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  • Pilot007,

    I do not know about back pay. No feeling on that what so ever. I would just ask for it, especially since you were correct about the stuff within the company.

  • BrianTristan>> thanks a lot, right now i have no more to say. im gonna digest and do my best, fighting down my own demons.

    i'll come back if i feel the need to ask more/or just let you know if things develop.

    thank you a lot again.

  • Thanks again Brian.

  • Katie1982,

    You do not have to defend yourself to me, you know what you did, and I do not think you are a bad person. In fact I think you are a very decent person, and pretty neat person, and very sweet. You do not need to be defensive with me, I am only telling you how it is, trying to help you. When I tell you what I see, or give you some advice, it is not meant to be taken personally.

    Honey, just do what you need to do, do not over think it, you tend to do that, a lot. As things stand, forward is nothing but a slow painful death of a relationship that both of you value very much. So just start the subject with how you two met, and how wonderful it has been to have him in your life, and go from there. You can do it slowly, and over the course of time.

    If I could I would sit the two of you down, tell him you love him, tell you he loves you, and make you guys start to talk about it. I can not do that, so that responsibility rests on your shoulders Katie. shrugs I do not know what else to say. Should I threaten to beat your a s s? LOL Look, this is going to go alright, it will not all be pretty, there will be tears, and there may be yelling, but it is the way forward, and you know what you two have is special, so do not just sit there and let it die. Chop, chop Katie.

  • Pilot007,

    Everything is going to start to move in a positive direction for you. It will be slow and sure, so have some patience with your life, and yourself. Okay?

  • BrianTristan>> yes, i tend to overanalyze everything so badly. i am full of fear and low self-esteem. well at least i know it. i have a very different picture of myself (outer and inner) than what people see in me. A did not even believe that i can have such a distorted picture about myself. well that is what i am. LOL yes please threaten me with beating me up. 🙂

    im sweet? LOL dont know why, but i always bring that out of people... that im sweet. A thinks i am totally childlike. well, im 28!!! but i do feel like a child.

    im also afraid you know to talk to him, cause i cant imagine he has the same issues and that he would like to talk about it too, but he is stubborn and afraid as i am...

    i promise, im gonna try, i dont say tomorrow, but soon cause i do not want to lose him, he is too dear to me.

  • Pilot007,

    Everything is going to start to move in a positive direction for you. It will be slow and sure, so have some patience with your life, and yourself. Okay?

  • Katie1982,

    You are awesome Katie, it is a real shame if you do have fear in your life and low self-esteem. Think about doing something about that. A good book on self-esteem (they are usually work books that you write in and have exercises for you to do) may be a good non threatening way for you to work on it.

    Your relationship you do not want to lose, I know that, that is why I am being so blunt with you, you do need to take some action. You can google or look on you tube for the topic of "getting your ex back" there are some free things that deal with that, and I am sure stuff you pay for too, but it should give you some pointers from another source, so you can get some direction. You are wasting time dealing with him being a Cancer Boy right now.

    You are a sweetie, and I am sure he does not want to lose you either, so I am sorry that so much rest on your shoulders, but guys can be much bigger babies than girls. You can do it, I have confidence in you and your ability to negotiate this particularly difficult situation. You will do just fine. If you chicken out, I will have no choice but to beat you up. LOL : p

  • BrianTristan>> yes, i know how big babies guys can be. i see it on him teasing me all around with silly little stuff. if we were to talk, i dont think there will be fights, he is a quite calm person and myself too. crying probably, as i am a crybaby. LOL (nooo but i cry easily, am often overemotional)

    thanks for your confidence, i'll see how i will live up to it. i try not to chicken out. :):)

  • Hi BT,

    I am quite confused at the moment..I am not getting a clear view as to in which direction my life is going?

    Name -Roopashree Sharma

    DOB - 23 September 1990

    Time of Birth - 6:10 AM

    Kindly tell me about my career and love.


  • Hello Brian Tristan

    my name Sophie

    22/02/1959 Paris, France

    My dream is to move in a new and bigger place as well clearer life direction.

    Feel more and more lonely. Feel Stuck in rut since 10 years now after nervous break down, never recover. Sometime desesperate. What do you feel for me??? Thank you very much

  • Brian Tristan, you sure are a girl's most trusted friend! I can see from the posts these ladies have given you and your replies your a very trusted soul. I am adding myself to your network of women that find it difficult to understand men. We are everywhere! lol To have a third party look at a situation with a camera lens is very supportive.

    My question is about soul connection and I do know that we all have various relationships that come and go with learning at the key ingredient, (easy to say but hard at times to understand)

    I do believe in soul mates not perfect mates, the basis of these connections for me is very much an emotional connect that is more intense then the physical. Not that the physical is not present but there is this undercurrent of cord connection between both people.

    As I have digressed at bit here is the question:

    I was introduced to a man about 9 years ago, we were both single both out of previous relationships. I was instantly drawn to his soul like he knew me, he felt the same and told me so. Over the years we did not have the maturity to really understand what this relationship was meant to help each of us with as we do now. I can even think of him now and tears come to my eyes remembering something I just can't put my finger on that draws us together. So much love, very unconditional, and can be somewhat heavy.

    The ease though is that he lives in the middle east as a expat since 2008. He has come back to visit his children twice and is coming again May 24th. We have IM'd each other and had a long talk two weeks ago, he wanted me to know that he was just a mess and that is why he felt he could not be the man that he wanted to be for me that I deserved so much more. He wanted to know if I had a good man in my life and replied I had a friend who I have met since January and we are very much in tune. I said key word "friend" this new guy I feel also very connected to in a different way like we are very very in tune and feel very similar about god, service to others, treating all people with respect as a matter of fact he is a doctor. This was one man destined to his calling as he has no desire for prestige or for money just helping people. He asks me to give him good energy and he gives it back to me. I really care about him and feel someone protective of him.

    Now for your insight, what do you sense from the first guy and myself? Should I meet up with him when he comes? I am scared to fall back as he gets under my vunerablility, and I feel this huge pull when I see him. Is it over? Is it just beginning....

    Second guy who came out of nowhere, what is going on there? What is manifesting?

    I am in no rush for the answer, as I feel it will just come to you when your ready to reply.

    Thank you in advance,


  • Sparisian,

    Wow, a real live French girl born in Paris, named Sophie, how beautiful. What wonderful energy you have Sophie! And what an interesting birthdate and birthplace you have! You should really have a full birthchart done (google free birthcharts, or look on this site for pay versions), and buy a book on numerology (one that deals with your name and birthdate, the author Glynis McCants has a good one). I think you will find that information (birthchart and numerology) about yourself truly interesting, and fun.

    As far as the rut you have been in for 10 years, you do need to seek some medical attention first and for most, I would say particularly counseling, for you to talk to someone, as opposed to drugs, or just drugs. You need to talk through your worries with a professional, as you have yourself tied up in knots. That is important for you to do, to get your perspective straight.

    You are truly a beautiful person, and I think if you can get your head straight, and you can learn to relax and not worry so much, that your life will turn around. That will entail the help of a professional, so find a good one you feel comfortable talking with.

    Other than that, if you take care of that, I see your life being pretty wonderful. I see you being able to make good decisions for yourself, and having a very clear picture of your life direction. You are a wonderful person, with wonderful things in store for you, but not until you realize you are a wonderful person, and you are.

    Que Dieu vous bénisse,


  • curious1990 and Wheelofortune,

    I will get back to you two in a bit. You two are next up.

  • Hello again Brian Tristan it is me again:)

    Do you see any job opportunities on the horizon for May and June?

    I have been praying really hard!!!!!

    April 21,1973

  • Thank Brian - you are right. My husband and I are definitely done with, right now it is a financial thing and it should have been done with by now. Now it will take 6 - 8 months more of trying not to get in each others way before its done. I thought I had a friend to confide in, but oh well - guess that's why I came to this forum. I have been in a very controlled situation for years with very little recognition for my education or my salary or my hardwork around the house and in the yard. In a way, I think my husband realized he wasn't going to be able to just go out and "replace me" . I think he also realized that he was going to have to pay off a lot of my debts anyway, and that's why he agreed to move back in and pay the household expenses while I knocked out the debts. Money almost always wins. I don't think I wanted a relationship as much as I wanted a friend or two like I had back in college that I used to go to the beach with and hiking and stuff. Not like girlfriend and boyfriend so much. Why do people always assume that 2 people are "dating" or in a "relationship" if they are opposite sex and out doing something together. (Except where I live they don't necessarily have to be opposite sex)

    It didn't used to be like this for me. I had several male friends. My husband is such a possessive person, I lost them all. Anyway, thanks - you have been very kind and given me very good advice.

  • OH Yes! I have been meaning to as you this Brian Tristan.

    Back in October, I had to have my EX sign my Credit Card paperwork; due to the fact that he use to be my boss. As you know, the credit card company will pay up to 6 months of your minimum payment when you are laid off.

    When I called him, I left a message and told him what I needed him for. He latter left a cheerful message and told me that he moved out of the apartment building, (He use to live in the same building as I)and that he now lived in the city. He also told me that he was out of town, and that he would meet with me when he came back. My Ex sounded so cheerful on the answering machine!

    When I met with him, he was SO MEAN and Bitter. When I walked out to the parking lot to ask him how and where I could contact him, the next time that I needed paperwork done;,he pushed me with one hand and said "AT WORK".....then he proceeded to say "we have moved on"..mumble,mumble,mumble...

    I am to this day CONFUSED as to what he meant by saying "AT WORK"

    Why was he so MEAN and BITTER towards me that morning when he sounded so cheerful on the answering machine days before.

    Could you give me some insight on this statement?? WHAT WAS GOING ON!!

  • so tonight he tells me right now we are friends? I could take that 2 ways what do you say?

  • will I be ok? Mentally, physically and emotionally?

  • And he also tells me hes not seeing anyone?

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