Addictdtoriches & BrianTristan

  • Addie,

    Do you use Head And Shoulders like Troy Polamalu? LOL

    If you do not know who he is, Google his name.

  • Brian,

    Sure I have Ethics

    i respect everyones beliefs and indiviuality what you chose

    to do with your life I respect. But what i want to do has NEVER been done,

    and no one has brainwashed or influenced me to do so. Im alot younger than

    you all though, so are views different drastically.

    I would love to buy you a horse brian, if you go to china with me Lmao.

    Sylvanna, For many years ring around the rosy told a story,

    I have even heard they were spells or something i dont how the

    songs are past down for so many years and the meanings were unexplainable.

  • Brian, Here's Your Reading :

    When It comes To Love, You dont always Learn Your lessons In Love.

    In love their are lessons for you these lessons are sometimes repeated,

    You just want the company of someone i feel and most times they have

    the gift of gab, which mean they can sell you words that stir up your emotions.

    Your whole mentallity feeds off emotions.Thats Why you actually love the company

    of women, you can feel thier emotions,You want a girl that can satisfy your emotional

    drive which sometimes is including drama, You see emotional drama beauty in a way

    You couldnt see a relationship be perfect without arguing, Brain I even feel sometimes

    you may have provoked arguments just out the emotions, since its the best way you can

    read people, your last girlfriend/current girlfriend..You two were very smootherish with

    eachother spending excessive time together which wasnt so heathly in your eyes it was

    normal, though I feel you two even sacrifised alot of time for eachother. You love natural beauty and pleasant surroundings.

    What you are looking for is someoene to Be There, To be there Often..

    emotional security, someone who is actually gonna put up with you and deal

    with your little bickering, I feel you bicker over little things you want alot of order

    you wanna be the husband and the wife as well which is where the complication

    arrives. You can not Be the Women and The Man, Man has specific duties that

    he should take care of and women has specific duties she should take care of

    and you sometimes dont mind doing either, No thats not the way it goes the women

    should want to tend to You. I see you tending to her and doing other things or

    take turns. Brian I know you can relate to ladies well But You do not have the whole

    9 yards Its gets way more complicated, Dont try to understand more! Just take it for what

    it is. uummm..

    What you have to offer: You offer security and you time In love and life

    you always give your time to try at least understanding One another but then

    still after that there are times you say you understand but still do not, you can be

    a little stubburn, some might say you think you know it all and its true but once

    your thier and you experience it you soon see it isnt as easy as you thought.

    I feel you say "I WOULD NEVER DO THAT" . you have confidence though alot of times

    you may not excel but You try you at least give it a try, but you can say yourself

    the self-doubt if you dont comment first and just accept things for what they are

    some are different and thats all it is.

  • From what I believe, ring around the rosy is about the bubonic plague.All the bodies were burned thus the ashes. The posies they put with the bodies, more to mask the smell than for the beauty as they are used now.That was the story I heard. Rock a bye baby is a scary lullabye too. LOL If the kid could understand what you were saying, they would cry and scream, not go to sleep. LOL I don't sing any of the little songs or lullybies. My daughter knows them but she also is told where the meaning behind it. I don't know how they became childrens songs but she knows the stories. (well that I know)

  • Addie,


    Yes I know you have morals and ethics, and indeed you are a live and let live person.

    I was kidding, but someone, you, got very serious here. You did say

    "first i must play the game of life to get the money I must act as if i have no real values",

    so I made light of it, because you do not believe that in your heart. And that is what I have

    been trying to tell you, you have this conflict and it has to do with your internal morals and ethics bumping heads with what you "think" you have to do on in the real world. You can figure out what I am talking about yourself, we do not need to discuss it any further. That said, you are going to be very successful at whatever or whoever you choose to pursue, that I know, so I honestly do not get why you think you have to have an angle, or a scheme, to get ahead.

    Also, I was kidding about you brainwashing anyone, or you being brainwashed. Geeze, you wanted fun and humor, and you get all very serious. I was not making light of your dreams, I was just being funny, that is it. Our views are not anything because of anyone's age, views are based on fundemental principals, not age. And I declined to get into social or political commentary with you here, so how do you know I differ drastically view wise? And if so, on what smarty pants? : p

    I was kidding about the horse ranch too, but if all I have to do is go to China with you, now I want you to buy me one. Small price to pay. LOL

  • You just sounded like I do sometimes. You are not upset but the subject, you are passionate about it. You get worked up just talking about it and you can go on and on about it. I am the same way about our jeuvenile justice. They say we have one and I disagree. LOL I disagree with alot of the "polotics" we have. I didn't mean you were mad. I don't know how old you are, I am 38 but I have been through more than most people. I can't find a single person I can relate to because nobody has been through half of what I've been through. But it makes me a better understanding person. I can relate to almost every circumstance. But all I want to do is try to prevent someone else from experiencing it too. So now I am sitting here with my dogs (who dan't argue, talk back, or accuse) Taking care of myself, medically. I am waiting til the 29th when my neurologist tells me whether he thinks I have MS or not. That way I will know how to handle it. I will then, work on my house. I am working on my daughter throughout the whole time.

  • Addie,

    A reading? Whoa. I did not know I was getting a reading. A love reading? What for?

    Wow, it is long too.

  • sylvannah,

    I heard something about that also never went into detail.

    I still never got the luhlabye song sshhesshh, they put

    wicked words on a nice tone. You daughter must be very smart as well.

    It has been something I was passionate about, I also diagree with

    alot of the politics, which i think even if they knew what they were talking

    about they would diagree too lol shamme! Im starting to thinking B U L L S H I T

    makes the world go around. sshhamme. haha.

    Its great you've been through a lot and still holding on I really respect you

    for your courage, courage is a big responsibility..Sheshh takingcare of dogs is

    an responsibility I cant wait to get one soon as well. =]

  • BrianTristan

    Your right. I never thought it like that my morals are very opposite. ;/

    L O L I will not create a scheme to become successful, [figure of speech]

    just to say it seems some people will only buy B U L L S H I T. haha, sshhesshh

    How did you know I was serious, through typing haha? how did you know it was

    my little birdie just now talking to you ? huh.. brian ?

    Thanks For wishing me well, On my life's Journey, Wish you well as well Brian.

  • Addie,

    You do not need to sell b s in order to get or accomplish want you want, you will do well just by letting you and your ideas stand on their own merits. That is my point to you.

    Looked like, and sounding like, you were being serious and yes from your typing, from your sentences. That is how. It came across as terse also. And Addie, Your little birdie talks to you about me, not the other way around. You know that.

    Of course I wish you well on your life's journey. I think that goes without saying. But where did I do that? I told you "you would do well".

  • Brian- I responded to someone on my post. Sorry, I don't really remember who. lol

    Addictedtoriches- That is the story as I know it. It makes sense.I have 9 dogs. They are my life. I washed my Beagle tonight and it's the 1st night she is not scratching or eating herself. ( I hATE the sound of dogs eating themselves) I will bathe her everyday. Her and the other dog too.The huskies don't do it but the non-huskies do. At least there are only 3. The husky-beagle doesn't do it. Either way, just an aggrivating issue. I'll just add it to the list. lol

  • Addie,

    You relate to other people just fine, that was what I said. And you come back with you need to be able to put yourself in other peoples shoes. Okay, but you will have to think this through over time to come to an answer for yourself. Here is a story that may be helpful. One of the best classes I ever had was called "Love and Human Sexuality", a Psychology course, and it was taught by a Priest, who was also a Monk, who was also a Psychologist, who was also a Marriage Counselor. He made a point of addressing how on earth a Priest could teach such a course, or how a Priest could be a Marriage Counselor, and his response was simple, "does a Medical Doctor have to have had a broken arm in order to treat someone who has a broken arm?" The answer is obviously no.

    We can all be sympathetic, but we can not all be empathetic, because we all have not had the same life experiences, same illnesses, and so forth. It is very sweet you want to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, I think it is wonderful actually. You just need to understand, sometimes the best we can do is sympathy, we can not always do empathy, and that is okay, it does not make us less caring. I do understand what you were saying though, and I think it just shows how big your heart is.

    You have never been hurt because you have not put yourself out there yet to be hurt, yet. You will, we all do it sooner or later. But I do not feel you are any less legitimate than the next person in what you have to say, because you have not been hurt, you are already caring, and that is what is most important. You have never been in any sever unfortunate situations, due to luck, or due to common sense. I hope that continues. I do not think you need to suffer in order to be more caring. From my point of view, you are already caring, and it seems that you kind of think in order for that to be legit you must suffer. I do not think so, and I certainly hope you do not suffer. That is my point of view of course.

  • Addie,

    Regarding my surprise reading...

    You reading was correct, as always, but it was more so in a general aspect, the specifics are more complicated.

    I do not always learn my lessons in love, you are correct, but what you are missing is it is who I choose to get involved with that is the problem. Basically, someone who does not love themselves can not love you back, and badly damaged people, are just that, and you can not have a "normal" relationship with them, no matter how hard you try.

    I actually, do not need the company of anyone, which is a big issue for anyone I have ever been with, I am perfectly fine to be by myself. That is what causes the issues, not me being clingy.

    I try to fix peoples problems, which is different than just being supportive, and there is a line there, that I must learn not to cross. That is the drama as you say "I like", but I actually do not like that drama, I do not like drama at all. I may get sucked in by the emotional vibe of a situation, and try to help, but I do not seek drama. Oh it finds me of course, which gives what you are saying some oomph, because I must be giving off vibes for it to find me. But all said and done, I do not like it. I like light hearted fun, silliness, and things like that much better, it is much more fulfilling to me. Drama drains me.

    Arguing a point into the ground that I feel someone is not getting, yeah I do that. But it is in order to help, which as you point out may not be helpful at all. I should say what I have to say once, and leave it be. This becomes hard when you are dealing with self destructive people, people who abuse substances, and things like that. Goes back to my proclivity of having relationships with broken people.

    The last girlfriend wanted more support, to be smothered yup. She wanted the void in herself filled with someone. I kept that at bay, the time that we spent together was limited due to the life situations of both of us. I knew it was not healthy, and I made sure she had plenty of time for herself to deal with her own life. She did not like that one bit Addie, that is why it fell apart. So, you are right, I have a conflict in me that says I should have given more, should have smothered her, but I did not do that because I knew it was not a good idea, and now I wonder and wish sometimes I could go back and do that. That is what you are picking up on.

    I did sacrifice a great deal for her, you are right, but her lack of honesty, stemming from her own self esteem issues is what killed it.

    I do love natural beauty and pleasant surroundings. I am naturally wound up, and high keyed, so I do my very best to relax, to be at peace. Yet again, you are correct, I can get sucked in by drama, by emotions, but I do try to avoid that, and I try to take the high road. But being I am not perfect, that does not always happen.

    I am the one who is usually there, and yes I would like someone to be there for me sometimes, that is what you picked up on. But I am not in need of someone to be there.

    I bicker, typically when I see someone so of course that I try to get them back on course. Not good eh?

    The clearly defined relationship duties, I find interesting, I do cross that line when I see someone in need, and you are saying I should not. Point taken. I try to hard, try to understand to much. I see. Just take it for what it is, just accept things for what they are. Got it.

  • Brain

    Woaahh, =] Two Long messages I read Both, However I have a short response

    Lol; GREAT ;d

  • We seem to have some things in common. I to have had all my relationships w/ 'broken' people. I like to fix everything. I am also the one that is always there and want someone to be there for me. Usually though, people aren't ever there for me and start expecting me to do everything. That is why I like it here surrounded by my dags bbut, (unfortunately) dogs don't conversate. I wokw up at 5a to one of my dogs attacking another one so now I have one witha swollen nose and cuts on his nose.My daughter is sleeping cause she didn't go to sleep til after that but tomorrow is a school day. My last b-f was an alcoholic. His ex was a looney. I stayed for 3 1/2 years.. I should have left after 6 mos. but I wanted to show him that I wasn't going to give up. He never appreciated me. He always showed more respect and did more for a guy he just met at the bar than he ever did me. He has only done 3 things for me. Evern though, I was miserable. It took that dream to make me get out of that whole situation. Towards the end, the end couldn't come fast enough for me. I just wanted to die so I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. Then I had that strange dream. I left my b-f and I am going to different Dr.s to tackle my health. I am alot happier now. I have tried to kill myself, 2-3 x but every time, I really didn't want to die. I just feel like there is no other option. When it gets like that, I just ned to take a deep breath and think. I rush but in the end, I just need time to think about the situation and what I can do to deal with it. And the last time, I tried to talk to him (at the bar of course) and he just said, "I don't know why you came here" He should have at least been there for me. I was obviously upset but he doesn't want ANY drama. Just wants to have a good time. Never deals with anything bad but they will happen. When it does, he will be all alone but in the end, that was his choice. Budeiser won't fix anything! I don't drink. I did when I was a teen but stopped when I was 17. I don't do drugs. The only thing that I do is smoke. I have been smoking for 3 years now. I quit for 5 years and smoked for 20 years. I do need somebody physically (as I broke my back and have vertigo) but I am ok emotionally. But not many people will just help you to help. There is usually an alterial motive. That is why I joined a church. Most of them will help just to help. I want companionship just for companionship. I need not for anything sexual. I just want someone to talk to. A friend.I have friends but none that I talk to on a daily (even weekly) basis.I want a friend that will understand everything. Alot of people think that something is wrong with you if you can do more than they can. (like being a medium or empathic) But there are actually quite a large number.I am only medium-istic but I still sense more things than the average person. Enough to be labeled a freak but anymore, I think that being 'normal' is weird. I will just keep doing what I am doing. I want to know, where I can meet someone. I will go where I would stay home.

  • My last post on my thread isn't labeled to anyone specific. I think it is a generic story. I've noticed I bounce around even here. I can't stay on topic. I'm AD/HD. My mind and thoughts are scattered but I will start a project and I am meticulous. Sometimes when I do little things, I will start all kinds of little things but never finish one. That is why I am having a hard time cleaning my house. Every room needs attention. It is hard to do just a little every day, I want to start on one room and I won't stop until it is done but which room needs to be done first? I get depressed before I even walk in my house and I am overwhelmed when I think of cleaning it. And then there are the regular daily things that have to be done on top of it

  • Addie,

    Whoa! One short message. : p

    However, I read it twice. =]

    I hope your weekend was great.

    Why did everyone think you were upset? Seemed that way.

    And no comment on the Troy Polamalu shampoo commercial? Gonna leave that one rest?

    Geeze, I thought that was cute and funny. Maybe you were upset. I hope not with me. : /

  • Sylvannah,

    Identifying and knowing what it is you do that is wrong is the first step, modifying your behavior is the second step. You are smart and talented enough to do the second step, so you should not fret like you do about it. You can focus your mind on worry, or laser in on one specific thing you are gonna do, so you can certainly modify any given thing you want to about yourself. No need to be afraid.

  • I am not afraid. I know that it will take time because I have been doing it one way for over 38 years. I know (I think I've always known) what I've been doing and I can catch myself. I already have lots to do so I will work on it. I don't expect change right away. I've admitted it now so I can go to the next step. It's kinda the same as drinking, smoking, etc... you first have to admit it to go forward. It's not as pressing but an issue none the less. I just regret that it took me 38 years to admit it. But it's done now so that is one more thing I will add to my self improvement list.

  • Brian,

    Thanks Brian I had A very Relaxing Weekend

    Did A alot of things around the house, Just to let my thought

    process flow. Shhessh Im surprised how fast April went by right ?

    Haha Are you talking about the head and shoudlers commericial,

    The guy in black with the Flaky hair ? Lol Im starting to think you watch too

    much television.

    Of Course,Im Not Upset..I just lost track of our conversation

    we were talking about like 20 different topics, my thoughs got swirly..

    You know how I loose focus. ;/

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