A message from Ms. Beth, our Angel lady

  • Hi Happydoc,

    We will keep in touch. Take note of my email address. Angels will always guide us, believe in that.


    Beth told me to thank you for starting a new thread for her (although it got deleted). It meant a lot to her for you to do that.

    To all,

    I sent all your messages to Beth and she is very touched and very grateful for all the well wishes. Thanks so very much! She's humbled…and honored. She see her work in front of her…and it just awes her.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Thank you Emergence!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Beth, much gratutide from me going out to you for all the work and time you have given to us, and the giving of your self to all here, The dedication to your fellow man is a model to us all! i know you will continue to spread Gods love through his helpers.,our angels. I happy you were pleased with the photo i sent of the pope being held by the arms of an angel, thank you for teaching me, love x x x

  • I still don't understand why all the post kept being deleted?

  • and how do we give our private emails too those we want too share with?

  • This post is deleted!

  • No matter how you slice it, it stinks that she was banned. Where there is a will there a way. This could have be resolved with enough effort by admin. Thumbs down.




  • All,

    To clarify: Angelreader was not banned. She was sent a private email saying she was welcome to post in the forums, but not to give out or solicit private information or to post to her personal website -- which is a commercial site. She chose to leave, but is welcome back at any time as long as she sticks to the rules.


    Forum Admin

  • k.

  • Thanks Admin...

    Beth never said she was banned...just to clarify this...

  • Thanks Emergence,

    We know neither you or Beth used "banned" but we saw that a few people thought that was the case. We just wanted to clear that up -- we try to not ban anyone and just warn them instead.

    Forum Admin

  • OKAY!!!!!!!!!! I DO NOT even have the words to express MY DISGUST for what is going on!

    WHY would you delete someone's HARDWORK, ENERGY, LOVE , KINDNESS, BLOOD, SWEET & TEARS!!! I have received some excellent readings from TheCaptain, Blmoon. NanetteC, SapphireDiamond, KarmaComa, BrianTristan,Serious7, HansWolfgang, JuneMoon26......the list goes on and on. These lovely ladies and gentlemen have TAKEN time out of their family lives to HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And YOU have the GALL,NERVE, and the AUDACITY TO DELETE THEIR HARDWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is so GROSS in professional Courtesy!!! I am so highly disappointed in the Tarot Forums Administration.


  • All,

    Some of you have noticed that we have been more strict about enforcing our rules lately. Just to put our actions into context, these forums are a place for Tarot.com members to interact -- not for commercial interests (even our own). We created them to benefit our members, so they could connect with each other in a safe environment.

    Posts that solicit or share personal email or physical addresses will be edited or deleted and so will posts with links to commercial sites.

    Also, we cannot allow personalized readings in the forums. We're sorry, we know that a lot of you look forward to those readings. But there is no way for us to authenticate all the individual readers and the content they provide. And there have been complaints from individuals who don’t understand that forum readings are not in any way affiliated with the readings Tarot.com provides on other areas of the site. In some cases, we've even discovered that the personalized readings posted in the forums were taken without permission from other sites -- opening us up to copyright violation litigation.

    We do send private warning emails to members who obviously have good intentions but are continually violating the rules. And we try to only single out individuals who are 1) giving personal readings 2) soliciting email 3) AND linking to commercial sites – basically triple violations.

    We sincerely hope that you continue to interact and enjoy participating in the forums. Over the years we've seen a terrific community develop and there are still plenty of insights to share that are within the forum guidelines.

    Thanks for your time,

    Forum Admin

  • Hi Pilot007,

    We're sorry you are upset. We'd just like to point out that none of the members you mention have had their topics deleted. Only a very few individuals have been warned that they are violating multiple rules, but to respect their privacy we won't mention names. Those individuals are welcome to keep posting, as long as their posts are within the guidelines.


    Forum Admin

  • So we can expect that personal questions we have will no longer have answers in the future by any of the talented individuals on this site? What about offers of general advice adn encouragement or wisdom in the workings of accessing your own skills? Can you please define what is acceptable conversation and what is not?

  • Gladyouwroteme,

    Personal questions of course can be answered. Insight, advice and information can still be shared. But no personalized Astrology, Tarot, Numerology or Past Life readings. Especially if the reader is also advertising their commercial site and soliciting business -- or if they are using content from other sites without persmission.

    Hanswolfgang in particular does a great job of offering helpful advice and answering questions without it falling into the categories mentioned above.

    That still leaves plenty of things to talk about: family, Astrology sign charactertics, Life Path Numbers, relationsip issues, money issues, Tarot cards, life in general and more.


    Forum Admin

  • Roger that! Thanks for the clarification. I was starting to question whether it was ok for me to post questions, the last thing I ever want is to be responsible for getting someone into trouble! Thanks for clearing that up for me!!!! :0)

  • You're welcome, Gladyouwroteme. We're happy we were able to clarify. And you would never get anyone in trouble by asking a question. None of the people offering personalized readings are in trouble. Only spammers or extremely malcious posters ever get in trouble (ie banned). Usually we just send an email reiterating the guidelines and delete the topics in question.

    We truly believe that the readers are warm hearted individuals who perhaps weren't aware of some of our rules and that we have them to protect the people in the forums as well as the company from potential legal issues.

    Forum Admin

  • AND...I would like to add that AriesPiecesCusp, did such a good job with her reading!!! IT is a SHAME, that her HARDWORK was deleted. IT TAKES TIME to do those charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so bad for her!

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