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  • Addie,

    Whoa. Did the Taurus boyfriend drive a Taurus*? That would have been crazy. Hmmm? Ford retired the name, then renamed the 300* the Taurus* (therefore unretiring the name I guess), and that was pretty inconsistent. Fitting yes?

    *The Ford Taurus, the Ford 300 are automobiles, not to be confused with the zodiac sign or the movie. Just so you do not get confused, I know 420 is over, but just making sure I was consistent in being clear. : p

  • Bluecat123,

    Glad to hear it. Once you get that to work for you, you will really feel a lot better about all of it, and then apply it to other areas of your life also. Cool stuff.

  • I disagree. I was with my ex for 3 1/2 years. I was very consistant but it only made him rely on me. He took me for granted and he used me. He is a capricorn. I don't know how they are but consistency did not work for me.

  • I understand sylvannah, I don't have any plans too be with this person in a relationship though, its just one of those connections too another person, like you know whts going on with them sometimes out of the blue, but not sure why, you have intuition regarding them, more like that, not always a romantic thing, thats the confusing part, as you aren't always sure why your are drawn too the other person or what your responsibility too the sitiution is. I don't think anyone would blame you for not wanting too allow anyone too use you, I haven't had great experiances with caps either, mabe its like oil and water, so I have learned what not too say or do too provoke them, as they seem easily provoked, or hurt. The person I have a "higher connection" with isn't really in my life per say, so I have too realize, and try too remember with a little help, thanks Brain) that without the connection, I may have ignored certain person, and what potential there is too learn from one another, even though there is no clearly defined relationship.

  • Yeah, It's like after 6 mos. to a year, I loved him but I wasn't in love with him anymore. I don't know if he actually would have changed what I would have done. He is not my 1st capricorn, but hopefully my last. I know now that virgo's and capricorn's, are not meant for eachother. I went there last night and he has already met someone and everything. I have not even looked but I am sure he met her in a bar. It is completely over between us. I am a little hurt but not too much. I found a guy that is helping me physically. Nothing else! He has already almost done more for me than my ex has.I was off by 5 miles when I mentioned how far to the field in Brooksville for my daughters softball. It is (exactly) 41 miles. She doesn't realize how much her softball costs me. In time and money.Anyway, we were talking about my ex, he will one day realize what he had. It's too late now. He will never find someone else like me again and he won't get me back! I will one day find someone that will appreciate me for what I do. Someone that will care about me more than beer and his friends. I just file that in my experiences. I have that much more knowledge. I'll just keep moving on. That's what I have always done.

  • Yes, we live and learn.

  • I wish mercury retro grade was over now, I think my boyfriend of forever may be seriously considering us splitting up, I am a bit shocked, he's always been very consistant, I can't beileve he's actually considering it

  • Bluecat123,

    Ew. Geeze. Hang tight Bluecat123. I think you guys just hit some rapids, should be okay.

  • Thanks Brian! I think your right, I was about ready too pack it up, then my father helped me see things differently,helped me stop crying and freaking until the wee hours of the morning, appearantly I have his blessing too move on and respect other men in my life now. oh why I can't I just be sixteen again? Emotional cancer kid that I was, Poor dad! I'm the oldest of four, and their no where close too all out the house yet. I don't know why he can say the same thing my boyfriend does, but it doesn't sound as bad or as scary or make me mad, I guess I always love the part when he says, put in the work too get it back out, but if for some reason it didn't work, I'll always have your back.

  • Our issue is one of those where he grew up in the catholic school, totally denounced it, yet is a very, very good person, even helps me too raise my kids with Gods principles, but doesn't deem them logical or practical for his own beilefs, it fell over into his thoughts on marriage recently as well, doesn't think its too important, but I think it is after almost seven years together. I think your right though Brian, it will be okay, he's just going through something at the moment hopefully.

  • Bluecat123,

    Many of us get into relationships with people who can be difficult, and we never really know how much so till years later. Welcome to the years later. LOL I feel that things should be okay, after he gets his drawers out of a bunch. He is just being, how do you put this nicely, stupid. LMAO

    Hang in there.

  • Thank you Brian! I kind of thought so too! Dude, when do you sleep? I'm a nightowl, so I'm use too this question

  • Your are welcome.

    LOL I am about to hit the sack now. Night.

  • Thank again, NIght!

  • Yeah, I agree. My problem is that I try to help but if I accomplish it, I am stuck. But, no fears here. lol Kharma will meet up one day. I will be fine but I see him in a situation where he will need help and no one will be there for him. I was curious though, would I have bad kharma if I didn't help him if he asked for it? I was completely there for 3 1/2 years. I have a guy that has been helping me physically, and he has almost already done more for me than my ex ever has. I told my ex that the best part of it, was that I didn't have to f**k him. I told him that in the end, I still win cause I will have sex how and how often I want it and he won't be vulgar with me and I will remember it! When I left, my ex was trying to be nice to me. I just hope he snaps out of it before someone gets hurt or killed. I don't want that to be his wake up call. At least he is a functioning alcoholic. He gets drunk every night but still gets up at 5a and goes to work. I'm afraid that when he does wake up, he will realize what he had and I am sure, he will contact me. But I am already done. I just don't want my refusal to be with him, to send him back over the edge. I will still be his friend. I just don't want him to have any false hopes. I have figured, I get along with: Leo, Aquarius, and other virgo's I've never had a relationship with another virgo. I get along with everybody. I know though that Capricorn is a no-no on the relationship front lol

  • Wow Sylvannah, you have had too deal with a lot,I feel bad for whining now!

  • LOL I have been through alot but whine away. lol Everbody has their own problems. I am glad that you haven't been through all that I have. My ex is saying that I am sleeping with hte guy that's helping me and I told him that's not true. I am good at sex so if I was sleeping with him, my house would look better than it does. lol I am a very sexual person and I like to please. I am satisfied if I know I am pleasing the other person. I don't like monotony.I always want to do something new. (to an extent lol) Anyways, the battle at bedtime has begun! So, TTFN

  • Bed time wars, always fun!

  • I have a question, I've been told I am medium-istic. What does that mean exactly?

  • I'm not sure Sylvannah, but I would think it would mean you might be extra sensitive too some things.

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