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  • He always says he would tell me if he didn't want too talk too me, but I don't know, as blunt as he is, I don't feel him wanting too talk too me, yet not telling me that either, we don't want too be where we aren't wanted after all, but I do feel much better having said sorry, I think I might go ahead and apologize too some other highschool fcbook friends now, like you said Brian, its not about me ,its for their benefit, regardless of how I remember it! Thanks again

  • Bluecat123,

    It is for you also though, even if it is more for them.

  • Infact,I could just make an announcment of that,like too all whom it may concern: I just took a peak at my friends list, yep, I might as well just say "hi my name is Earl, and I'm sure you remember that one time when I.... yeah, well about that, I"m really not a big b word, Im sorry!" I take the quizes, answer honestly, that my friends send me,out of curiousty/boordom and I always get the "you are an angel, you do no wrong" results, but appearantly when I was younger, not so much.

  • Yes Brian, your right , it does come full circle! How did you get so wise anyway? I have some intiution that comes and goes, empathy as well, but such trouble reading people for what they need from me specifically, I wish I was better at that.

  • Bluecat123,

    You can only read people as much as they are open. That is why much of what you see on here is people in relationship trouble, the do not care about being open, they just want answers. So, you can read people who are open, those who are closed, not so much. You have to practice any of it to be able to do it well. That is the key. Find a way to practice.

  • True, I hadn't realized tht was why I am better on here, and with a few close friends then some who are closed. Brian, we should all give you a list, and you could just check them off for us! Your great! Anyone ever tell you that you would make a great life coach?

  • Bluecat123,

    A life coach. LMAO Shouldn't a life coach have a perfect life? LOL

    I would be one of the poorest people you know if I was a life coach, I do not think I could charge money for giving insights, would seem to go against being given a gift, at least to me.

    Okay, I will get to work on lists for everyone. LOL Just kidding.

  • You know, some of the people that are on here cause of relationship problems, only want certain answers. I get the same exact thing as Bluecat123, I answer all the quizes honestly and I am an angel but if only they knew what I was like as a teen. lol My horns were holding up my halo. Only my tape player works in my truck so I am listening to stuff I haven't heard since I was a teen. Boy, have I changed! I don't agree with most the songs (as a teen) I agreed with. I still like this one song though. It is short, catchy, and funny. It goes:

    Harry got in the car

  • Harry got in the car and turned the key, Started up and headed down the L I E To cheat the ol' rooker he had a Volkswagon Rabbit That put an end to harry's cheap habbit The trucker couldn't stop So the driver too aim And when he hit Harry, Harry burst into flames You're dead now Harry, You can't come back You'd still be alive if you drove a Cadillac I like that song. I think it is so funny! Anway, I have to go TTFN

  • Brian, if I just delete taurus, throw out his #, do you think life will just throw him right back at me at some point? I'm tempted, as he pretty much just ignores me anyway, I don't think he even read that message, he's not paying attention.

  • Sylvannah, I didn't get in trouble a lot, but I think others might have had some over all perception of me as being snotty, or bitchy or something,all wells that ends well, I think if we had just ditched the boys, problems wouldn't have existed! even though I remember caring about the people in my life, not that I was perfect, I did a few things I'm sure! Your horns held up your halo? thats funny! Brian, I am just guessing here, but you were a good kid right?

  • Ooppies Im late! i'll Just try getting in on this,

    I realized Im not

    too good at giving relationship advice lol, People just get this

    blank stare on thier face when i give advice,As if it sounds too good to be true

    But only if they Knew, i think because us ladies Over exaggerate Just a little lol

    I Think LIFE give us

    the hard issues to deal with sometimes we dont understand it

    and so on, But People are Relatable or Maybe I feel this way

    because PYSCHOLOGY teaches the techniques of manipulation lol,

    No seriously though, When relating with people you can get whatever

    you want out of the relationship you just must be able TO TOLERATE

    and stay CONSISTANT, consistancy is Everything in a relationship, i feel

    safe with consistant people you know ? Dont change because im having a bad day

    it shows your unconditional support.

  • Bluecat123,

    Yes your Taurus will not leave your life, no. LOL I think you know this. So, I suspect the lesson for you is to communicate, just be tactful, but share your feelings and thoughts, and to not worry about his actions so much. It is not very important right now for you to worry about if he read something, or if he is receptive (from your viewpoint). He will eventually come around. You just haveto remember, he is a male, you crushed his balls, and his pride is still hurt. Once he is confident you will not crush his balls again, he will be fine.

  • "consistancy is Everything..."

    taking notes

  • I see your point, he'll read it at some point, and it will be the same apology, have the same meaning then as it does now, and if he needed me, which I doubt he'll admit, then I will be here.

  • Hi addicted, thats allright, when dealing with taurus theres no such thing as late, there seems too be nothing but time!

  • I agree addicted, atleast I never understood when people would take out whatever is bothering them on whoever is right in front of them! I try very hard too never, ever do that, or mother, like chase them around until they admit whats wrong! Being consistantly nice is good, I was just confused because I had one person consistantly pop up whether I wanted them too or not, yet they didn't seem too have a real need for me too be in thier life, but Brian cleared that up for me, rather patiently and consistantly!

  • Bluecat123,

    Sometimes what gets under our skin is when someone does not act like we want. With say your husband, well there is an agreement there, between the two of you, because you live under the same roof there has to be some basic rules. Think of the snotty teenager, and how they drive everyone who lives under the same roof as them mad. It really has to do with lack of respect for others who can not get away from them. LOL With anyone who does not sleep in your house, you can really, get away from them more or less.

    With your Taurus, you can send your messages, you can bump into him, and you can learn to let it go. You will never completely, because of your connection, but in large part the onus is on you to control how much his pouty boo boo lip bothers you. Easier said than done, yes, but also by and large your choice.

  • Omg Taurus, LMAO i had ONE taurus Boyfriend, TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY

    and he is stubburn there was no such thing as negotiation with him

    it was his way or the highway !! sshhesshh, and he wasnt consistant at all

    I never knew with him. Thank God we dont speak at all anymore. Lol

  • I can relate Addicted! That is it exactly! Brian, I have defintly decided not too let it get too me anymore, I guess I looked for meaning in the connection, I didn't want too go backward though, so I'm good!

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