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  • Dnnmre,

    Sure he is confused, you never made yourself your top priority. It is okay for him to be confused, as you are straightening your life and yourself out, if he does not like it, too bad. He will just have to adjust.

    Well, he may not pay rent, or may pay a portion, or he may do a service, any way you slice it, he should be able to get a rent receipt from where he is living from someone. Legally, even keeping house is considered a service that can entitle one to live somewhere. It is his problem not yours. Tell him to get a magazine subscription, or to get on someone's catalog mailing list. What is going on is he is having his shady dealings causing his trouble, that is what.

  • what about this ultimatium she gave him either he leaves me alone or she leaves. He owes me lot of money and I mean alot of money I am not asking for all of it back but I need help with my bills he forgot how I bailed him out of almost every situtation. so I guess just forget about the money He even lost my house and his mothers house. He i not really wirking the A A steps to make amends with people that he has hurt. If I really wasn't in a bind I wouldn't wont the money. Please tell me what to do? How do I handle it?

  • He ended up opening a Bank account The same way the IRS is taking my money . I really wish they would catch up to him and take his. To actually feel what it is like to have your hard earned money taken away Like they are doing to me. I know that sounds cruel they are already doing it to me. Just wish they would do it to him and garnish his pay He has never had to pay restitution for any thing in his whole life.

  • Hi Brian Tristan. I started a thread asking you for a raeding but maybe you never saw it. But at any rate, if you don't mind me jumping into this thread., what do you see coming up foe mr on my home and job front? I am hoping my son Jeremy dob 2/16/77 will finally meet someone and get a place of his own and my other son Allen 8/25/79 will star getting to see his little girl more often, maybe even spend the night with us. And will my job improve or do I need to look for something else? Thanks so much and by the way the song you picked for me was perfect.

  • Hi BrianTristan!

    Did you see my follow up on page 10 or 11?

    Just wanted you to know I appreciated your insight and wanted feedback on the questions about Expat Guy!

    Have a grrrrrrreat weekend!


  • Hi BT,

    I am pretty upset all my hopes in regard to the relationship are falling apart....i feel like he will come back but do not hear from's been 2 days...

    Please guide me

  • ok NOW he is NOT bothering with me avoiding me at costs. But I bet he will be back?

  • Brian, I m following everything you say to me. Ok he calls me and this name comes up on my caller id with his number so I ask him he tells me its an old lady helping him out since he cant get cell phone get a load of that crap He tells me he cant help me out with the car insurance but he has the nerve to ask me to help[ him out! What is going on? Brian, you re the best person I have ever listened to about advice and the only one I will listen too. So now my car insurance is being cancelled on Sturdy, I will have no way to get to work, if I dont work then I cant pay my bills I am up creek out paddle Please advise on wht ot do I have borrowed from everyone I know and I was beginning to pay them back. I only have one person left to pay back

  • Could I ask for a reading? I am at a lost due to circumstances going on in mylife right now. I met someone who I believe is a soulmate, not twinflame, and have had this confirmed by quite a few. Synchronicity also played a role in our meeting, we met on the 15th, my b-day and his son's b-day who was born 5 months after we met is 09/15. Around Christmas I decided to let go and move on, but since I decided to try to let go, i run into him every month at one professional meeting or another whereas before this was not so. I am confused as to why the Universe throws us back together constantly. Can you give me some insight into why this is so , or what should I expect with regards to this relationship.


    My DOB 09/15/1971

  • Dnnmre,

    I will get to all your concerns. First though, contact the IRS, and tell them he has a bank account (find out which bank and tell them). Also, if he is working, you tell them where he is working, so they can garnish his pay. Get your car insurance paid somehow, as you are right you do need to work, but you are going to need to cut the financial strings with this guy, and/or send the people he owes money to (IRS et all) in his direction. If he has to live in a cardboard box that is fine, as he has already lost houses in the past. Time to go see a lawyer I think, and see about how you can keep as much of your money as possible (there are ways).

  • Cathylee, Wheelofortune, Curious1990, Summerbutterfly,

    Will get to all of you.

  • Dnnmre, Cathylee, Wheelofortune, Curious1990, Summerbutterfly,

    I am not getting anything right now, so I am going to take it easy over the weekend. One of you, or all of you, bump (that is just typing in "bump" and posting it) this thread on Sunday evening and/ or night, so it does not get buried. Okay?


  • Hi BrianTristan,

    Hope you're well... It's been a while since I've done this. I'm getting that feeling at the moment - that something is about to change. I can't shake it and I feel scared and excited at the same time. I've overcome a lot over the past 1.5 years. I finally feel quite strong emotionally, possibly more so than ever before. But in the middle of my slightly depressed state I let my finances get really out of hand and am now working hard to turn it around. I'm surprised to find myself at some sort of a crossroad again and am totally out of ideas where to go. So it feels like, for a couple of months now I've just been standing at the crossing, scratching my head. To be fair, I can be quite impatient... If you feel anything once you're all rested, please drop me a line or two?

    Thanks and bless x

  • Brian he is with a woman who is over 65 years of age, he is 52. I wrote her a letter or lets say I typed it. Telling her all about him what he has done ,not to give him any money not to trust him, that he is possessive, clingy needy and insecure, I also said "you can tell a man by the way he treats his mother and he treats her like crap" What mother disowns her own son? He calls me up to say that he paid my car insurance for me and why did I send her a letter about his life Calls me every name in the book, then tells me he wants nothing to do with me, that its over between us and hangs up! Hows that crp Now he is mking me feel guilty. I sent the I R S all his paper work with the bank and his job. I really have never been a b i t c h in my life why am I acting like this?

  • Dnnmre,

    If you were at a restaurant, and everybody leaves, leaving you to pay the checks, would you be a witch to refuse to do so? Would you be a witch if you had the restaurant call the police and gave them everybody's information so the place could get their money? I think not. Refusing to pay someone else's check is simply that. The letter to his "sugar momma" is debatable as to wether it was over the top, but my take on it is, it was a nice touch. He is a freeloader, and wrecks other people's lives by being a leech, so I think that was a nice heads up to the woman. Should you feel bad? Nope! He has been abusing you with his nonsense for years, and by simply telling the truth that is hardly slander, it is the truth.

    But do not start focusing on him again, start to get your affairs and life back together, he will bother you sooner of later, so it is not like you will miss him. Live you life, clean up the mess he made, and that will take up most of your day. Hopefully the IRS will leave some or most of your money alone now they know where his finances are at. Keep in touch with your lawyer, as he/she can do something about you having to pay his debts in some way.

    Chin up. Deep breath.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi BT,

    I am pretty upset all my hopes in regard to the relationship are falling apart...i think he is a cheat..... kindly give me a reading

    Please guide me

  • Thank you Brian. Now if I can only get over the guilt after telling her. I feel bad I felt like crap all day. Guilt BIG time.

  • Curious1990,

    I still see going to school by him as what you are suppose to do, that has not changed. That is the path forward for you. You will get the education you want, and you will get this relationship with this man figured out. I do see you being with somebody while you are at the school that is by where he lives, I just assumed that it would be him as you were certain of the relationship's direction as being serious. I would not worry about if it him or not, as I have no real solid feeling on who it is. It is clear that you should go to school by where he lives, does not much matter if he will be "the man" I see you with, and it is about you.

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