Leo's and any others...opinions please...

  • I met him(Leo sun-Pisces moon) about 6 years ago (I am Scorp/Sag cusper-Taurus moon). However it was a long distance relationship, although we did meet up about 5 times. I won't go into every little detail, but it was the deepest love that I have ever felt for anyone and I do believe with all my heart that the feelings were mutual.

    Fast forward to about 3 years ago and he lost 2 family members within 6 months of each other and he seemed to spiral in a downhill spin and he quit emailing me. I got tired of emailing without getting any response, so I quit emailing him too.

    Fast forward again to about 4 months ago and I got 2 emails from his email address which turned out to be embedded with an email virus. After the second one I emailed him and told him I didn't understand the reason for the emails. He replied back saying if I got an email from his address, it was a mistake and that he was sorry. Included in that email he said, 'Lets keep in touch(IF I wanted to).

    I have received another email from him as well..just short and sweet, telling me what he has been doing. Still calls me 'dear' in his emails.

    I was basically the one who got this relationship off the ground because I am the type that if I want something, I go after it(never did that with a guy before though...LOL)and at times he seemed afraid to go forward. I am not afraid to tell him that I still have deep feelings for him. But should I? OR.... Should I wait and see if he takes any steps forward? Do Leos rekindle old romances?

  • Do Leos ever rekindle old romances??

    Yes, I think so. However, I can't speak for

    every Leo. Unless, the relationship ended

    badly, Leos always keep in touch with old loves

    and at least remain friends. If you are interested

    try to rekindle the friendship first. However, understand

    the possibility that he may be in a relationship

    now. That's why the communication between the two

    of you dropped off.

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