.


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  • Laurieann,

    It's nice to hear your view (bike wise) of Holland. That is a cool way of really noticing what is important eh? I'm sure you are anxious to be near your children, you must miss them. I wouldn't worry about people seeing the toilet paper on the back of your bike. We all know they are using it too and if not you probably don't want to know about it......LOL I will avoid to become worse and I will hope to become better. Thanks for sharing.


  • Happy Belated Birthday!

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  • The truth is people are people I think all the labels need to be discarded. Whatever happened to just caring about people for who they are?

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  • Happy Birthday! I'm new to this but thought I would give it a shot! When I closed my eyes and asked what was in store for you this year I saw what appeared to be a big wave coming up over a house, but not touching it. I felt as if in this next year that you will be surrounded with a lot of big changes, but you will not be hurt or anything like that. You will be observing and learning a lot from things that are happening around you. I also saw you holding up a wall and there was someone else there helping you. I feel that you will have to persevere and stand up for yourself a lot but that this will make you stronger and give you inner strength. And the other person I feel will be there to help you as you stand up. I felt like I was on a horse, galloping along. I feel that you will be moving thru this year at a galloping pace. I pulled a card from John Hollands' deck and it says there will be some changes, challenges and/or losses materially or financially. The thing here is to know that you are a divine being, child of God, and have all that you need and to use your God given gifts to get thru these times. It's all about learning, and in learning, not to go down that path again. Sounds challenging, but also denotes growth and I feel that that is the reason we all come into this life, so that our soul can learn and grow spiritually. So I hope that when you are challenged you think of this and look at what you might be learning!!! Peace.

  • pacers

    Thanks for the reading. A wave coming over the house, wow you got that right. I will keep your words in mind as I face the challenges ahead. Change is certainly eminent to what degree and positive or negative is yet to be determined. For me negative is not an option. Sorry to hear of the financial issues but alas I'm used to those.


  • It's gonna be alright, when one door is closed, many are open. And in my father's house there are many rooms. 🙂

  • rcdreamer,

    I wanted to let you know that the house which the wave goes over is the color yellow. That is the color of your third chakra, the solar plexus. This is your will power. You say negative is not an option and that is the very best way to be!!! Positive always makes life so much easier!!!

    As for financial; What is it that is keeping you in whatever state you are in? Think about it and try to change your way of looking at it. Believe that you deserve the very best!!! And don't forget to be grateful for what you have. It always brings more good when you realize that you have a lot of good already.

    I want to say that when I saw the wave coming up over the house, it reminded me of a wave like you see when you watch a program with someone surfing and they are surfing in under the wave. I felt that that is the way you will be, safe and watching as things around you go on. And remember there is someone who will be at your side helping you. Enjoy the day, pacers

  • pacers

    I'll be the first to admit I don't know a whole lot about the chakras. I just did a quick look up on it though and now understand it has to do with self esteem, will power some articles state ego. I've ridden a negative road for a very long time in my past and have opted not to allow that to happen anymore. It's not easy. The self talk is tough. Sometimes I feel like if someone ever notices me doing this they are going to call the men in the white coats for sure. But I understand it is a process, again, part of a healing of sorts. I have a lot of old wounds that require much healing but I think I'm making progress. I'm certainly trying.

    So with that said I guess if I'm riding within the wave like a surfer and it has caused me to wipe out I guess that is improvement. Don't you think?

    With respect to finances, unemployment, poor choices and past mistakes to overcome are what I have to overcome. I am much more aware of what I have and am truly grateful to be so blessed. It is an awakening to realize in the moment we feel we need so much we don't have that in reality we have so much more than we acknowledge. It's taken me awhile to get there but I'm working on that too and I think I've come a long way. Believing I deserve the best will be a challenge but I am certainly on the road to believing that I deserve better than I've accepted in the past.

    I'd like very much to know who that someone is by my side. At this point I'm not sure who that will be. Don't misinterpret I'm not looking to add someone to my life. I have a semi support system with family and I have the challenges with other parts of the family, the friend department needs some work I'll admit. So the who is a mystery to me at the moment.

    I appreciate all you've shared with me and if you get more info let me know. I'm learning something new every day thanks to posts like yours.


  • Happy Bday RC, today is my bday april 28th 1982!! if any one would read my chart or reading i would absolutely love it ..i was born at 2.50 am MST in the US, lovely day and lovely month and all lovely souls in this forum, blessings to all

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