Addictdtoriches & BrianTristan

  • Brian,

    Haha! you are very silly, I love it. ;D

    Yess Brian, its just what your intuition picked up about

    me which was very good.

    Okay im gonna try to focus on what i get today when i get some

    quiet time and let you know what i get, im anxious to know

    what you have sent me now ;P.

    P.S do you live by train tracks ? ride the train ?

  • Yes You are right, Brian is a sweet guy isnt he ?

    and he has amazing advice, 😃

  • Addie,

    Mmmm. The intuition was part of it yup, part was definitely legit. The other part of what I think happened I am not going to get into here. You did not do anything, so no worries.

    I know you are anxious to know what I sent, but it is not important, just fun. And, you also know you can not perceive what I sent if you are all excited, not gonna come to you that way. There is the rub. You will have to relax and be calm. Good luck with that one. : p

    Train tracks, why yes. ; ) The old Pennsylvania Railroad Main Line does indeed run by where I am at currently. And strangely enough, no matter where I have lived, with one exception, I have always been pretty close to that Main Line, whether it was 40 miles from here or 100 miles. Never rode those tracks, sadly enough, but I have put pennies on the track for the train to flatten. : D

    You Addie, unlike most females I know, you wear dresses and skirts because you like them. Most women wear them because it is a formal event, or because they have to for work. Not you, you wear them because you think they are fun (why else).

    Well I see Sylvannah gets what I like about you, more a less, more than you do.

    (It is Addie's core self that I like so much Sylvannah, not exactly her mind, but that is pretty good too. Her core self is rather amazing, but she does not live her life by that, not very much at all. Isn't that right Addie? : p ).

    I am sweet? Very nice, just what a guy likes to hear ladies. : x Should I start cross dressing now? LMAO Or maybe I should have a manicure. ROTFLMAO

  • No. Keep the skirts to us lol (I wear long skirts too for the same reason.) And no manicure. I don't even get a manicure and I am a woman lmao I am glad you are happy here. I can tell you really like coming here. I can tell Ana (or Addie) likes talking to you too. I like seeing people happy cause it makes me happy. Have fun TTFN

  • Brian,

    I know thats why nothing has come through, and i havent been

    expecting anything either. Since Ive been a little busy lately, but

    i did take your advice and tried some quiet time in bath water,

    which lasted about 20mins ;/. lol im practicing though.

    Hmm..Dresses and Skirts ? Yes. I wear Both, sometimes i wear jeans and

    pants when its cold but im def. a skirt/dress girl. especially shorts 😉

    What do you consider my core self? if you dont mind going into details

    it just sounds interesting since ive never heard anyone refer to someone's

    core self.

    You are sweet, its good to have a sweet guy around here every now and then

    that actually understands us ladies lol. I could take you girl shopping and

    we could go to startbucks afterwards if you like? L M A O.

  • Mabe you mean investigate in a non nosy, non threatening way? Like interested in another in a positive way!? (sorry, trying too help, its what I do) although last time I did that it was between the notorious two on here b and clyde, don'y you two dare turn into that though! Just kidding, anyway whats this thread about?

  • Addie,

    Starbucks after? Boy if you hit that place before, you could be H E double hockey sticks on wheels, all hopped up on caffeine. I think I would have to avoid you when you were "girl shopping" and loaded on caffeine. Good Lord! LMAO

    I do understand the ladies, but I do not do ladies' things like that so much, I am very much a male. That said I have taken my best friend's wife on "dates" (stuff that if he had to do, he would hang himself) and we have a blast (we went to a Prince concert, she is the only one I could get to go). I am gratified by that, and honored he trusts me. Anyway, my point is, yes I like women well beyond the basic caveman sexual attraction, but you wild thing ain't taking me "girl shopping", I would get bored and get into big trouble. Probably arrested. LOL

    Oh I know you wear dresses and skirts, more than the average girl. That one is easy to feel. I have tried to feel where you live, and some more physical features, but the only thing I get is Mexico. I do not know what that means at this point, you seem very American to me.

    As far as your intuition, do you really want to know? I suspect you do, so I will tell you. You want to have fun and be young, and that is fine, but your intuition is rather excellent (potentially much better than anyone on here), and you have not even scratched the surface of it. Yes it is that good. The thing is, in order to get better at it, you will have to approach it very maturely. You hate to hear that, because you want it to be fun, so you do not get bored. However, what you do not realize is this, it will never be boring, hardly. Your intuition requires nothing more than you relaxing and opening that part of yourself, that is it. And yes, that is a tall order for you, I understand, but you want to know. Also, you do not need to be some woman out of a Tim Burton movie to be a good intuitive, it will not rob you of who you are otherwise in your life (having fun, being silly), I get the feeling you think that. That is not true at all, you will never be the Helen Bonham Carter character from the movie Big Fish, it would be totally unnecessary, serve no purpose. The breakneck pace of your life, the merry go round you stay on 24 7, is big fun, but you have to take breathers from that to actually access your gift. That is the long and the short of it. You can grow up in one area of your life, without becoming something you do not want to be in the other areas of your life. But your biggest fear, that you will grow up in the other areas of your life if you do that, well yes that may happen. That is full disclosure, I am not going to mislead you. You wanted to know, so I told you.

    You will get what I sent you when you do what you have to to receive it. I will send it again, and concentrate. And yeah, when you get it you will "jump" (it will surprise you), and then giggle like a fool; I made it playful and fun just for you, because that is what you want.

    And of course, you ask another "heavy question" in the same post. God Addie, great, I hope you like to read. I will just quote TheCaptain, it will be shorter and more to the point, and if you want specifics about what I see in your core, we can do that later.

    "At our core or God-self, we are all perfect. But we also have an imperfect human side. Throughout our lives, the experiences we have cause us to move more towards the unauthentic weaker human side. Then we realize how far off track we are and move back towards our perfect God-self. Once you have recognized your need to move back, that is a huge step. Then you only have to 'remember' how to be authentic again, the real true person you are. You do get glimpses of her now and then when she acts unselfishly, bravely, and from her heart. Begin now by doing all those things that make you feel authentic. If something feels wrong for you, don't do it. For this, you must tune into your inner knowing or intuition - it has all the answers. And to hear your intuition clearly, you must clear away all the emotional 'junk' that is blocking your intuitive 'ears'."

    Heavy enough for you? Again you asked for it, so there it is. : p

  • I think of addicted as an Amy

  • Sylvannah,

    How about if I wear a kilt? I am Irish after all, I can say it is a heritage thing. LMAO

    I have kind of had a manicure done, not professionally, but that is what happens when you have friends who are females I guess. Gawd, the crap I have gotten talked into. rolls eyes

    This is fun here. It is nice to give insights to others, and help other people. I hate to see nice people, like you for example, go through hard stuff, but I do not mind lessening someone's burden or easing their mind.

    Ana likes talking to me? You think? : I

    Hmmm? LOL

    Yeah we all create some happiness for each other on here Sylvannah, and that makes us all happy. Pretty nice stuff.

  • bluecat123

    Oh no we are definetely not any bonnie and clyde

    act alikes haha!

    Brian decided to create a new thread since the last thread we were on

    was taking so much room with our endless conversations lol, everyone

    is welcome though.

  • Brian,

    Just curious, do you have an accent? I know you said you were Irish, as am I, but for some reason I thought you might actually carry the Irish brogue? Kind of feels like it to me. Or at least your heritage runs wistfully through your veins....

  • RedPetals,

    The accent is South Western Pennsylvanian, we call "soda" - "pop", and stand out in the freezing cold to cheer on the Steelers. We are a bit touched in the head, like the Irish. So, nope, no brogue, I am Irish though, but very American; ethnically very Celtic and Teutonic. Lots of recessive traits, blue eyes, fair skin, and used to be blonde when I was a kid. LOL So yeah, the blood of my ancestors runs deep, and as you put it, wistfully. I am not a very good story teller though, I was not born that full of crap. LMAO

  • I still think the Irish runs still runs deep in you! What does soda pop mean? Never heard that before but of course I am Californian through and through. By the way, I figured you had the Irish traits of fair skin, me too, get sunburned easily! Ouch!

  • Brian,

    Not really a coffe girl, I always get a Vanilla Bean Frapp with extra caramel.

    Ive had coffe just once, and lets say it wasnt such a good day. ;0

    I think you would love shopping with me! You could help me look around

    all the pretty stores and pick out outfits OR we could shop for you lol,

    Im going for the George Clooney for you [hahah!]

    Brian you must be a really good friend, Most guys dont trust their bro's/pals

    with their wifes alone, How nice.

    Im American =). You are right about everything, I know I have full potential of fully accessing my

    intuition,but Because I AM YOUNG, i guess i dont put my full dedication into it and making

    it primary because I dont wanna be Bored You are right! I love giving people advice

    and helping others, its the only time I really put in the effort to access my intuition, i cant

    even do it for myself, But people In need motivate me, Ive given so many prophecies

    which have came true, but it was because i was able to feel it and actually see it,

    I believe there were destined messages. Yes brian your right again, aahh! you read me

    well, i feel if I become to advanced at accessing my intuition i wont still be fun, and vulnerable

    to make silly mistakes..Becuase i feel i will have to attain a level of maturity to balance it.

    you understand me ? lol you watch alot of movies i see.

    I was just reading a passage in a book i just got today that was very similiar

    to that ! Interesting..

  • Bluecat,

    Me an Amy ? I think could Pass for an Amy

  • I don't know if your "really an Amy", I was just getting in on the guessing! You don't like coffee? I'm addicted too Starbucks! I personally like you as addictdtoriches!

  • Brian,

    I am picking up very little on Amy, I keep getting almost

    a sister vibe, although she may not be or a close friend,

    that you guide alot, she comes to you for advice;

    I see you telling her: do it this way, and not that way..ect,

    dont do this, do this. Is she a little rebellious ? she do things she know isnt good

    and maybe it isnt she dont care but just wanna look cool,I dont know why

    I feel a younger vibe. Very young, Trendy young hip clothes,

    do she have a pair of chucke taylors ?

    very bone straight hair..

    may I ask who is she to you ?

  • I like me as addictdtoriches as well, ;D its describes

    alot about my sense of me outside of here, when im here and I

    hear this name Im almost like i dont know who that girl is, Lmao

    but here is dosent really describe me. Amy ? I like it but it isnt powerful.

  • No I dont really like coffe But I love starbucks frapps...I had coffe once and im convienced

    it was the coffe, I had a sudden urge of energy, and Im naturally

    energectic so I didnt like the feeling, I felt very jittery Inside.

    Lmao it didnt turn out to be a good day afterall.

  • That's pretty funny, not born that full of $%&&! That might take much finesse and experience, LOL. By the way, intuitive side tells me you may have begun as a blonde but now medium to dark brown. About 5"9 to 6"1, trim, sensetive, facial hair (not sure yet), a mind that anaylyzes, pretty conserveative views but can be playful. Just trying to get back in touch with the intuitive side. Let me know your thoughts. Music taste, let me guess....

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