Can someone please tell me about a certain relationship?

  • What is going on? You do not feel your own wishes any more.

    Am I trying to connect to my soul? No.

    It is the desiring mind

    that takes you into another womb. A woman who has

    realized her no-mind, is completely empty of desires,

    ambitions. Now there is no need for her to enter into

    another womb and suffer nine months in a prison. Then

    getting out of the prison is not a pleasure either. And

    the whole life again starts, the whole round. The same

    journey, the same youth, the same romances, the same

    failures, the same frustrations ... and the old age,

    and the fear of death.

  • Hanswolfgang, thank you for that long response.

    It all makes sense to me now.

    I'm going to practice being aware and conscious. But it's going to be hard for me to get out of my habits. Such as thinking way too much.

    Happiness to you Hanswolfgang.

  • Thank you Piscesgirl4life,

    when you are seeking too much you are closed; the

    very tension of seeking and searching closes you. When

    you are desiring too much, the very desire becomes such

    a tense state of affairs that happiness cannot

    penetrate you. Happiness penetrates you in the same way

    as sleep; contentment comes to you in the same way as

    sleep: when you are in a letgo, when you allow, when

    you simply wait, they come.

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