Hi all, need some spiritual insight :)

  • AHHHHH!!!!!!!! I haven't been on forum for awhile! I've missed reading and learning! School's almost over so I'll be visiting more, everything has been just so hectic!!! But anyways, my tarot skills are getting on point! I do spreads for my friends and I've been pretty accurate hehe I'm excited lol. Things are going great right now 😃 People always ask why I'm smiling, life is so sweet!

    I have noticed as well that for some reason lady luck is always breathing down my neck. Its crazy how things always work out for me, sure i'm not winning the lotto or anything but in terms of my deep desires, it may take awhile but they'll come true in some shape or form. I feel like someone is always around chilin' making sure things are going the way they should. It's interesting how those who may hurt me get affected negatively like right after. I don't really believe in coincidences hey it might be, call me crazy. Does it have somthing to do with my karma? a spirit guide? law of attraction? hmm what do you guys think?

    Amor y Luz,

    Brianna 🙂 ❤

  • YES, it does have something to do with Karma.

    In the Christain perspective..It is referred to as "You Reap What You Sow".

    I personally call it the Law OF The Circle.

    Whenever I listen to my spirit guide, I always come out on top. As long as you are doing right, and treating others like you want to be treated. The Universe will always look out for you.

    However, if you have done something in your previous life and you have to pay a "debt" in this lifetime; then, that is a different story. That is where the subject of "Karmic Soulmates" come in.

    Check out some of the threads on here discussing "Karmic Soulmates".

  • I've always grew up with that phrase hearing it from my mom n such.. "you reap what you sow" I just think it's so interesting, I just wish I knew who this "spirit guide" is lol, I think it's a guy and I made up a fake name for him haha I call him Dante` (because it sounds exotic LOL), when something works out waaaayyy good, I'm like woohoo! thanks dante! lol I'm probably way far off 🙂


    I've read about karmic debt, and I've paid some in the past I can tell, but I am a very positive person, more than most, and I take all situations, bad and good and try to gain from it, from sad situations I write pretty poetry, and I am at my most artistic at those points, and it just makes things better! It's pretty cool! So perhaps, I have been following my "guide/s" well and the universe looks out. I just always wonder why some people continue to stay so miserable, it's as if they keep themselves there in this depressive state, when there is no reason to? It only leads to worse things.. hmm I've always been able to bounce quickly, I wonder how much it deals with strength and how much it deals with something beyond ourselves?

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