The Gemini/Scorpio Connection-What is That All About?

  • Okay all of you out there in the world! I have a question to pose to you...

    What is this thing between Geminis and Scorpios? (Usually Gemini men and Scorpio women...)

    I am a Scorpio woman, and I've got it with a Gemini man. We had a relationship last year for about 5 months. It started out friendly enough, but it did not take it long to get extremely HOT, once we confirmed our mutual attraction. Talk about sparks flying! Holy Moly! Scorps run hot enough, but paired with a mostly hot Gem, and watch out! Such intensity, and such a deep connection... Unfortunately our differences came between us, and so it ended last August. But we never really completely let go of each other, remaining friends until now...

    Well, we went out to lunch last Thursday and I definitely felt that connection still between us. We were supposed to meet at the cafe I took him to for his birthday last year (his choice), but he wound up coming to pick me up, on his motorcycle, which he would never give me a ride on last year... And then he paid for lunch too. We talked non-stop the entire time, and when he dropped me off he came inside for awhile. Even waited until my son came home from school to visit with him for awhile. So now I am wondering... Is he still interested? Was it the almost 9 month break that's got him that way? Is it the Gem/Scorp "thing?" Or is it more?

    So... any of you, or all of you... Give me your insight, or professional opinions about why there is such chemistry with this pairing. Share your own experiences, and any professionals who can help me understand this, I would really appreciate your help as well. Here is a little more info about us that may help:

    I am Scorpio/Gemini rising/Libra Moon/Venus in Libra/Mars in Leo

    He is Gemini/Sagittarius rising/Virgo Moon/Venus and Mars both in Gemini

    So, bring your comments on! I would love to hear them...


  • What is this thing between Geminis and Scorpios? The at least seemingly openness of Geminis sets the hidden fire of Scorpios free.

    So now I am wondering... Is he still interested? Yes.

    Was it the almost 9 month break that's got him that way? No.

    Is it the Gem/Scorp "thing?" No.

    Or is it more? No.

    Give me your insight about why there is such chemistry with this pairing: Gemini knows better how to manipulate the Scorpios; so instead manipulating which she usually does the Scorpio keeps her integrity and remains open.

    Never commit the same mistake again and again, — invent new mistakes every day. Be creative. Risk in new ways. Be risky, live dangerously, live without security and safety. Be tremendously in love with life.

  • Oh hans... There you go again! Invent new mistakes every day? I love that! I'm always creative, and always take new risks. (I just did last night, writing him a very risky email...) A do like to live dangerously (I'm a Scorpio! Do we live any other way?). And I do love life. So your advice is in tune with me already!

    So, he's still interested, but it's not more than the Gem/Scorp "thing?" I guess I do feel a bit manipulated, and that's probably what gets me going with him... I have never been a selfish manipulator though. I do have the Libra influence, and I think the Gemini rising helps me to understand his duality better. But you still haven't answered why it is so HOT between us! I mean really HOT! And I have heard of many others on here that can say the same...

  • Just some things to ponder.....................................

    You two are very different! SCORPIO becomes intensely involved emotionally to particular people and places. SCORPIO bonds deeply and becomes very attached to close people and especially to a lover. GEMINI, by contrast, takes life in a lighter vein and usually does not become as emotionally involved and attached to things as SCORPIO. SCORPIO may feel that GEMINI is superficial, evasive, childish, and not serious enough, while GEMINI may feel that SCORPIO is too heavy, intense, demanding, and insatiable. SCORPIO thrives on intensive, direct experiences and is best suited to a life style that involves direct, non-vicarious, non-intellectual activities of forceful, instinctive, or natural kind, preferably using one's hands (examples: surgery, deep sea diving, most competitive athletic sports, sex, pottery, etc.) while GEMINI's approach is more cerebral, less focused and intensive, and more varied. The disparity between your two approaches to life is great and you need to strive to make your differences complement each other rather than interfere with each other. The truth is you are probably attracted to the very same qualities that make you so different.


  • Thank you Cat!

    I see all of these things in both of us. Yet I do thrive on intellectual experiences really. I am absolutely intense, passionate and insatiable though. He is evasive and elusive and yet as intense as I am when we are together. We seem to feed that aspect of each other well. (My Gemini rising helps I think.) The bottom line is neither of us completely let go of each other when we broke up. And the ending was quite bittersweet. I felt he was just not ready for what I was offering him. My strong intuition tells me that I fulfill him in a way he knows he will never experience again, and yet his mainstream and conservative upbringing is getting in his way. (He is a small town southern boy, and I am from New York!) He has a rebellious side though. A side that wants to break free, and go fly with me. I feel it very deeply. There is something drawing us together, that's for sure...

    Maybe we CAN make our differences complement each other, and not interfere. I am willing to try. I just don't know yet if he is brave enough!

    Thank you for your positive and constructive input! I don't believe any pairing is impossible...


  • you still haven't answered why it is so HOT between us!: It is much more hot for you than for him, because as Cat wrote above, you activate all your energy to get him attached to you and bonded, and he is utterly evasive for each attachment and each being bonded. So you have to burn like the sun, to get the poor moth near to your fire, so that his wings are getting burned.

    When the stone man nods his head,

    The wooden pillar claps its hands.

  • Oh Hans... You are OH so cryptic! Whatever you are smoking, I want some! (LOL)

    If you could have only seen him... That Gem, and how HOT it really was for him too... That poor small town southern boy/man. He never knew what hit him... Honestly, it was very mutual. Two moths to each others flames. You are right about his evasiveness though. His attachment was always short-lived, and then he could just fly back to his regular routines... Very frustrating, but probably that bit of a challenge that piqued my interest enough to keep him around. So now... we are revisiting this thing... I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your very enigmatic response... ; )


  • Christine, I thought, for a Jazzsinger this could be inspiring....

    This is saying

    that what is happening in the world is that "the stone

    man nods his head," and "the wooden pillar claps its

    hands." Nobody is conscious. Everything is happening in

    unconsciousness almost as if we were somnambulists,

    sleepwalkers. This situation of sleep can change just

    by bringing a little consciousness, a little awareness.

    I say "a little awareness" just not to freak you out,

    because the little awareness is not little. If you

    bring just a little consciousness, a little

    watchfulness, the whole ocean drops into you. Just give

    way and you are gone, and what remains is the truth,

    the eternal truth.

  • Why thank you Hans... It is very inspiring.

    Sometimes I think I'm more awake when I'm sleeping. Does that make sense? I am my most receptive then... Ironically I have such an active dream existence, and learn more there than while awake. So I get the correlation with our consciousness not really being that. I do believe that I still have a long way to go before that ocean drops in... I work every day to make that happen though...

    Thanks for the words of wisdom...

  • Hello there, I will be frank with you. Gemini and Scorpio are not a good match at all. Scorpio is a water sign and Gemini is a air sign. You both like to talk and discuss things, so this will work well as a friendship but as a long-term love relationship, Scorpio would dominate a Gemini, making him depressed and unhappy. Maybe you should try to give water signs men a chance to date you like a Pisces( Feb 19-Mar 21) and Cancer(June 22-July 22). Good luck

  • Thanks natapier,

    I think you're right. This Gem just told me he just wants to be friends, after he gave me a whole bunch of mixed signals last week on our lunch date. I'm tired of the games. The thing that kills me is that he isn't even aware he's playing them. He's just too emotionally immature. I think our differences attracted us to each other, but not a good basis for a long-term relationship...

    I did have a correspondence going with an old friend from high school who was a Pisces, but when he told me his marriage broke up because of his multiple infidelities, I ran for the hills! Once a cheater, always a cheater in my book... I do know a Cancer, but he's my late husband's brother. Not a good prospect there, needless to say! Thanks for the advice though!

  • Jazzsinger

    Does that make sense? Yes.

    Meditation is simply a method to go beyond your

    normal mind. And anyone who meditates cannot fall below

    the normal mind. That is an impossibility. And anyone

    who meditates is sooner or later going to reach her

    real home -- which is not only his, which is our home.

  • Hello Jazzsinger,

    I understand you completely, I've been on your shoes, only to prove that what happened the first time, happened the second (and could be a repeating pattern if I didn't cut it). Gemini is not good for Scorpio, they are too much on/off gamers. The worse thing, is that they occupy your mind and that stops you to open to other people.

    Give a hug to that Gemini and say him goodbye with a smile. Let me tell you, it feels great when you move on from them 🙂

    all best for you, when your mind is free, you will attract the right one 🙂

  • Dear hanswolfgang,

    Thank you. I'm glad I am making sense somehow! My late husband (The triple Aquarius), was very much into the metaphysical in his youth and I just finally picked up a book of his that I'm hoping will help... It's called The Power of Alpha Thinking, by Jess Stearn. It's from the 70's, but he said he got a lot out of it. Have you heard of it? Another one he used even more was Universal Secrets of Telecosmic Power, by Norvell. That one just seemed like a roundabout way of praying for materialistic things. Not my style... Anything I can do to improve myself and my life, and advance my personal spiritual enlightenment will do the trick for me right now. Maybe after I gain some of that, other areas of my life will be more rewarding for me...

    Hello lully09,

    Thank you for your post... I have discovered, for the second time just like you, that he is just the same man, living the same patterns he was last year. No change, no spiritual, mental or emotional growth on his part. And it's time for me to just let him go for good. From what I've heard though, that's when he'll want me back! He talks about being friends, and yet he can't even give of himself in that capacity. And he is sending out too many mixed signals.I know he wants to hang onto me in some way, because he did have something with me that he will probably never have with anyone else. He is just too flighty, and wishy-washy, and immature to see it. I cannot wait for him to grow up. Life is just too short...

    I agree that I will attract the right one when I am right with myself. When I am more completely healed from the loss of my husband, and I am the confident, secure and emotionally healthy person that I know I can be. I just have to fight the loneliness that settles in at night... Thanks for your input!

  • Dear Jazzsinger,

    Have you heard of it? No.

    I recommend you rebellion! Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light.

  • Thank you hans...That is exactly what I intend to do.

  • and learn more about the complexities of existence, the

    intricacies of life, its delights, and the art of how

    to achieve it.

  • Dear hans,

    I do work each day at expanding my mind, my intellect, and my spiritual growth. By reading, writing, and expressing myself with music. I sometimes get too focused on my solitude, and my need for companionship though. I know that gets in my way... My late husband was so many things to me. My best friend, my musical collaborator and my soul mate for 23 years. We spent every day together for 13 years. We worked together, played music together, had a family together, and worked here at our little homestead together in the last 6 years of his life. It has been heart-wrenching grieving the loss of him for the past year and 9 months. That has made my decisions less than sound, and thus I have had to deal with more loss, and regret. And yet, I want to recapture some of that magic he and I shared. Sometimes I think that you can only have that once in your life though... One true love... One true soul mate... So I try to be grateful for having experienced that at least once in my life. And yet, I hold onto my hope for finding happiness again. And my little boy... Well, he needs a good man in his life. I just know though that I need to be truly ready for that. Truly right for the right man. So I will continue to improve myself, and heal, so I can be the best person that I can be in this life. Because I really, really don't want to have to come back and do this all over again! ; )

  • Dear Jazzsinger,

    Nuclear war had come and gone. Only one tiny monkey in one isolated part of the world remained alive. After weeks of wandering about, he finally came across a little female monkey. He threw his arms around her in greeting.

    “I am starved,” he said. “Have you found anything to eat?”

    “Well,” she said. “I found this little old apple.”

    “Oh no you don’t!” he snapped. “We are not going to start that all over again!”

    Even monkeys are worried about humanity....

  • Jazzsinger, I feel for your loss.

    On other note, Do you know what? you have inspired me. I am scorpio myself, and I have decided to make the most of my life for myself, if someone wants to join me, then fantastic, but I won't ever again go out of my path for anyone else. Specially since I seem to attract the ones that does not know where they are going!

    love to you

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