The Gemini/Scorpio Connection-What is That All About?

  • Hello lully09,

    I am so glad I could inspire you. If I can do that in any way, then I am happy to share my losses and my mistakes, and hopefully my eventual successes too! I just realized that the time is obviously just not right for me to be in a relationship. My choices have been unsound due to my loss, and my neediness and desperation have attracted the wrong men. I hope to change that course with a little time spent on myself. Boosting my self-confidence by doing things that make me feel good from the inside, and regaining the identity I lost when my husband died. I know it will be a long process, but in the end it will pay. Because maybe, just maybe I will find another man that can fulfill me the way my husband did, and yet not lose my identity in the process this time...

    Oh, and being a Scorpio is a challenge in itself ! It takes a strong person to carry this sign, and although I am proud to be one, I wouldn't wish it on the faint at heart! I'm sure you understand what I mean...

    Peace and Love,


  • My best friend is a Scorpio (female), my ex-husband of 20 years, Scorpio. The gentleman I live with currently, Scorpio. I have never been dominated, controlled, or over shadowed by any of them. I have been a strong force in all there lives, supporting and standing by them in times of trouble and despair. I know them well.

    All are dear to me, have been and continue to be an important part of my life. Interesting enough, I attract them like crazy..water signs.


  • Hello GemTwin52,

    I began this discussion because I have been trying to figure out this Gem/Scorp attraction for over a year now. We are attracted to each other I believe, because of our differences. There is a certain chemistry with this pairing that is quite intense. With two emotionally mature and responsible individuals though, I think any pairing can work. I do believe that there is a difference though when the Gemini is a man, and the Scorpio is a woman. I have 3 Gemini women in my family, and they are nothing like the Gemini man I was involved with. Possibly it has to do with the higher intensity of the emotions, and their ability to express them, in Scorpio women vs. Scorpio men. And the Scorpio (and a woman's) tendency to be possessive in a relationship. And in Gemini women, there will be less evasiveness and less of a strong desire to remain autonomous and isolated. So Gender may play a role here. Of course, the whole Nature vs. Nurture thing keeps coming up in all the discussions on relationships. We are most definitely run by our true Nature, but of course Nurture will always play a role as well. How our parents communicate with us, and show us how to express ourselves will be a big deciding factor in how we interact in our relationships...

  • Hi Jazz,

    I'm a nurturer and can be very grounded..I can also spread my wings and fly. I played with boys growing up..such the tomboy I was, as good , if not better at "boy" activities then they. It's why they liked playing with me. I was a little s-h-i-t!! On the flip side, I loved playing with baby dolls..alone away from the boy's. I could easily entertain myself no matter where my imagination took me, it was easy to escape and be to myself. I was and still am, adventurous..

    How boring it would be to have a mirror image of myself (a gem male)..

    I bring a variety to a relationship, whats not to love about that? I'm not one dimensional, can be "friends" with the opposite sex w/o engaging in physical contact of a s-e-x-u-a-l nature,

    I want "one" special man in my life who understands and appreciates what I have become and learned along the way. Life would be far from boring.

    I am ripe for the picking at this time in my life.

    Opposites attract, it's not always about the "sign", but you already know this.

    This can work...there are so many variables when it comes to all of us, weigh them carefully.


  • Dear GemTwin52,

    Your duality has worked well for you in your life, and I understand it quite well as my rising sign is Gemini. With the Gem I was involved with, he took his solitude to an extreme. It was created by his hurt in a previous relationship I believe, and he admitted that to me when we ended ours. I felt he gave up too soon on us, but I could not make him see the light. Recently he and I got together for a supposed "friendly" lunch, which became a day of many mixed messages from him. When I tried to get him to talk about it, he said he just wants to "be friends." Well, last summer we were much more that that, so it's difficult to do a reversal once that line is crossed.

    Unlike you, he is not very adventurous as Gems usually are. He likes his routines, and the safety of all things familiar to him. Living in the same dead-end town his whole life, never leaving it even for a vacation somewhere, and staying in the same dead-end job for 20 years.

    I, on the other hand, am always looking to learn knew things, and seek new adventures. I like your "I am ripe for the picking" comment! I think I am too, at 45. Someday, the right man will see that and come my way. Because I too am a nurturer, and have so much to offer the right man.

    And yet I can spread my wings as well! That's what I think I will spend my time doing now...

  • My ex boyfriend, a Gemini, married a Scorpio woman. It happened quite fast. I was surprised because I was under the impression that these two signs were incompatible. But he was Gemini with a Scorpio moon and she was Scorpio with a Gemini moon! It seems maybe they compliment each other. Ever since, Ive noticed gems and scorpios hooking up everywhere! Ive noticed it enough to firmly believe that when you get a scorpio and gemini together......usually gemini man and scorpio woman, SPARKS DO FLY! Its crazy! What is up with that? LOL.

    Although, we know that there is a lot more going on behind the Sun Signs to make the connection soo intense.

    I have scorpio rising and that may explain why 3 years with a gemini man was like a roller coaster and yes, very passionate! I admit tho, geminis are difficult to deal with and there comes a point when you just gotta let them go. It is definetly bitter-sweet! Sigh.......

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