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  • You never know when something that's obvious to you, or that you think of as unique to your home, might be useful for someone else! Share your Feng Shui ideas and experiences, and let us know what you've been doing to improve the Feng Shui in your home. You just might make someone's day.

  • A good practice to get into is one of clearing your space whenever you move into a new home, apartment, or office. We typically use sage sticks and repeat affirmations that we claim the space as our own, all previous energy must leave, and that only our highest good will be served.

    We neglected to do this when we moved into our new home a year ago and my house mate and I started arguing a lot suddenly. We also started having money problems. In chatting with neighbors one day, they started talking about all the problems people had in the house. No family ever lasted more than 2 years. Either they got a divorce, they had money problems and had to sell, or they had money problems, fought, and sold the house in the divorce process. Needless to say, we space cleared immediately!

  • I believe that is true and I have had that happen as well regarding the clearing the space. You can do it many times even for yourself when bad energy attacks you. I use sage frequently.

    Another thing to do in the essence of energy is having control of the flow. I know when following the rules or ideas of Feng Shui that it can be confusing but, do what you can and its not an exact science. I have tried the online tips and one that sticks out in my mind that worked well for me was regarding the bedroom. I wanted to minimize bad dreams and draining of energy in any way I could. The first thing to remember is to not have a mirror in your bedroom because it reflects bad thoughts and manifest into bad dreams or nightmares. Also water like a toliet flushing needs to be controled because the constant flushing acts like a suction of energy and it drains your good energy. So close the bathroom door if at all possible. Most of the ideas are common sense stuff but we need a little guidance to find what works for us all.

  • The post looks awesome and i want to share a few things about feng shui.From the right use of feng shui colors to feng shui fountains, feng shui crystals, mirrors and feng shui plants,it attracts love, drive your earning power to achieve success. Get rid off the clutter,allow fresh air and light at home,place ba-qua map at home,know about the five elements in feng shui.

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  • Freshness, Cleanliness, Light, Uncluttered environments are the basis and starting point for Feng Shui.

    When I clear a space I use sage to start. Then I go around the main floor with a bell and ring it to clear stuck Chi. Than I use lavender to soothe it all down. I have actually felt a cobwebby feeling in the corners which are really bad for trapping Chi.

    Move or get rid of 27 objects in your home.

    Bust the clutter.

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  • I agree with space clearing. I am a fan of space clearing or clearing clutter before implementing Feng Shui. I agree with the above entries about freshness and cleaniness. One of the main reasons for Feng Shui is to increase oxegen in your space therefore you will breath more deeply to increase the flow of circulation in your body. When 'I go through changes I get on this clearing clutter kick. I recently am going through some big changes in my life and this weekend I moved things around and cleared my drains. I had my drains snaked to clear out all that build up and fixing things that need to be fixed. I washed my windows (the windows are eyes to your home so you can see more clearly) and then I wash down my doors with rock salt and oil the hinges. Hence, clearing for something new to enter my space. Also consider the name for things like the color of paint. Is it positive or negative name you have for the paint?

    We are born under an element - for example, I had a friend who was fire but her home was dominated by blue and lots of water. What does water do to fire? No wonder why she was drained all the time.

    There are many "cures" out there like using a Buddah but if you don't believe in Buddah and you are a praticing Christain how effective will a Buddah be for you to use as a cure? I don't belive that you have to use all these Chinese cures but things that resonate to your beliefs. I built an alter in the middle of my home. I have things that give me strength and that is sentimental to me.

  • Learning my Kua number (2) and directions has really helped me alot. I find that I worry less about life and sleep better as well. When you face good directions for your Kua energy it helps you unlock hidden talents.

    I like to let fresh air into my apartment on a regular basis to bring in fresh chi. In addition to reducing clutter, I try to clean on a regular to keep my place feeling refreshed and vibrant. Pictures of family and happy events in your life also can help to brighten up your living space too!

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