Addictdtoriches & BrianTristan

  • Addie,

    I know, my posts are too long, and I know you lose focus. It is my bad, I know better.

    I was making light of you and your interests/plans, I was not making fun of you or your interests/plans. There is a big difference, although I acknowledge it can come across as the same thing. I will never treat you mean, or belittle you. When in doubt, give me the benefit, and if I make you made, just say so. Imma big boy. : /

    Glad your weekend was relaxing. : D April did fly by indeed. : o

    The commercial yes. LOL He does not have flaky hair Addie, he apparently keeps it "beautiful" with head and shoulders, which I admit, I do not get at all, as it is for dandruff. I watch little TV, and like movies things tend to stick (and he is a local sports figure, so we get pounded over the head with whatever they do, good or bad). Anyhow, he has long, curly, dark hair, that was the only point of me bringing it up. He is also from Guam, which is another place for you to visit. : p

  • Hey Brian,

    I have answered your questions regarding finance, health....earlier today. If you look under topics its under "for you Irish Brian T. Sorry, did not think to tell you where to look for it! Tell me what you think, always like feedback, helps to keep me on track.

  • RedPetals,

    Oh okay.

    I must go find that, and read it.

    Yeah, you would need to tell me to look for it, I do not just look around at various posts much, except for ones with no replies, and see if I can pick up on something. So, yes, I am glad you told me.

  • Okay, so go back and look for your specific post. Tell me if you cannot find it....

  • Mr. Brian Triston, or Addicted, I'm wondering if either of you might pick up anything I have a question about, that is if you want too, I just thought too ask since Brian, you blend your practical, moral approach with your intiution, I admire that, and addicted, you haven't failed too amaze me with some the things you pick up from others, and I know your such a good soul! My question is one that is just bugging me, what bugs me the most about it is that I don't ever, ever discuss it with my friends or anyone, as I'm kindev shy about my personal feelings, and honestly, it just seems not exactly what I "should" talk about. For the past year the same person just seems too keep appearing, or popping into my thoughts, and sordive messing with my emotions, I think it bugs me so much because I'm usually really good about not letting anyone affect my judgment, my values, and in all honesty, I feel like I have it pretty good with the person I am with, I didn't settle for less then a person of amazing intergity, and I am gratful that I didn't, so I can't figure out why this other person from my way past, that lives far, far away, just keeps coming up,I've even ran into into them out of country, and then through old friend unexpectantly at different times, theres always something that reminds me of them, as if I'm suppose too take notice of it, even though I would really rather not, there just seems too be some sort of magnetic connection that keeps bringing me back too it, I don't really see them noticing it though, seems too be just me, I can't figure out what the connection or draw is though. any thoughts? Thanks (geez I'm mortified I even typed this info!)

  • Oh, my that was long, sorry! I just thought too add though, something else thats strange about my weird off/on connection or whatever it is thats bugging the hell out of me, I always seemed too just know whenever I was going too talk too, or get a message, or run into this person right before I would, I even dreamt about it, just weird, sorry if I invaded your thread by the way, thanks again!

  • Bluecat123,

    This is someone of the opposite sex, yes? LOL

    It does not seem to me, if it was someone of the same sex, like say a buddy from back in that day, that this would bother you much at all. And this is an old flame, or someone you once liked a lot huh? ; )

    Here is the thing about "coincidences" such as what you are having about this person, it usually means you should contact them. Yes, yes, sometimes not, the serial killer that is locked up in prison, yeah forget that one. LOL But when you get all these "signs", it usually means you should contact them and see what is up. Now a days you have plenty of options, but a good old letter works just as well as it always has. And really, contacting this person will satisfy your subconscious' hankering to know what is going on, with your strange happenings, and this particular person. It is not a big deal. You have just over thought it, and made yourself very nervous about it.

    This occurrence is not weird or strange at all, it happens to people everyday, and many of those people do not believe in any of the "out there stuff", and they take it as "a sign", and contact the person. You should not feel that things you think, or things that happen to you, are bizarre Bluecat123, your experiences are quite normal. Nothing goofy about it.

    You did not invade our thread, it was created so we did not invade other threads, and numb peoples minds with our back and forths, you are welcome here Bluecat123. Perhaps, Addictdtoriches will be able to come up with something for you, she can read people very well who are open to her, and you trust her, so...

  • Well first let me thank you for allowing me too post on your thread, or make me feel welcome too do so, yes it is a him, and he and I were disgustingly in love when we were much, much too young. We got married, but a couple weeks later, had it annuled because, well, I'm not sure why, other then we were just so young. We went our seperate ways. I remember him as loyal, decent, and such, he changed so much from who I knew. He said he had unresolved issues about our relationship, but he didn't seem interested in being friends, yet he didn't seem too have any strong feelings in particulair that would prevent that, seemed almost distrusting of me one minute, then ok with me, then disinterested, just a walking contradiction. I odn't know if the connection now is even so much a romantic one, I don't know what it is, magnetic, yet one sided.

  • I have a hard time being the one too contact though, as I figured he's always reached me when he wanted too, he knows how, but hasn't in a little while.

  • I think I feel worried about him for some reason, but at the same time, I feel in some way it is my place too do so, but not really without that spoken "permission" too be someone who is allowed too inquire, if that makes sense

  • Bluecat123,

    Look, that is a strong connection right there, will always be. He feels he got the raw end of the deal, so he has some bad feelings associated with you. It is time for you two to speak, and eventually clear the air about all of that, thats all. Not some big mystery.

    He is not a walking contradiction, he just has very mixed feeling in regards to you. Like you said you both were young, does not matter hurt feelings undiscussed and unresolved live forever. Do both of yourselves a favor a have a conversation, or many conversations.

  • BrianTriston, thank you for helping me put this in perspective, you don't know how much that means, I particularly liked how stated, "or many conversations", as I think we already "the big clear the air" one, he said he hoped it helped me too gain closer, if that what I wanted, he seemed too be very interested in my intentions, seems too be afriad of intentions if they are directed towards him, hard thing too get around, I hope I'll know when the time is right too get in touch with him again, Thanks again for your input, greatly appreciated! I look forward too addicted's thougths as well, you two are good! If I can ever be of any assistance too you, let me know!

  • BrianTristan,

    Hope you are doing well. I have a message for you and I hope this will reach you safely.

    Angel message to you;

    Keep shining your light for you are born to greatness in light. You need to know this.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • This post is deleted!

  • Brian Tristan are you an empath? or able to hear your guides? i was wondering if I could ask you somthing....

    I changed my avatar it use to be a beautiful puppy... 🙂

    Emergence could I also keep your contact?

  • HappyDoc,

    Yep, of course. By the way, I left you a note in the other thread.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • ok. This is the 1st time I have been able to stop all day and I have to leave in a half hour. I have to find a psychologist for my MS thing. Right now I can't think straight so I'm not going to try. I have to come up w/ an extra $1000 this month. But I will worry about it later. At least I only have one appt. tomorrow so I can kinda get my act together. The main thing I'll have to do is wah my daughter's uniform for her pics on tues. I refuse to get stressed. I have a dozen notebooks and never nuse one for anything specific. I need to do that. I will label them and keep them all in the same place. The psychologist will do some 'brain' exercises. I hope they work. Just one thing at a time.

  • Hello Sylvannah,

    Yep, one thing at a time. Maybe try some "Intention Statements" on a daily basis. Something like:

    I am so happy and so grateful that:

    Money comes to me in increasing and limitless quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis.

    Everything that I need comes into my life automatically and without effort.

    I have positive doors of opportunity that open for me every day.

    I attract people into my life that can help me achieve more love, peace and abundance and I can reciprocate the same.

    I am in a constant connection with God. I experience wholeness and wellness.

    I am sure you can think of many more things to add to this! I hope today goes well for you!

  • Bluecat123,

    The time is never right or wrong to get into contact with him.

    He is afraid of you, in that you turned his life on it's head once before (that is from his perspective, I am not blaming you, nor do I think you should blame yourself, things happen). So, he does not want his life turned on it's head again. You know what I mean?

    There is a strong connection between the two of you, and the relationship the two of you can have can be from "hi/bye friends" to "being married", you know this as you have already done both. Yet, the two of you can be "friends", without destroying the current relationships you both have now, and that, or something a little less, like "good acquaintances" is really where this is probably headed. The two of you, once you work through the issues the two of you have, can be wonderful sounding boards, and guides for each other. That will take time, but the distance you two have put between each other is hurtful to both of you, as the connection is very strong.

    That is really the long and the short of it.

  • Emergence,

    Thank you. I am trying my best to shine light, when I am giving light to shine. I wish my intuition was more clear to me, that I could see exactly what I am being asked about, but I have come to the conclusion that, I am giving enough to point the person in the direction the need to go, and also what common sense advice (which is, and is not part of intuition) they need to apply to their situation. So, I am giving what I need, to do what I need to do.

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