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  • Bluecat123,

    Yes, sometimes lyrics can fit very well to a certain situation, but it is important that you do not let a poem, song lyrics, or prose to speak fully for you, as these things can be interpreted many ways. I have seen misinterpretation led to misunderstanding, so always be careful.

    I thought the lyrics to "Gravity's Gone" are funny and pithy, they are not aimed at anyone, or anyone's situation. The rest of the lyrics to that song are even funnier, but I could not post them here. LOL

  • Brian, so underneath stubborn pride, he may need too hear me say I'm sorry, I always figured he knew that, except I think it came out as 'ok, I made all my mistakes, I'm ready, lets do this", in which he was cool with after he let me have it, told me off, then came back, then left for another person, in which I responded, I hate you, and he told me good, keep stirring the fire, it will serve you better that way. That was so long ago, now he says that he doesn't see why two people far away, and on with their lives should bother being friends, I asked why he didn't just tell me how he felt if he didn't care about me anymore then, he said self preservation, women don't want too hear that. I told him I would have handled it just fine, I might have gone home and broke something for all I know, but I never would have let him know it. Anytime the "us' factor gets brought up, he automatically starts too think theres alterior motives if I'm talking too him now. I wish I knew the perfect words too knock him over the head with.

  • Bluecat123,

    You crushed his balls, and he is like a little girl with a skinned knee. Yes. LOL I know we should not laugh, but Good Lord.

    Also, this is not for you to wear burlap cloth and flog yourself in repentance, but it is for you to be the adult here, and give him the ass kissing he wants, so you can move this all forward. The ass kissing is not for your behavior, the ass kissing is an offering to the petty, pouty, little brat inside of him. That is up to you to suck it up and do that, but it is also not for you to take to heart. It is only about getting this thing started. Think of yourself as actor in a play, and do not take it too seriously, it is for him, not you.

    The relationship will evolve if you do what you need to, without taking what you have to do too seriously at this point. Understand?

  • Brian, its ok too laugh, I laugh about it too!

  • One of my friends saw one of his emails too me once, and she laughed also, like "damn, what did you do?" I said, I know. He always tells me I use too many words he doesn't understand, I think he understands perfectly though. What are gonna do with a stubborn taurus anyway?

  • Thanks , yes I do understand, its just tough when someone is very good at telling you they either don't like you, or don't care really, but I think you have helped me too see it differently then whats on the surface, thanks!

  • Bluecat123,

    Yeah, starting your sentences with, "I prognostication profusely on the profundity..."

    probably punctuates profane pronunciations per this person. LMAO

  • Now those are some rather expensive words, all put together, and yes he does tend too get a bit frustrated if I use any like that! You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize how much he and I are different, my boyfriend never has too ask me what I mean, he just always knows, unless its refering too astrology, then he gives me a look, I always know what he means too, unless its about the inner workings of computers, but just makes realize how blessed I am too not have too say what I mean all the time, I was too close too ending up there, but I probably shouldn't include that in my apology!

  • probably not. your apology is not really an apology, it is more of an offering to Mr. pouty face, not really about you, or for you. ; )

    indeed you are blessed.

  • Hi friends,

    Just stop by the say Hello and I have been missing all of you too!


    That message was not from me but from the Angels. Just do what you are doing now and everything will work out as it should be 🙂


    Is this friend the Taurus?

  • Thats true, all of the above. I went through a bit of hell too get too blessed part, but I ended up with one that shares thier name with one of my favorite angels, looking back, I could of seen that coming, I saw that name everywhere. Funny you said Mr. Pouty Face, as thats exactly how everyone who ever knew him pretty much referred too him, as he rarley smiles. I was just graced with pics of him and new gfriend, I must say I am starting see a change in this person, he looked happy in that pic, he seems too have let go of any beautiful people phase he may have had going, like forever. I don't like her sign though, I'm not going too say it, as I know better then that, but mabe she's nice. Oh my, so I suppose I have too put my catty girl side in check here.

  • Hey Emergence, I have missed you! Hope your feeling well! Yep, taurus.

  • Emergence, you know that one all too well!

  • BrianTriston, I sincerley hope you have many happy returns on all the help you have giving me on this matter! If you ever need too vent, I'll listen!

  • Hi bluecat123,

    Yeah, when I read your messages, my heart told me it is the Taurus doing! It is stirring you inside out lol. Do what you have to do honey! Supporting you all the way.

    My Taurus is being..I don't know...just being Taurus I guess. Haven't heard from him for a while. He never did this to me before! Oh well, if it is meant to be, it will be right? I am just not sure what to think now...

  • Maybe I should ask BrianTristan what he thinks of what's happening to my Taurus. My intuition sucks when it comes to my own affairs!

    Brian, what comes to your mind when you think of me and my Taurus? Do I have to go and kick his A S S as well so that I remove that stubborn pride and fears? Ugghhhh!

  • Well, emergence, mercury retro grade isn't over yet, but yes, please do shed some light for Emergence as well Brian, as I've been patiently waiting too see what his intentions our towards our girl!

  • Thanks for the support bluecat123!

    This girl really needs it lol!

    I will be checking on you about your Taurus too!

    I hope there will only be good news from now onwards 🙂

    So,,,,let's see what Brian has to say!

  • thanks Emergence, I hope that for you as well! I did apologize as Brian said, and basically stated that I wish he could accept that, because if he never does, then one of these days, I'll have too give up on being friends, and I don't want too do that, so I asked him if he would accept my apology, and make it a bit easier.

  • This post is deleted!

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