Please can I have a reading,i need help.

  • I promise you Im not here after sympathy or pity, I am just trying to find my way. I am not a bad person even after the bad things Ive had inflicted upon me. I know how bad things can get and this in turn makes me appreciate the little things in life that bit more. Im not asking for the Earth but for once would like to be happy. Whilst i do feel life has treated me very unfairly I am happy in the knowledge that for some of us its just the way it is and accepting this really helped me avoid becoming too bitter and negative. I just need some guidance from a higher power than myself at the moment as I really do feel I cant take anymore and I dont have any kind of family or close friends at hand to confide in or ask for help and support. I would love to be more specific about the things that cause me such pain and sadness but It would take too long to write - and therefore would like to repeat that i really aren't looking for anyone to feel sorry for me yet I am asking for some wisdom and clarity on my troubles. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Peace,out.xx

  • Kimlibra,

    I'm not psychic, I don't have any cool powers but as I read this I just wanted to say a few things that came to mind that I've taken from my own life; which has not been an easy one either :0).

    With every difficulty a lesson is learned. Sometimes the lesson is for us to teach someone else. For example, I've given strength and hope to people in bad situations because I was able to overcome abuse, neglect, and rejection. It was those horrible situations that enabled me the compassion and understanding to really listen and absorb adn then offer hope.

    You are stronger than you know. Dont' ever doubt that. You make a difference in lives every single day even if it's something simple like smiling at a never know when something tiny can absolutely alter someone's life.

    I don't know what is going on in your life but I want you to know you will be in my thoughts and prayers. May you be blessed with peace and clarity.

    Hold steady adn keep your chin up.


  • I find that i share the same feelings as yourself.I have suffered many years now happiness seems like an illusion i may get a day or 2 but the majority is just filled with darknesss.I always try to avoid conflict but it always seems to head mmy way for some reason.Unlike yourself i do have a family but i find thety are more of a hindorence than help i say they i mean my mum,for some reason she just fills me with negativity,all i wish for is a little bit of happiness.Anything i talk to her about she has nothing nice to say back,ive been told for many years now someone close is trying to hold me back.I am now convinced if i listen to my mum and her patronizing ways im going know where.I have decided after the last row that i write her an e.mail in return she thinks it would be best if we stay away from each other i totally agree and its her decision.Anyway im looking forwoard to moving into a smaller home very soon and im hoping and praying this may be the start of a happier life we can only hope.Takecare from Heather.

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