Instinct or Paranoia?

  • Hello all. I would like the insight of a fellow intuitive/psychic about the issue at hand, if possible. I myself am a LITTLE intuitive/psychic, in the sense that I have had very vivid dreams in the past that would end up happening, also a lot of lucid dreaming then waking up and witnessing a lot of synchronicity. I would not consider myself a pro at this by any means. I also can not always tell if I myself am creating some things with my own thoughts and energy (you know, law of attraction).

    Anyways, here is what I'd appreciate some help with.

    I am in a relationship with a young man whom in all honesty, I do feel strongly for and have a deeper connection with. It almost seems as if we're telepathic in a sense because if something goes wrong in my day and I'm feeling down, he almost always calls me. It's like he can sense my distress. His family and I get along very well and he always says great things about me to his friends and family. So, that being said, I am reluctant to come to a negative conclusion on HIS part of this intense lucid dream I recently had while asleep in the bed with him, however I do feel it is indicative of some sort of possible danger (chances are from a female who lives in the same apartment complex as him). I really did feel as if I could fully trust him until this dream came along.

    I fell asleep, laying on my left side, behind him as he lied on his left side. I had my arms wrapped around him. I dreamt that I woke up. I really felt as if I were awake. I look down at him and he is no longer the man, my lover, but this huge snake instead, still asleep in my arms. It felt so real to me, I could feel the scales and everything. If it helps; his color was green but with some darker greenish~brown hues to some areas.

    This shocked me of course, especially considering I felt wake, but it didn't take me long to realize I was in lucid state, and to not be frightened, and to just go with the flow because the dream was most likely a big lesson I need to learn.

    I look up at the digital alarm clock and the red L.E.D. letters read 11:59. For some reason I instinctively felt that this meant I had only one minute to do what needed to be done, so I quickly jump up out of the bed, still holding the snake in my arms. I was able to switch into parallel dimensions/realities in order to make a choice. It was really quite freaky! I kept switching between a pet store, his apartment, or my parents house.

    At one point in the dream, I felt breathing on my hand, and the moist wet tickle of a tongue. This made me jump because I thought the snake was waking up and his mouth was at my hand about to bite it. When I jumped in the dream, I woke up in real life and looked over and noticed my boyfriend's mouth had opened in his sleep and my hand was right by his mouth. I thought "Whoa, now this is freaky. I don't like this at all.", then looked at the clock to see what time it was, and amazingly, it WAS exactly 11:59!

    I rest myself once again, hoping to go asleep and not have another odd dream such as this, but as soon as I fell asleep BAM, same thing again! Woke up to the snake in my arms.

    Finally, the dream resulted in me choosing to let him go in a small natural lake that resides near my parents home, behind a church. I watched him slither into the water and he looked happy and almost seemed to smile at me, so I assume I made the right choice.

    Now, according to numerous dream dictionaries and animal totem books I have read extensively, the snake can possibly symbolize deceit, but also rebirth, healing, intuitive awareness. S it's hard for me to decipher exactly what that dream meant.

    Here is a dream I ended up having about a month afterward that I feel may be connected and why I am beginning to question if it has something to do with a female who lives in the apartment complex.

    Once again, another vivid lucid one. This time, I'm asleep in my bed, at my home, and I wake up to go for a walk in the small garden I've started on the back patio right outside my bedroom. Everything looks as it does in real life and I am happily looking over all of my plants I've been growing, when out of nowhere, I hear the sound of leaves shuffling. I look down and realize there are pregnant snakes slithering up onto the patio. I am not frightened of them and decide to just work my way around them so I can peacefully tend to my garden despite their creepy presence.

    But then they start slithering up onto my vegetable plants and eating my vegetables, gobbling them by the whole. I grab a rake and gently move them off the vegetables, and as I'm doing this 2 more snakes start slithering up my legs and trying to bite me. I decide that I can not deal with these snakes peacefully and now I myself am in danger, so I must defend myself. I grab one of the snakes in my hand around the bottom of it's head and strangle it to death. I then grab the other snake and squeeze its head until it pops then I take my gardening shovel and cut it down the center into two. I see baby snakes coming out of it and begin to feel terribly guilty and also angry that this dream is happening to me in the first place. I drop the snake to the ground and begin to cry but then notice that one half of the snake regenerates itself into a new snake, and starts slithering around with the dead half still hanging off of it. It didn't seem angry at me either, it just looked at me and slithered off the patio, and the others followed it. I then wake up.

    I feel this pertains to a female due to the pregnancy of the snakes but your input is appreciated. I didn't think of it much afterward but then one day while visiting my boyfriend, he was gone, running errands or something. The female neighbor invites me over to her apartment. She has three guys there with her. She wants me to hang out with her while my boyfriend is gone and I say "Ok". She was being overly nice to me, kept talking about how awesome I am to the three guys even though she hardly knows me. I mentioned I like the top she has on and she ran into her bedroom and comes out with another just like it and gave it to me.

    Not long after (like a few days or so) I went to add her as a friend on Facebook and noticed she has a picture of a baby as her default photo (it looks old, so it is most likely her as a baby, since she does not have any children).

    Other than that I don't have much to work with. My intuition tells me that my boyfriend can be trusted for the most part but maybe it is this woman who is trying to slither her way up into my boyfriends life. I'm usually not insecure about these sort of things, he has lots of female friends whom I get along with great and have no suspicion towards. This woman is very pretty and I've heard my boyfriend call her "hot" a few times but he has other "hot" female friends too that I trust and get along with great.

    So as you may have guessed by now, I'm in a little rut here...

    Thanks for reading. I apologize for it being so long but I feel the better the detail the better insight and analysis others can gain from it.


  • No one has a clue, eh? the more reading and meditation i do on this subject it looks to be a sort of karmic psychic attack, not necessarily like some other intuitive attacking me from somewhere else but maybe just my OWN due to neglect of my own abilities and choices i've made through them.

    i really wish i could figure out where i went wrong at least that way i can not do it again but perhaps i'm not meant for that either 😞

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