I Feel Lost

  • Hi everyone, I would like some help. I am feeling down and dont know what to do with my life?

    My kids are growing up now and I am have been thinking of my work life, but I am not experienced at anything. I am like the jack of all trades master of none!

    I dont now where the angels want to take me? I keep asking but dont get anywhere?

    I am not a Social butterfly. I hate going out so I stay at home alot were I feel the safest. So most proberly lost alot of opportunites in my life.

    I really need some direction in my life and I dont know what path to choose. I am a Virgo woman born on 9/9/72 and i feel i have no purpose what so ever except look after my family. I havent got any brothers or sisters and no mum or dad... So no-one i can really talk to about it!

    I sit around home bored crapless knowing something is missing.... But what?

    What am I missing? I was told I couldnt see the trees through the forest and theyre most properly right, I am little slow picking things up sometimes.

    Can anyone tell me possibly what direction they see my life taking shortly?? I dont know why I am here or what my lifes purpose is meant to be?

    I Just Feel Lost Lately and need some insight please.


  • Hello beaniac,

    In Life we have missions we must accomplish,

    You Dear have already accomplished one which was taking

    care of your kids, Now they are grown and living their lives;

    Now you have another mission, Your home will not bring you opportunitues,

    Life will, people will, you must become social it could be go to a gym alot of people

    go there, you are shy? start with a question, go to a coffe shop, to have no

    clue of purpose indeed is a scary feeling..You are not the only one many

    people are looking for friends, Churches are very friendly and hold weekly

    services with each community. Live you life, Face your fears, and Fall in love with you.

  • Hi Beaniac,

    This isn't psychic advice. Hopefully someone can jump in and help you with that but I want you to know that you aren't alone. I've felt the same way at different times and have friends who have too. The "what am I doing with my life???" feeling. Remember that life is always changing and that "this too shall pass". Nothing stays the same forever. At some point, you WILL start getting involved in an activity or work that gives you a feeling of purpose again. For me, although I was working, I still felt the need to get involved in activities that would allow me to meet other people so I took some courses at a metaphysical studies school. I also started going to yoga and that helped tremendously! I am not naturally a social butterfly either and I can be very shy so I understand if you are hesitant to get out and socialize BUT I would still suggest making a deal with yourself to accept every invitation you can. You may have feelings of being uncomfortable at a large party or group but then again, you might end up meeting some really interesting people who can help you back on track. This has been my own experience at least so I hope it helps you too. Just keep in mind that even though it seems you are stuck in a rut, life does change and you won't be stuck there for long.

    Take care.


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