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  • Good Evening Brian, I need your help again 🙂

    I was told awhile back by a reader, that things are REALLY going to blow up in my friend (G) company. She told me that the situation will come to an explosive boiling point before Summer comes. I can not see how it can get any worse for it has been a White Trash ROOP-A-ROOM for past 18 months or so!! Can you tell me WHEN (day,week) exactly this will occur this month?

    Also can you tell me WHAT the situation will be about that will cause everyone to turn on him??

    I need to be prepared and on guard; for, I do not want to be dragged in unless he absolutely needs me.

    Thanks In advance 🙂

  • Dnnmre,

    Coffee is nice, but it is also important to remember to take things slowly, because you can get awfully lonely and can make decisions to quell that loneliness. The process needs to be slow.

    I am glad you have started to work on you, you will feel better and better as you do it. Somedays that you deal with something awful, you may not feel wonderful, but you will see that those days will just add to you becoming stronger.

    Isn't it interesting when you do not focus on someone, that they are interested in you, and want to help you? Funny how that works.

    Get your stuff back, you are getting him to the point of him being more honest, and have some leverage in getting your stuff back. You will be able to more a less put a stop to his games. It is important that you do not treat him like your slave, but he can certainly help you out with things.

  • hi brian, im new to this forum and would like to know if you see a future for me with R. 3/7/1976 i am 5/7/1968 would very much appreciate your incite into this situation. thank you karen123

  • bria,n I dont know what he did with my stuff , he is not giving me an honest answer. this girl he is with was wearing it what happened to the rest of my clothes? I have only winter clothes no furniture nothing left

  • is it only me or is it with everyone hes being honest with?

  • Pilot007,

    You need to get the paperwork you want done now. Figure out what you need to have for the next three months, and get it done; paperwork, letter of recommendation, and so on. Everything you will need.

    When the situation does blow up, you will either have job prospects, or a job. Not something you need to worry about. The problem for you is, the situation there is going to get more and more volatile (you do not want to be around) before the powder keg blows. You just do not want to be around, ya know? Lots of wickedness gonna be going on there. Maybe violence too. But that seems to be months away. It feeling I get is the blow up is something gonna be pretty bad, possibly something that makes the news.

  • Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!...............I had a feeling...okay, now I am begining to see that my Guardian Angels wanted me out of there; for, LORD knows that I can not STAND that Program Director of his!!!

    Okay, Will my Friend (G) be okay? He is All that I care about.

  • Pilot007,

    It is going to be quite a blow up. What that means I do not know. I would not speculate. You need to be clear of the place though. Get what you need in the next two weeks, everything. After that steer clear.

    Your friend is directly involved in whatever is going on. I see jail time for someone. Again do not know what that means. I would not speculate. What is important is you being done with the place once you get what you need.

  • Does the Jail time have something to do with Fraud (Double Booking)?

  • Pilot007,

    No idea but it comes from the blow up at the business. Do not know what the blow up is, or who it is that goes to jail.

  • WOW.. I have to say...when he let me go, it was a blessing in disguise.

    Okay one more question and I will leave you alone for the night.

    I gather then that someone else will take over his business; or, he will be forced to put it in another person's name??

    Thank You For Your Help 🙂

  • Pilot007,

    The "blow up" may be the end of the business. That may mean as we know it, or all together.

  • Dear Brian,

    You have been very helpful to me on a previous topic and I wondered if you could see if there is anyone special entering my life in the future?

    Many thanks

  • my ex is the one who has been clean and sober for 19 years not this new man

  • Hello guys, just jumping in here. Around a year or so ago I had a dream that I was cooking dinner with my mom and there was a knock on the door, when I opened the door there were hundreds of people standing outside and they said hello we are your Bahamian Ancestors! I knew I had Bahamian relatives but didn't know them personally. Well I love history and yesterday I started researching Bahamian History, and a name "Burnt Ground" stood out, which I thought was weird. I didn't know the surnames of my family so I made some calls today and found out my ancestors were from New Providence in the "Burnt Ground" area! I think it's so cool. Just Sharing. There are no coincidences in life! 🙂

  • I'm so sorry, I thought I was under, "Find your Intuitions." Will repost there. Excuse me please! 🙂

  • Brian, after he fixed my car and gave it back I told him to take care of himself and I left. I felt good saying that. To me that was my way of saying goodbye to him. Did I do good?

  • Brian Tristan,

    I had to say I had a huge grin on my face reading your suggestions....ah hmmm yes you do know about Expat guy and Doctor!

    What do I think about a relationship with Expat...oh god that would be a very interesting partnership....question what about his "hangers on" groupie friends? They are half his age and are constantly making flirtatatious commentary, that I am not sure is reciprocated by him. Heh everyone wants attention, this is my only concern about him. Talking sure we do that yet I get tongue tied around him sometimes and don't really know how to act relaxed. He can get me very excited emotionally and physically and mentally. Like fireworks!

    Doctor bud is great to chat with none of the above mentioned symptoms yet can talk deeper about things, though now writing this I can talk very deep with Expat if his posse is not around.

    There lies the issue.

    Any thoughts of yours are appreciated.

    Sending you rays of bubbling pink and purple


  • brian, what happened to the girl he left me for? is she still in the picture too,They use to fight like cats and dogs over me. he would mention my name and she would get furious that she would throw his things and him out/ I get the feeling that he is with her because when he is doing something for me like my car my ears would ring like crazy that it gave me a headache tell me i am crazy?

  • ok his birthday is 10-2-57 Libra, mine is 2-3-57 Aquarius, what do you see ?

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