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  • Hello,

    I am a Leo woman (Virgo moon) who has recently started dating an Aries man (Scorpio moon). He is very different from anyone I've ever known before and I am wondering if anyone can provide me with any info/advice about this relationship. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello APC,

    Thanks for the advice. I tell you, being a Leo, I've never generally had a hard time with men before but this one is a real challenge.

    You're right about the lovemaking and romance. He's the most romantic man I've ever met.

    I always thought that Aries males wanted a challenge so I haven't really doted on him like I would normally do in a relationship. He is extremely and I mean extremely independant, never been married (he's 42) and likes his space so I've tried to give him that and just go with the flow. That's a task for a Leo, let me tell you.

    We've been dating for about 4 months now and we both say we're really into each other but I haven't met any of his friends and I only see him about once per week, although we do exchange emails daily and chat every few days.

    Some days he's very sweet and others very distant. I find him very confusing but interesting and appealing at the same time.

    I have a feeling I'm in for a ride with this one but it seems to be worth it. I find him frustrating because he never asks when we're going to see each other again and doesn't really talk about the future (although he has mentioned it a few times). Any suggestions as to how to get him to the next level?

    Thanks very much, I appreciate your insights.

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  • I think you're right, he's considering getting serious but isn't quite there yet. I think he's a bit worried about the fact that I was married for almost 20 years and only separated just over 4 months when we met...he has brought up that fact before.

    He has told me many times how I'm the 'total package" as far as he's concerned. He has also mentioned doing things with me in the future. He once said, if we were to fall in love and you were to leave me after a few years, I'd be okay...that statement makes me think he's a bit afraid of getting too close too soon.

    We both live in the same city, only about a 6 minute drive from each other. The reason we don't see each other that often is because he works shift work - usually two 24 hr shifts and I also work full time. Also, we both have children and don't get together when we have our kids. I think we're both not ready to introduce each other to our kids as of yet, although we've never discussed it outright.

    We did spend a fabulous weekend together last weekend and he told me that he though about it all last week.

    I think we're on the right track but both a bit nervous about making a committment at this time.

    As for never getting married, he finished College, travelled around the world for a few years and then came back home, He was engaged to be married but that didn't work out. That was a few years ago and he has only had two relationships since, one being more of a friendship.

  • Ahhhhh - you've been seperated for only 4 months, which means you aren't even divorced yet?? As an aries woman (men and women aren't too different) that's a red flag. how can you possibly be ready to give him the emotional shoulder he needs when it'll be shared with another?? We're first, we don't like sharing, not even emotions. He will not take you seriously untilyou're emotionally available, including a divorce. Aries people think A LOT we have these "internal battles" and we are very picky. it's bad enough we have a hard time handling emotions, but when there is doubt, well.... we withdraw or take our time. Aries men dont' give in as quickly as the Aries woman does... and even if, we are still a "flight risk". he needs to know you'll be his 100% until then, enjoy the time with him. normally though - Aries + Leo = beautiful.

  • Hello Almondee,

    Thanks very much for your thoughts. I have been separated 8 months now, I was seperated 4 months when we met and we have been dating for 4 months. I will file for divorce this August as soon as I can.

    I see what you're saying about the emotional shoulder, he does share a lot with me about issues/challenges he faces in his life and I do the same with him. He has told me he's shared things with me that he has never done with anyone else in the past, so that is positive.

    Yes, I've read that about Aries' liking to be first and not sharing. Funny, he has asked a few times, 'have you ever done this before"...I recognized it as his desire to be first! Leos love to be first as well so I completely understand that part.

    I think you're totally right about being picky, he hasn't had a lot of long relationships because he is so picky but I think he really wants to be with me, he's just taking his time. Which is fine with me for now.

    I'm just enjoying the time we spend together and see where it goes from there. It could be something lasting or it may not be...all I know is that it is wonderful right now.

  • @ torgirl

    When those divorce papers come in, fax/email it to him 🙂

  • Almondee...ha, ha. I think I'll give him a copy over a nice candlelit romantic dinner. He's a real romantic...just fabulous.

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  • Hi Torgirl44 Being a male Aries let me tell you this. We can be complicated and we very much like being independent. We work better by ourselves then with a group of people. We are creative and we would rather lead then follow. We always seem to be butting heads with something or someone. And when it comes to fighting we don't use our fists. We use out forked tongues. We can say things that are very hurtful. And a lot of it comes out of our mouth with out even thinking about what were going to say or what we said. After some time has past and we've gotten to think about what we said. Is when we start to feel bad for some of the things we said. The word LOVE is not really in our vocabulary. We feel it's an over used word. That word has a powerful meaning and feeling behind it. I've gave some people strange looks when they say I love you after we have first met. I would say to them. You love me? You don''t even know me.. But we have met that special someone. And we tell them we love them. We mean it. And Aries and Leo combination is a true link made in heaven once the Aries person has excepted it. Because Aries and Leos share the same likes and dislikes. We are always on the go and we crave excitement, love and fun. We don't like to feel smothered. Because when we do that is when we take flight We like someone who is challenging to us. And we enjoy being the center of attraction. I am very proud of being an Aries. Your best artist, actors, leaders and anyone else in the arts are Aries people. We are very loyal, outspoken, independent, strong willed, daring and dependable. We need someone in our lives who can be mentally stimulating. And in closing we are loyal and hardworking and capable of giving affection and security to those we love. Good luck and I hope all the best for you and your Aries boyfriend.

  • My Mom was Leo,dad was Aires my aunts tell me that that Love they shared was the romance of a lifetime, mom was engaged when she met dad, and that was it, she broke of the engagement. They were like magnet and steel dad was devoted to her till the day she died.

  • Hey Brettsimms,

    Thank you so very much for your thoughts. There are so many things you have said which describe my boyfriend exactly. He has told me that he butts heads with people and I think it's because he is so open and always tells people what he thinks and gives advice without being asked. But, he does it out of the goodness of his heart, because he genuinely cares and I like that about him.

    I laughed when I read the part where you said that when people tell you they love you too soon you say you don't even know me. I do that too. I think you really need to know someone...good points and faults as well before you can say I love you.

    I think you are totally right that this will be a great match once my Aries boyfriend accepts it. Right now, there are times when he gets all sweet and talks about the future and then it's as if he thinks he's said too much and just goes quiet. I think he's still trying to keep himself from getting too involved. He always tells me how great I am, how sweet I am and how different I am from any other women he's dated but he still holds back from expressing all his feelings. He just tells me he's totally into me.

    I know that Aries' don't like to feel smothered so I don't call him all the time or ask when I'm going to see him again, which is hard for me. I like to have some idea of where things are going in a relationship and it's really challenging to just take things one day at a time but I'm learning.

    You're right, we are both very similar in our likes, dislikes, we both love to have fun and laugh and joke together, sometimes it just seems too good to be true.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your thoughts.

  • Wow stclaire, sounds like your parents had a wonderful marriage, a match made in heaven. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us could find such happiness in our relationships. It would be wonderful if this relationship worked out that way. Thanks for the post.

  • Tori Girl, your welcome, i posted it for you to see that this match of signs can be magical and lasting,,best of luck to you!

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