Laie4- you were so right!

  • Laie4

    Can you give me some help aswell?

    This saturday(4 days ago) I was working(makeup artist, education ends 24th this month) and I saw this really cute guy working in the store that we were borrowing clothes from. So I walked up to him at the end of it all, gave him my number and then walked away. But the thing is that I got a feeling about him, I have never done like that before but I just feelt like I had to. I didn´t say anything else than his name and he said yeah: and then I just gave him my number because he opened the piece of paper, I thought he wanted somehting else because he came out with a piece of paper and pen after I left but that was because he needed the number of the person being responsible for the whole photoshoot.

    My questions are:

    Will he call me/is he single?

    Did he laugh or throw my number away after I left or does he keep it in his wallet ect?

    Will a sms or call lead to dating and then a relationship?

    Is he interested

    Will I get some help from one of the models sister? She is MUA as well and he said she could help me when I´m done witht eh education.

    His name is Julios, I don´t know his birthdate but mine is 11th of august 1989,

    pretty please?

    Is it him or is it Tom or Bill I should focus on? All I want is to meet someone that I will have a relationship with for a long time, hopefully for the rest of my life

  • Hi Luna,

    No worries, I've been MIA myself! I just wrote to you and it disappeared while loading - arrrhhh! Now, I need to shorten this one ....

    Man who has just reappeared --- I did not 'see' this man, like I did with your guy, just sensed him close by. I sort of leaned towards him for you in that initial reading, but that may have been because of your Leo's moods. Is he coming out of a relationship? Does he have lighter, finer, hair than your Leo? This is a bit strange for me ... in the last reading I thought both men had dark hair. Hmmmn .... light hair, light eyes, pleasant looking.

    Clear image of the SW corner of a state. The SW corner of this state forms a right angle, not round like Florida. Hope you can decipher this --- I've no idea where you are at, but this is where you'll find employment. Keep your eyes open for now and search in earnest towards the end of the year. I have to chuckle having no knowledge, just hoping to point you in the right direction, LOL ! Did I mention Dec. to you or was that someone else?

    Forgive this rushed note --- I just couldn't re-write!

    Hugs, Laie

  • Evening Laie4~

    Just to help clarify things~ the "other man" did have dark hair in his younger's salt and pepper now. ( Mostly salt, LOL) The one with the dark moods has brown hair but the mood thing is what may have given the darkness.

    Is he coming out of a relationship? Well...... he is in a relationship . I didn't ask too much info on that but I got the feeling that its not all that it is cracked up to be as some of the energy I got from him. We had a realtionship many years ago, so thats why it was a surprise to see him. He lives in New Jersey now.

    Clear image of the SW corner of a state? I live in Cincinnati, Ohio whis is the SW corner of Ohio . How funny. Oh I hope I do not stay here after graduation but its not the worst place in the world. My kids are here after all. Just the job market and other things here leave littel to be desired. Among the WINTERS! UGH

    You had said in a previous posting that I would find a better job, since the one I have now was a just a quick grab- due to the unemployment issues. doors have opened for me in the last 2 days. I have one very good potential and 2 more perspective jobs in the air right now. Seems like they all came at once. I'll keep you posted since you and I have this unique connection!

    To change the subject---I was recommeded to read a book -The Celestine Prophecy. Do not know what your style of reading is but you may like it. Nothing is coincindental! Syncronicity, energy and coincindence and the inner realationship of human life. It was a best seller and even a movie.

    Take care of yourself and try not to get too rushed! Keep in touch.! Sending good thoughts your ways!


    Luna Azul

  • G' Evening Luna!

    I was just watching a show & felt called here ---- wow --- strange world! I just love when things like this happen!

    So ..... I just pulled up a map of Ohio too see if I sensed anything. Nope. I still have a smile on my face about picking up on where you are at and that jobs have shown up for you. I totally understand about the winter and being near your children. ( I'm in RI & Ma. My children are all in RI.) Interesting about the old flame coming back into your life. Just common sense ----Be cautious. Thanks for explaining why I got 2 different hair colors. It helps me and keeps me on track with what I see.

    Thank you --- I did read that book quite some time ago and I believe I saw the movie --- wasn't that great, if I remember correctly. The movie diminished the book a bit. Along those lines, I'm a big fan of C.Jung also. I've searched and read everything that came my way since the age of 12 ( yes, a closeted geek, lol !) to try to explain things I saw, sensed or felt.

    Life is so much fun when you believe in yourself and the good that comes your way, isn't it? I wish more of us felt that this! Thank you for making my evening a happy one ---- I just love celebrating, in a small way, with you!

    Big hug!


  • Hi Laie4~

    You are so funny!!!!! Yeah you get your share of winter

    You are so right about excersing caution with the old flame!!!! There was a reason he was an old flame! And believe me--- even though it was great and unexpected to see him

    caution was in the forefront of my mind! I felt that need to create a distance.

    I am a bit cautious of my inner self right now, as I am on this journey that is trying to be directed in a postive progression. Can't handle anymore detours! The first part of the year had been very trying and uncertain, life dealt me too many detours. But I also look at the planetary placements and they were tricky.

    We are having as full moon lunar eclipse at the end of June> Oh boy!

    Actually, I have created a distance between me and the BF with the issues, since his darkness is not good for. Not going into detail online here, but I'm sure you get the picture.....or at least can feel where I am coming from. It was weird, it is kind of like he knew that I needed to step back. That's where the statement that I don't think I'm going to FLA. Can't leave jepordize my security to save someone from their world.

    Been doing alot more intensive meditations, reading and reflecting so where all these placements are coming from ... who knows. Just enjoying an inner sense of freedom and peace that is long over due.Priceless!!!!

    Bumped into this girl the other day. Very earthy, very spiritual person. Some how we started talking about this retreat she went on. She told me about another book.........Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins. Every hear of it? She said its life changing . Been having a hard time finding it besides on Amazon.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with reading.!!! Jung is great to read! I like to read anything I can get my hands on.

    Enjoy the day~ till we talk again..........

    Blessings and peace to you~~


  • luna,

    LOL !!! ....... Priceless Is Dead ON!

    You deserve some peace and a restful space for heart and mind. It is good you are seeking and finding some release. You probably just need to BE --- can't do that wondering/worried about the BF or anyone else. Gotta fill your cup now

    next year will be busy!

    At the end of last year, I knew I would have to ride things out until around May. This was a sense, not based on aspects. Ugh --- I confess I've been concerned about June for a few months once I saw the aspects and canceled a trip to Ca. For once, my husband didn't tease me about readings ... I think somewhere in his sub-concious, he knew. I'm dreading the end of June and keep trying to tell myself to knock it off and go with the flow ... maybe it won't be so bad. Typical, head trying to rationalize and get the heart to believe : > ))

    I had a conversation with a total stranger the other day about spiritual things too --- must have been in the air! I've been looking to get a massage or Reiki and she does both! I've never done reiki and think it'll be what I need. She was running a special deal so I think I should go --- have no idea if she is any good, but we instantly connected.

    I looked into the book and read the reviews on Amazon. Mixed bag it seems. I then did a search of other books along those lines and can't decide what'll be appealing. have you enjoyed anything else? Few months ago I went to 2 book stores and nothing grabbed my attention either. I've been seeing lots of book suggestions lately ..... I think it is great to find a book, even if its just for a spiritual tune-up! Let me know if you do read it and your views on it, k?

    Weather here has been cool and rainy. I saw your state had some flooding --- near you? Hope all is okay. BTW, I never asked ---- what degree will you graduate with?

    Peace & Joy,


  • lunaazul,

    Just checking in, meant to do it last night. Hope all is well with you.


  • Such Long over due greetings to you Laie 4~

    Hope this week was good to you.

    All is well here. Has been a very busy time with summer school , work and lately with some weird planetary influences...especially this week with the full moon lunar eclipse. The events that led up to the full moon were coming at me so quickly I just tried to take it all in stride. Make note - Lunar eclipse was in conjunction with the Grand Cross.

    Nothing bad.........just cultivating things that will lead to future progressions. The Grand Cross is to be possibly felt till 2015. And to put it nicely........people have been really really weird!LOL. Played a game of dodge ball with humanity this week but I think I was on the winning team. Just layed low-stayed grounded and all was good.

    You were right about The Celsestine Prophecy--finished the book and I too was a bit dissapointed. Wasn't all that it was cut out to be. But some good messages to be derived. Read another one after that and that was pretty bizarre. Starting on Power vs. Force ...let you know how that is.

    You are going to laugh at this one since you have a garden. I had to play Mother Earth this week.For the last 3 weeks, my cucumber plants were busting out with a million flowers but no fruit. Read up on it(cuke s have male & female flowers) & if the bees aren't pollenating the flowers to produce "fruit" you can cross pollenate the male with the female. Got out in the garden & pollenated the little guys. I now have baby cucumbers starting!!!!!!!!! Gonna add that one to my resume!

    Just wanted to get back with you. I didn't fall off the face of the earth..........just trying to blend with the earth right now.

    You asked what my degree is in.....Political Science and Professional Writing. ( No I'm not a politician type......I consider myself a voice for the people through my energies & writing.Social change!)

    It's a nice 4 year degree that is pretty versitile.Not sure what I'm going to do with it- trying to open as many doors in the meantime. I had originally planned to go to law school but changed my mind Alot of other opportunities have come from this . Also I am a volunteer grant writer. Just landed another grant this week for a non profit radio station. So my portfolio is growing.

    I know from nursing to poli sci----big differance but not really. I look it similar to a sun sign and a rising sign!

    You know I think your exactly right next year is going to be busy for me. You have said that numerous times to me. Lately I have been able to feel it internally. Things have been too stagnate and an extremely difficult year.

    Gotta run........its getting late. We'll talk soon!

    Hugs and blessings~

    Luna azul

  • Laie 4

    Forgot to ask did you go get Reiki done? You should. I love it. Its great for getting me grounded. I have been a big proponent for Reiki for a long time. If you get it let me know what you think!!

    Blessings to you~


  • ROFL !!!! Wow! Lots to talk about .... trying to get moving and out of the house right now. Have to get back to you! LOL!!! 'Played a game of dodge ball with humanity ...' someone else suggested the many uses of duct tape!

  • Laie4 darling

    May I ask for a reading insight by you?

    Im a pisces march 10 1972 born

    My issues are:

    Which man, charlie cancerian fireman( june 25 1941) or alden writer libra (oct 4 1937) is for me? ye ye i know of the diff in age LOL

    Relocation in the town i am now or different country?

    how if different country?

    Who helps me relocate?'

    What work / education will I be doing?

    Pregnancy, when

    Who is the dad`?

    Which man do i marry if i marry at all?'

    I say this because i have no prob not marrying if they aint interessted.

    Whats the deal with my oldest friend connor, aries born april 7 1962 Rome Italy?

    Will my back EVER be okay again?

    N last whatever else u see feel get.'

    Thank you so ever much.


  • Hey CWB !

    Its good to see you again, been a while. I'm not open to giving reading right now. Sorry. I know u haven't been ur self ..... I hope things improve.

    If a day comes when I decide to do that here ---- u will be able to find me. In the meantime, keep chasing those bloody spammers! LOL !


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