Hans, I've taken on board your advice!

  • Hi Hans,

    Me again! I have listened to the advice you gave me and I want to start to make the most of my life and have fun. I have accepted that I need to push through my fear. I'm going out with friends, on a bus - I have a particular fear of being on buses, trains etc, not being able to get out and with lots of people. I'm always afraid that I will make a fool of myself. I just wondered if you had any wise words for me, and words that would give me strength to feel the fear and do it anyway! Thanking you kindly as always for any insight and help you can give me. I really do want to have fun, be playful and have a great life, no regrets.

  • I just wondered if you had any wise words for me, and words that would give me strength to feel the fear and do it anyway: Just follow your gut feelings and trust in yourself.

    Rain fortune upon those in need, then move on with no thought of the good you do.

    Be sincere and earnest, despite the danger.

    Do not try to force the outcome, but seek support where needed.

    Set a clear goal.

    Your iron will must come to the forefront now.

    It will take great personal resolve to resolve the situation in question.

    Your adversary would love to force you into an angry display.

    That would legitimize his opposition to you.

    Such a berserker rage would drag you down to his level.

    You must resolutely take a public stand against what he represents, but refuse to engage him.

    Without compromise, you show others the way to higher ground.

    Thanking you kindly as always for any insight and help you can give me: Openly admitting your mistake, you humbly and nobly return.

    No blame.

    Mix and merge with people.

    Laughter is as precious as prayer or even more precious than prayer, because the woman who cannot laugh cannot pray either. A prayer that does not come out of a joyous heart is already dead. It cannot reach God, it cannot leave the earth, it has no wings.

  • Hello Hans, thank you so much. It will take an iron will to push through my fear. It can only help me and make me feel more confident and happy. That is what I wish for. It's an irrational fear, I know that but it still scares me so much. As you say laughter is very precious. I take life far too seriously so many times. I want more laughter and lightheartedness, as you have told me before life is fun! My best wishes go out to you Hans, thank you very much. I will push through and improve my life and others around me.

  • I recommend you receptivity.

    Receptivity simply means dropping the garbage that you go on carrying in your head. And much garbage is there, utterly useless. The mind means the past. Now the past is no more of any use; it has happened, and it is never going to happen again, because in reality nothing ever repeats...

  • Hello Hans,

    I do need to do as you suggest, definitely. I need to drop all the garbage that I do go on carrying around in my head which is, as you say utterly useless. I am living by what did happen in the past. I have to move forward and leave it all behind. I want to love this miracle of life, after all we owe it to ourselves and others. Thank you so much Hans, as always you are there for people and it is so appreciated. Much happiness to you and your family.

  • Thank you intrigued,

    Put all your energy into being happy, and don't

    bother about others. Your happiness is your destiny;

    nobody is entitled to interfere with it. But the

    society goes on interfering; it is a vicious circle.

    You were born, and of course you were born into a

    society already there, a given society of neurotic

    people, of people who are all miserable and unhappy.

    Your parents, your family, your society, your country,

    are already there waiting for you. And a small child is

    born; the whole society jumps on the child, starts

    culturing him, cultivating him. It is as if a child is

    born in a madhouse, and all the mad people start

    cultivating. Of course, they have to help -- the child

    is so small and does not know anything about the world.

    They will teach whatsoever they know. They will enforce

    whatsoever has been enforced on them by their parents,

    by other mad people. Have you seen that whenever a

    child starts giggling and laughing, something in you

    becomes uneasy? You immediately want to tell him, "Shut

    up and suck your lollipop!" Immediately, something in

    you says, "Shut up!" When a child starts giggling, do

    you feel jealous, or what? You cannot allow a child

    running hither and thither, jumping, just sheer joy.

  • Thank you so much Hans. I shall put all my energy into being happy and not to bother about others. I understand what you're says about society interfering. We are a nation of neurotic people! Everyone wants to get involved with a child and we do start to cultivate a madhouse, it is a vicious circle. We all need to have a lot more of the child within, I love to hear children giggling with the sheer, abandoned joy that only they seem to have. My son is always saying that I'm boring and I'm no fun! I do try to be, I do feel that I have no direction in my life and I'm trying to seek out a niche for me. I am getting there, slowly like the tortoise. I must get on with my housework, yes that is boring and go for a run after!! Take care Hans and thank you very much as you are always there to help strengthen my resolve. Sorry if this is a bit random.

  • The day you were born you took the greatest risk that you could ever take. Now death is going to happen, death is bound to happen. The day you were born you already took one step into the grave. Now what greater risks can you take? Even if you go on avoiding risks, you will die, so why not take the risk and live really authentically?

  • So true Hans! I have taken risks in my life but for many years now I've been stuck in such a rut. It will feel good to live authentically. I've just got to take that leap of faith. It will be a huge step for me but will mean nothing to anybody else! Thank you so much Hans.

  • A single moment of passionate love, of passionate living, of passionate stillness, is more valuable than the whole of eternity. It is not a question of survival; it is really a question of how to live this moment.

  • Hans, that is exactly what I am striving for, to live in this moment. I did have this for a period of around 6 months when a terrible calamity struck me many years ago. I was able to stand firm, I couldn't think of anything further than the moment I was living. I let myself be totally absorbed by what I was doing at the time. I didn't worry, I just let things unfold by themselves. There was no pressure. I didn't let myself be controlled by anyone or anything. I have had that, and can't get it back. I suppose when a sad and terrible thing does happen to you, you do find your own way of coping. I went inward, and even though I felt a terrible loss and I was so unsure of what to do, I made it through. I am trying to be that way again, but it's elusive. Thank you so much Hans for your wonderful insight, and take care.

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  • intrigued,

    don't be too impressed by words, and don't

    start feeling very sure. But I

    know it is natural, it is human. Many times you will

    feel sure: "This is my path"; but next day it will

    change. So become a little unsure about your sureness.

    Hesitate a little, at least don't feel so sure. Listen, but don't give surety to what is heard. Wait,

    there is no hurry. Be patient, go on listening and

    trying, but don't feel sure because your surety is

    dangerous. Feel sure only when your child is born, when

    you have a sense of direction. And you will be able to

    see the difference, because it is so tremendously

    different. Suddenly a

    great upsurge, a great energy has happened in you, and

    it is absolutely certain. But you will be able to see

    that it is not because of any influence from outside.

    It is

    difficult to say how you will be able to make sure that

    this is not the surety coming by influence, but your

    own. But I know that you will be able to do it.

  • quenkath,

    then a certain dance starts in the very core of your

    being, and you start being happy, and that happiness

    is not dependent on any circumstances. It is very

    independent. It is a freedom because now no

    circumstance can take it away from you. It is coming

    from you, it is arising from you. It is yours,

    authentically yours.

  • Hello Hans, I never feel very sure, and I understand how it changes from day to day and even from moment to moment! Wow!! Thank you so much I think I am understanding! I really do appreciate the time and effort you put in to answer my questions Hans.

  • And with desire you cannot attain realization. Desire

    has to be dropped. So what to do? Really there is

    nothing to do. You have to realize more and more that

    your desire creates suffering. Now this new desire is

    creating suffering. Before there were other desires;

    you have left those desires, so you feel contentment,

    you feel peaceful with life. Your relationships have

    become more loving because desires have disappeared

    from that field.

  • Yes, Hans. I can understand about the desire needing to be dropped, I imagine all this striving for answers doesn't really get me anywhere. You've opened up a thought in me, an understanding to feel contentment and peace within. Thank you Hans and I hope all is well in your world.

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  • Hi Hans -

    Your post about risk was exceptional and the risks we all take by agreeing to birth. I would also agree with your thoughts on desire and suffering. I've read many of your post responses and want to thank you for your work here. We all have our lessons to learn and I'm grateful you're taking the time to help light the way for others as they open their hearts and minds to the beyond. The work isn't easy as we're all in transition, but the journey (I hope) will be worth it.

  • Thank you intrigued

    this conclusion cannot be transferred to you. If

    someone else is saying, "This world is futile," this

    conclusion cannot become your conclusion. You will have

    to pass through experience, fully aware. Whenever you

    feel desire, move into desire fully aware and when you

    reach the fulfillment of the desire, know well what has

    happened -- whether any hope has been fulfilled or just

    frustrated. Go on moving in desire, alert, and then you

    will come to understand that all desire is futile, all

    attachment is meaningless; it creates misery, it never

    creates any bliss. This conclusion

    reached through awareness, reached through experiencing

    -- this knowing is the fruit of


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