Astrology, Myth Or Magic?

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    As the Earth is only one of a few planets circling the sun we can easily follow the movement of the others. Today we can see much further with our new telescopes but even in ancient times, the people could see a few planets.

    Inner Planets

    Mercury and Venus are circling between the sun and our planet. They can always be seen close to the sun, though Mercury is a bit shy as it is very close to the sun. Venus makes a proud appearance no matter if we can see it in the morning or evening.

    Outer Planets

    Then we have Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, all visible with the naked eye. Meaning you do not need a binocular or telescope to see it. Because they are so close the wander around between the stars. The ancients could see this and roughly 1000BC. A superstition originated in Babylonian religion.

    Birth of Astrology

    According to this the planets supposedly influenced the fate of kings and great nations. The Greeks would later adopt this and extended the influence to all individuals. In short they believed each persons destiny was thus determined by the positions of the planets along the ecliptic at the moment of the persons birth. The ecliptic in short is the path along which the sun travels.


    Since the planets do not move exactly along the ecliptic ancient astrologers then defined a wider band centered on the ecliptic. This we know as the Zodiac. This band was divided in 12 parts, each named after a prominent constellation.

    Aries the first

    The first sign Aries begins and runs eastward where it joins up with Taurus and so on.

    The validity of astrology has been tested and as far as Astronomers are concerned it lacks credibility. Astronomers find astrology a somewhat irritating superstition, a left over from ancient- worshiping religions.

  • You should post this same blog on, I'm sure they would LOVE to attack it and "school" you on the answer! If you're a believer in ANYTHING I don't recommend going to that site EVER because, well just trust me, it's not a good idea! And if you do end up in the forums over there, for goodness sakes don't try to argue with them or convert them because I PROMISE YOU CAN'T WIN!!! It'll be like 4 hours later and you'll be like "Dang it!! Why did I come here? I knew I should've listened to that girl!!" Haha! It's not like I'm opposed to their beliefs or anything, I think people have a right to believe whatever they want, even if that just happens to be nothing at all (in the afterlife I mean). Honestly, I enjoy hearing about other people's beliefs because they may know something that I don't know and if they didn't ever tell me or if I didn't ever listen then I might miss out on something important. Think about it... Astrology was passed down by word of mouth, and it's a good thing that these skeptical astronomers weren't running the show back then, because if they were, none of us would know about it, this website wouldn't exist, and you and I wouldn't be having this lovely conversation right now!! Sorry, i know I just went off on a really long tangent and didn't even answer your question, but the truth is, I don't know the answer, nobody knows for SURE (even those astronomers, but they'll be in for quite the shock when the aliens come back for us in a few years! J/K). So I'll do what everybody does when they don't have the answer, I'll answer your question with another question! Here it is: What do you believe???

  • Astrology was once considered a science, neither myth nor magic.

    That is how I still view it-- like any other science it can have it's flaws, and in the end it's just a theory, but there IS something to it so it's not a myth. Perhaps magic IS science. ;] Who knows... But yeah, seeing as how I follow one of said older religions, I tend to follow the idea of astrology and other such woo-woo.

    Either way. If you believe in it, cool. If not, cool. It's your choice and opinion, yeah?

  • I have found many spiritual "whispers" in the universe that I cannot explain, but that feel true.

    I think of Astrology and Numerology that way. I cannot explain them, but I get powerful insights through them.

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