Laie4- you were so right!

  • Laie4

    I had no idea how to send you a specific message, so I thought to do it as a posting. Hope you get it.

    On 1-5-2010 you answered my posting I'm on the road unknown. You said you saw some things concerning my trip to Chicgao to the conference.

    1. power struggle ( female) 2 money

    Absolutely! Both were accurate. My professor that is my sponsor & I had some issues this week and it was battle of power.

    And the money aspect, well, I am still fighting unemployment and that is a nightmare in itself but I managed to scrape the money toegther to go.

    Just wanted to let you know that you wee absolutely right.( Its been a rough week, but I leave in the am)

    Ahve one question, since I am dealing with this unemployment issue. Now I am taking it to the COurt of Appeals to fight it. DO you have any idea what that may bring, besides a long wait till the completion? I am wondering what may the outcome be?

    Have a great night. Just wanted to give you a bit of feedback!


  • Hey lunaazul !

    What a nice surprise! I use to read the thread entitled, Topics With No Replies, often as I feel we all should be heard. Shame on me for being so into my own world ---- And look ---- a lovely letter from you!

    I remember being overjoyed, thrilled is a better word, for you! Also, I remember giving you that message ( sorry !) and you saying you were presenting the abstract. ( Abstract, I remember clearly because someone mis-understood what you were referring too and it made me chuckle.) )

    Darn, now I've missed your question .... You've presented ( weekend?) & have no returned?? How did it go??? I soooo hope it went well for you and that the occurrences beforehand didn't cast a shadow. It has been rough for a lot of people, especially in the arena of communications. ( was there a flight scheduling problem for u, also?)

    Let me know you've seen this before I reply about the case, k? My feelings about things I'm second guessing right now ....

    Peace ~ Laie

    PS. I'm learning through this forum about my "insights" ... Could you share your DOB with me? Only if you're comfortable tho, k? I'm beginning to wonder if I sense anothers energies based on certain factors .... I'm not really sure about this, but its one of a few concepts I've been tossing around.

  • You've presented ( weekend?) & have no returned??

    sorry, should read .... & have returned.

    don't have a clue where the " no" jumped in!

  • hello Laie4, just another soul looking for some insight if you are available.

    me 3/13/62: him 3/25/62 thanks so much. and blessings to you.

  • aquablu, ( love the name!)_

    This really isn't my thing. I gave what I "saw" to lunaazul because she was meant to get the message. I only respond when I KNOW without a doubt And even when I KNOW, I never type something that should be kept private or that which I feel may wound someone. With that, Here is a little for you:

    Immediate attraction. If this is what you Both want …..This Could be a good relationship ….You're focus is on the inner world : his is on the outer. You represent home, insight and values; he represents adventure, mental (mind) and motivation. Security and stability are the keys to this relationship, along with respect for each other's need for absence/space. Deal with issues as they arise with honesty and patience. Given your respective ages and toss in learned ( hopefully : > ) life experiences, I'd think this relationship has a shot. But, I don't know if it can go the distance.

    Everything above, you could gleen for yourself. Do some research and Toss in some intuition of your own like I did. Use what YOU have inside --- okay? All of us, always know the way, the hard part is honoring the answer -lol !

    All the best - Laie

  • laie4,

    i was wondering if i was good for some insight also. im having a rough time and i need some help trying to find myself . my initials are smc and my b-day is 6 22 79 thanks in advance.

  • shineon79,

    you would be best served by someone else. if something comes, i'll share it. I can tell u there will be Loads of planetary action around during your birthmonth. ( i have a daughter whos b-day is 2 days earlier and 2 yrs. later. i'll be giving her that message too) Look into it, k?

    Be gentle with your self, watch the self criticism. May you find all you need.



  • laie4,thanks so much for your reply, take care.

  • Laie4, I just saw this post and thought I would throw myself out there. Do you get anything with me birthdate is 2/26/61. My questions/decisions will my treatment be successful and will I get a clean bill of health? Should I move my Warehouse and will I be able to sell my stuff? Should I open a store here again? Should I relocate? Should I go back to school. Do you pick up on anything of my interest 6/10/63 (he is with someone else now). Since you pick up on certain people thought I would see if you get anything on any of the questions or maybe you pick up on something else. Just thought I would see, thank you so much and great that you are able to help others. Love and light.

  • Hi Laie 4...

    Wow~~~ what a crazy month April/ most of May has been. I think I have been recuperating from the insanity, thats why I didn't answer.

    To answer a few things...

    1. My DOB is 10/8/59

    2. Did I present....NO! The professor dropped the ball.. in a very big way & I decided not to go. Very, very long story Much disaspointment but a great learning experience to trust my inner instincts.

    3. The unemployment appeal process has been put to rest. I decided to throw in the towel & not to pursue any longer. Ran out of energy, that should be spent on other more important issues. Got a job, not a great one but it pays the bills and the hours let me finish school. Something better will come along.

    4. Dealing with some relationship issues and not even sure whats going on there. Not even sure if its worth staying involved in. The past year has been like a roller coaster ride. I am at the point where I refuse to let that whole thing regulate my life.

    Too many things have been sucking my energy from me and I want to reclaim it!

    So right now I am just trying to maintain an even keel. As the first 5 months of this year have been well... very strange. Communication, money & just plain life has been really bizarre. I am in a weird spot in life right now, but it's all good because I know the one thing that is constant is change!

    There is a lesson to be learned from everything and somethings I may never know or need to know why it happened. Just grow from it is all I can do.

    I just hope my year evens out a bit & life gets back on track. It has to because I want it too. I just keep taking a deep breath and wait for a better day. Life is too short to get bummed out about!

    The thing that I have learned is to just go with the flow. People do want they want to do and the only person I have power over is myself.

    Get back in touch with me. If you have any insight to how the rrest of the year mnay go or whats down the pike.. let me know. Thanks for all you do!


  • Hey Laie4 ...

    One more thing, you were right the end of April was a crazy time for communication, as Mercury was in retrograde. This retrograde period was hard for me.Mercury kind of beat me up this retro period. But it's over!

    And the incidents that led up to me not leaving the morning of the conference were unbelievable. The professor forgot a few "minor" details about entering my research in the conferance that I found out about hours before I was to leave. I just chalked it up to some people are just incompetant, not that they mean to be they just are.

    I forgot to add, I was born at 10:34 pm.


    Lana Azul

  • Hey lunaazul !

    Just found this and wanted to reply quickly so you would know I saw it ---- Immediately! LOL!

    Stinks! Completely stinks! I was so happy for you .... almost feels like a little wind was let out of my sail : > (

    I'll get back to you soon, Promise!

  • Good Morning Laie4,

    Yes it did. Thanks for the support though. Obviously for reasons unknown to me maybe I really wasn't supossed to be there. Maybe something was diverted by me not attending. A horrible thought but a friend pointed out to me, that obviously I wasn't suppossed to be there-- for long months of research to fall through at the last minute.

    As I had said before it was a definite learning experience to listen to my inner voice, as it was very strong. But I didn't, I just kept persuing my venture. As you had said you felt a power struggle with a person & it was a power struggle since I had brought to her attention the entry requirements months long before the final outcome.

    Have a really great day!


    Lana azul

  • hey, i just was writing you getting all my thoughts out as I don't type and just jumped back on to see if i had addressed everything and saw the above post. Something like what you have above, I did write --- too funny. Still writing everything out --- will be available shortly!

  • The year should be one of relief and recognition for you so long as you've left the past years disappoints where they belong --- in the past. Don't scatter your energies by wasting anymore time on what didn't take place. You need this job, but, A better job will come along. Don't know when ---- guessing, end of summer. ? Hate to say this, but you will have more responsibilities next year so enjoy the rest of this year. Creativity should abound ... Seek laughter with dear friends.

    Don't become overwhelmed by responsibilities and a slave to close friends/family.

    (daughter & male?) Try not to critique them nor come down hard on yourself. You already know you can combine your needs/ wants/ profession with homelife/personal life. And I bet, you do it better than most, Ms. Luna! Go easy on them, go easy on you.

    There were signs along the way with the professor, but I think you placed sort of blind faith in her. You accepted that she knew what she was doing. It is such a let down to absolutely be filled with passion about what you were doing and have something like that happen. Plus, It was soo exciting! I've had similar experiences and the lesson in hindsight has been one of learning. Learning from the project that I've used in the future in some way or learning that my ambitious goal wasn't my soul's goal. My soul wanted to travel a path of more growth. Maybe this is your way too ---- knowledge ( abstract) that in the future you can relate to something else and a little unseen hand giving you a push in another direction for soul growth.

    I am so glad you let the issue drop. I was in a bit of a tizzy as soon as I read your post asking for advice on the court. At first my intuition said, Oh no, not the end of May ( like 25th). A few days later, oh please say the court date isn't within the first 12 days of June. Either way, given those messages, I knew I didn't get a good feeling. I was waiting to hear your response and feel you out on it. I would never say --- don't do it unless there was a feeling of real danger, but that wasn't the case here so I would have just cautioned you that the outcome might not be what you were hoping for. Understand? I value free will is what I'm getting at.

    I'm sorry you had to go through that for so long and in running the gambit of emotions felt a little beat up. You made a very difficult decision, especially seeing it was one of finances! Know that you did the right thing --- don't feel defeated! You will be okay. You knew you needed to let go; it just took a while for you to listen to You, lol !

    Here's where I was when I checked back to your post …. About the relationship:

    Getting mixed feelings about this relationship … you gave me your birthday(more on that later) so it seems a little off for me to say to a Libra sun that YOU R getting feed up with indecisiveness. ?? ( i think of Libras as weighing things out, sometimes not sure of direction. In this regard, you're feed up with his ???… and seeking some movement for the better) For some reason, you see what is at stake and he doesn't. There's a darkness here that I can't decipher, maybe a mood that surrounds him and you pick up on. ? Anyway, challenges are present that require you to take a stand and confront …. Is there 2 men around causing you turmoil? The dark haired one is where the dark mood is coming from. Use your intuition and sensitivity to know what to do ….. might be you just feel like letting things ride for now and focus on other, happier things.

    I asked for you birthday because I'm finding connections in the way someone communicates and the insight/feelings that the communication brings about within. two things jumped out from your b-day: we are close in age & both air signs. Might have a lot to do with our connecting -- who knows. I also seem to connect with nurses who embody the very best qualities of the profession. : > )

    This may be a little disjointed as I just wrote without a lot of thought. Hope it helps. I'm very interested in how things progress, so drop a line anytime ---- wishing you well and can't wait to hear

    life is good again!

    Just copied and pasted ---- you've already confirmed what I wrote about the prof ---- I still feel that mess totally stinks ---- But you did eventually hear yourself ---- don't let this ability slip. You'll guide yourself better than anyone, including me!

    Okay, head hurts, butt is numb, lol

    off to do something else.


  • Laie 4~

    How very strange that it all connected to what I had just said.

    Since you are doing your writings does it hold anything about this year long realtionship I have been in? We have been planning to move out of state & start our own business when I graduate. I have always been drawn to the ocean, and I feel a pull to the ocean.

    We have a very strange realtionship, partly because I am so busy but yet very close in alot of aspects. He is an empath and we have some very STRANGE coincidental connections. That will make you laugh.

    My birthday & all my childrens birthdays fall on the 8th day of a month, including his! His bday & my youngest daughter are the same day & his youngest daughter & mine are the same. note our youngest children in both cases were the "difficult ones!".

    Also his name has a connection to my past.

    We have had alot of struggles where we can both know what the other is thinking without saying, though we have our own individual power struggles. His dob is 8/8/64.

    Somehow there has been a very weird, but confusing connection with this person, that times its almost like I could scream. We are both

    very independant people, and sad to say- that has been part of both of our problems.

    Gotta run - touch base with you very soon_

    blessings to you~

    luna azul

  • Laie 4 -

    I posted the above post probably while you were posting. I read your insights and want ot say how very nice of you to take the time to do that.

    You were right about alot more responsibilities next year, as I graduate in May. I feel many new doors will open.

    As my research. I was researching doing research on Human Trafficking in the U.S. of American children. Very dark and sad subject. I have been very passionate about this subject, but for me it was time to remove my self from it as well.

    AS for my relationship ....yep the indecisiveness drives me crazy. He's happy with things just as they are and me well, not so much. There aren't two men.. goodness no, one is all I can handle!

    The darkness you see is he comes and goes through depression. Not my place to clinically diagnose, but I have my own personal thoughts as to what causes this.

    He's a very good personwith a great heart, but the depression was hard to adjust to. Being an empath seems to trigger him as well.

    You are so right, I have been following my intuition and let it ride. In the beginning he was hard to understand, now I divert my attention to other things till his dark moods pass.

    I can only control my own happiness and dest iny not his..

    Have to laugh, I didn't know who I was communicating with but there had to have been some sort of connection. You were right!

    One last thing in regards to my earlier post,,,,,, I plan to move to Florida when I graduate, many reasons. One my attraction to the ocean has always pulled me to the ocean (for some weird reason) &it so happens Florida is one of the biggest human trafficking states in the US. Strange how that works!

    Going to work in my garden for now. Doing homework and this has my butt & head hurt as well.

    Have a beautiful day!

  • luna,

    I wrote the first 5 paragraphs on a desk top notepad and then came back to Tarot because I realized you had said something about a relationship. It was really strange to see just about everything I had written, you already knew and had like, faced the facts and semi-trusted your intuition. Thank you for confirming --- more responsibilities next year, the man ( so ... I still wonder about the second guy?LOL ! ) ---- hope I'm right about a better job!

    This male in your life came through with a clear image and a feeling attached to him. Again, I appreciate you confirming everything, especially the dark mood I couldn't name. And, if you feel he's depressed, he probably is. His b-day jumped right out at me ---- My Mom dated a man for ten years who was born on the same day, different year. He too was kind-hearted- wouldn't hurt a soul --- kind of guy, but she began to recognize a sense of melancholy and feel like he was a 'stick-in-the mud'. A really nice, sensitive guy .... but, just content to go along with things as they were. Mom knew after 5 yrs. the relationship was going no where, but kept saying, he has no one in his life, he's a good guy, he helps me around the house ect. A series of events, two yrs. after they broke up, had him calling her for help --- he was admitted to a mental health place for a little bit. He got help & meds, but it must be hard as he's still alone. Got a little off track, don't know why I said all that, -- lol ! --- point is don't let his moods control what you do, or want to do, or feel. Sounds dumb, but you are the bright light here, don't let your light be dimmed.

    That is completely wild about the birthdays! Just a musing ... wonder if the criss-cross in parent/ child b-days means the opposite parent could help guide the opposite difficult child?? (I have a difficult one too .... youngest of 4! tries my patience and adds a few more greys! )The b-day connections and the name makes you wonder, doesn't it? The 8 in numerology is about wealth, ambition and leading. As with everything, it can also be flipped, like accumulating wealth to gambling. Anyway, its a powerful number and a mix between spirit & material.

    I'm not getting a thing on Florida, sorry. It is a pleasant surprise to find that there is a connection between trafficing/your abstract and Fl. Must be what I wrote earlier about, " Maybe this is your way too ---- knowledge ( abstract) that in the future you can relate to something else and a little unseen hand giving you a push in another direction for soul growth." ( I don't always understand what I write as it isn't intended for me.) In other words, down the line, the knowledge you gained while putting the paper together might come in handy sometime. I had no idea about Fl. and sex trade! Currently, I'm reading a book, " The Girl Who Played With Fire" a fictional work that deals with this. So, your writings made a connection with me, too!! The ocean pulls me in too, grew up near it and live near it again. So, although I get nothing on Fl. for you, I believe in you following where you are drawn. As always, what's the worst that could happen --- you move back!

    Nothing new to add --- getting nothing on business or Fl. Something silly I have to tell you about that made me smile. A week & a hlaf ago or so, I had to go to the liquor store for an upcoming b-day party, passing through the tequila aisle ---- luna azul! Never heard of it before ---- Had me wondering if you would ever return .... It was good to chat! I've been gardening for 5 days ---Today, taking a much deserved break ! Hope you enjoyed yours and the beauty!

    You can always find me!



  • oh datn, didn't mean it the way it sounded .... it Is Not pleasant to hear about a connection between trade & Fl. oh boy, ..... just meant between what I posted, the topic & state. Good grief!

    Hope your gardening is going better than my thoughts! : > ))

  • Laie4~

    Your insights are truly amazing. I wish I hadn't gotten so busy and gotten back to you sooner.

    Strange as it may seemwhen you had said something about another man & I had completely dismissed the idea.

    You couldn't have been more right. Out of the blue- a person from the past, with whom I had a very close connection, showed up last week. It was a very, very unexpected. Sometimes things that seem coincindental may not always be!

    I must add there is also a reason that you may not be getting anything on Florida. I have had a gut instinct not to lately. Not sure why just yet, but I can feel it. As much as I love the ocean I do not think that that is where I will end up after graduation.

    This year has been nothing but transitions which evetually lead to change and growth.So I am just going to find a balance in whatever it brings!

    Have a great week and enjoy your garden. I love the time I spend in mine and what it brings.


    luna azul

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