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  • Here I am dob is 10 22 69 and his is 11 02 71. would like to know what you see as far as us getting back together,or if there is a future for us at all. Plus would appreciate a reading on just him. and one of me. Just been trying to figure things out over the last 4 months. Still love him.He is seeing someone now and from what I have learned they are talking of house plans and land. We were together for a little over a year and then out of the blue this woman he is with now, which is from his past, contacted him tellin him that she has loved him for the last 20 yrs and he took all that she said as truth. I don't know I get the feeling that she is not being honest with him and is playing him for a fool to get what ever it is she wants. Just need to know does he still love me or is there ever a chance that he will see that I do love him and come back. Will he see that she isn't what or who he thought she was or is? I just want to know who is lying about the whole situation with him and her and them getting together right after we split.,I think she was pursuing him while we were still together and he believed what ever she told him. He told me that he was confused and needed some time to think.Well,not long after that I found out that the had moved in together. I'm still heart broken but try to go on every day the best that I can. How can he tell me that he loves me and this happen. Don't know. I have never felt this way this strongly for any one that I have ever been with over the years. Just so confused about the whole thing.Thank u for doing this for me..

    Her dob is dob is May 31 1975 if you need that as well. Thank u

  • Hiya sorry it took me a little longer to get back to you

    Lets start with your first question about you and him and any possible future.

    In your past/present it s clear you have been very hurt by this situation as shown by the three of swords and you thoughts are very taken up by the issues and this is clearly emotionally draining for you as shown by the moon there is a sense here that you are too emotionally about the situation to deal with it objectively what you what is a clear perspective as shown by the ace of swords and the ace of wands I would suggest here that the combination of the two are telling me you are very focus on wanting to know the truth about he situation in order to feel a sense of finality or a definate answer- you need to perhaps accept for the moment that is not going to happen and turn away from the issue and look to the future (this i get from the three of wands) I don't think the situation will get any closer to a resolution without that. As for him the cards suggest that he has ben dishonest with you in the past (Five of swords) and I feel was biding his time with this other woman (4 of swords + 8 of cups)- it is clear she has a strong sway over him. This probably isn't actually news to you coming back to the moon. Your individual future is positive however can I suggest that you are not looking in the right place for love- you know or will soon know a very great guy who is Arian in temperment- an outgoing guy who is very loyal to you and in embracing him and moving forward you will feel great reward (King of wands + 8 of pentancles) - interestingly your ex's new relationship isn't a very healthy one (the devil and 9 of wands) and its basis I don't think will hold or make either of them happy. In the long term I don't think it will last (ten of swords) and at that point you will learn the truth and he will probably turn up in your life again- when he does you need to be very emotionally strong and not give any feelings you have away (King of Cups)- you will get what you want (Queen of Swords) but I think by the time this happens you will be not so sure you want him back and be in the position of power. You are heading towards happiness if only you step on this path- have you got a wedding or big family gathering similar to wedding you are going to this year? I have a strong feeling that if you have this will be a very significant event for you and will bring you great joy- so if you get an invite be sure to buy a new dress! (4 of wands)

    When it comes to this other woman while you were with this man she was unsure to what she wanted (7 of cups) but was working on the side lines meddling (3 of pentacles) her decision that she wanted this man is essentially the reason for your break up (Kinight of swords + Death). When I read her part of the spread I got the feeling she is a a manipulative person and seems materalistic me- very obsessed about being comfortable- does she have somekind of financial need for him? ( 9 and 4 of pentacles)She isn't good for you however and my advice is to have nothing to do with her as she likes to win at any cost (page of swords).

    My key advice to you it keep your eye for that Arian guy- he is good for you.

  • Thank you Kikiki,

    New developments since I wrote this to you. Found out that now they are engaged.Have been trying to move on but still hard and hurt. Can you tell me more about this Arian guy that you see for me . Yes, I do have a wedding that is coming up,my nephews as a matter of fact and also a family reunion. How long til I meet the guy that you speak of?Is it possible that I will meet this guy that you speak of there at my nephews wedding? How will I know that it is him that you speak of? Can you tell me a little more about him and what I should or shouldn't look for?Sorry for all the questions , kinda got me curious about this person you speak about now. I want to move towards my future with my eyes open to love again but not just one sided,in other words I hope to not be in love with a person who will do the same thing to me again, who will love me for me and be with me faithfully,don't want to get this hurt again. Feel as though I am trying or should say starting to build back a wall that he broke down that I had put up around my heart so I wouldn't get hurt any more. I am just tired of being hurt in my life. I just would like to find someone who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with them and be happy and have a loving relationship and family built home together. I have children that are still young and have to think of them and how this person will treat them as well. I look at it this way, if you can't accept my children then you don't except me. I think that is everyone's desire for their partner to be faithful, caring, truthful, work together as a partnership not a one person show so to speak. Can you do a love reading for me and a reading on me and my children(how the future looks). Thank you for what you have already done. Yes, I would like closer but I know that is not possible right now and don't know when or if it will be.

    I am curious though as to why she has such a strong sway over him. I have no idea if she needs him financially or not. That I can not say. From what I have been told about her she will stay with someone until she isn't getting what she wants any more.Can you tell me how his New relationship with her is not healthy? How long do you see it lasting? I have made my own conclusion on how long but maybe wrong about that now that they are engaged. I don't know.When you say that when the time comes, if it does that I have to be emotionally strong and be in the position of power what exactly do you mean? What position of power are you speaking of? I know that if this was to happen that I will have to be strong cause when it comes to him ,I get weak. I don't know or understand why that is but I do. I thank you for this and hope that you will be able to answer the questions that I have asked. Thank you again this really does mean alot cause you have actually hit on things that I have already found out on my own.

    They are also working on plans for a home and land as well from what I understand. Wow, sorry for such a long response. Didn't realize I had typed so Thanks again...

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