Addictdtoriches & BrianTristan

  • Emergence,

    I take it your Taurus is not a car? LOL What do you want to know?

  • Brian, her taurus is a dude, a confusing one!

  • Brian,

    I wish my Taurus is a car! Would be much easier to steer him my way LOL!

    I just don't know what to do with him anymore!

    He has been messing with my head with the hot and cold treatment.

    Now that Mercury turns retro and he is turning his back on me too!

    I haven't heard from him for 3 weeks and we used to talk everyday! Ughhhh

    Sorry, I am venting here....

  • hey bluecat123,

    You are here too! Great!!! Help me explain it to Brian!!!!

  • Brian I picked a song just for Sylvannah, just sort of came too me, I'll send her in that songs direction,on the thread you made for her, can you think of a song for her too? That conveys strength, empowerment, encouragment for her new path? I just feel she needs that for some reason, encouragment for her path on too her highest ground, highest good. Also, Brian get over too Emergence's inspiration thread if you haven't already, its lovely! Get over there!

  • sure Emergence, basically she had a taurus boyfriend, they split I think, but he was bound and determined too stay in her life, be her friend, he lives in a part of the country that really took her breath away, seasoned traveler that she is, she fell in love with the place he calls home. Now he was luring her back in, but then had personal family stuff going on, so he seems for that, or some other strange reason unbeknownst too her, he hasn't been texting or keeping in touch like normal. Emergence decided too steer clear a bit while mercury was retro because of the possibility of things getting miscontrued, staying up in the air, but now he seems too be taking and running with it, too far with it. Whats his deal?

  • Holycrap bluecat!!!

    I cannot explain it any better! You are doing a good job at it. Oh man, I am blessed to have met you, someone who can actually tell my story without a single mistake!

  • Emergence,

    Mercury in retro means that communication can get fuzzy, but that does not mean we should just break off all communication, what it means is we should KISS (keep it simple stupid). Keep our words straight forward, keep our conflicts minimal. You can get in contact with him. Tell him you miss him, and when he is ready you will be there.

    Personal family stuff can put a damper on relations, you know that. Be patient.

  • Bluecat123,

    Well that is funny, because I sent Sylvannah song lyrics about Florida last night. LOL

    ; )

  • Really? Wow, thanks, I was hoping I had that right! I do try too pay very close attention whenever one is sharing, as it does help later with the details, as I know I feel like a recorder when I have too say my same old sitution over and over, glad too be of help, I have come too care about about a few here!

  • Thank Brian,

    I did text and email him last week but NOTHING! Stupid stubborn Taurus and his pride! Uuughhhh!

  • bluecat123!

    You are GOOD!!! 🙂

  • Aww, thanks, mabe every so often, comes and goes, comes and goes...

  • Emergence,

    You know sometimes when the feces hits the rotating oscillator (s h - t hits the fan), people have to have the opportunity to regroup. Certainly, you would think he would be looking to lean on someone a little at this time, and that can be telling in two ways. Is he a retreater when things go bad, and can you deal with that? Or, is the relationship you two have just superficial (his view), and he did not see you as someone to lean on? Questions to ask yourself, and answer yourself. I can not get much of a feeling good or bad regarding him, I can feel your distress though. : ( Hang in there.

  • BrianT, speaking of songs, I saw you had one for Sylavannah, you were ahead of me there, I hadn't realized that, we might have had the same idea. The thought occured too me too send the Why can't we Be Friends Shrek and Donkey video version too my difficult taurus, I'm sure he thought that was something when he checked his email. I know it got a smile, not that he'll admit that. Who couldn't not smile at that donkey wanting too be friends with shrek?

  • I'm also curious Emergence, as you said he tends too not be a leaner when emotional turmoil is going on his life, but Brians questions are exactly what I'm wondering, as I don't get a good guy bad guy feel for him either, just slowww too move too the next step. So, I'm wondering if he has said anything the possible future previous too his currant retreat?

  • Addie,

    Thought about you out of the blue, and said a prayer for you.

    I know you will not ask, so I will just tell you, you stubborn mule,

    you are following the right path today.

    : x

  • I do hope addicted stops in here today!

  • Well Brian and Bluecat,

    He have me all confused now because this is the first time we don't communicate.

    I know he is not a leaner, he likes to be on his own when things goes or etc..

    But he don't shut me off totally....for example...he was pissed at the stock market last year..

    It went against him....he called me up and told me about it and to let me know he is taking a break for a bit...he went silent on me for 1 day...I left him alone...out of respect..

    He needed his space..that is normal, I did that too once in a while...

    But what is happening now is really weird! He said nothing at all. He don't reply to my email and text. I wish he would delete me from his FB and twitter etc etc...but he didn't! Ugghhh

    Brian..the question you asked..I have said it all in my thread "New Moon and Mercury Retrogrades". Wait... I copy paste it here..

  • Here is the story...

    Just don't fall asleep LOL!

    It all started last year December. Before that, my Taurus and I had one of the best relationships ever. We never really fight, there were arguments but those were settled pretty fast, in just a few mins / hours. We took the effort to communicate with each other daily, no matter how busy our schedules were, even for just a few minutes. We can talk, laugh and tell one another anything, everything. LOL...guess what...Mercury was in my sign (Sags) in December and turned retro on December 26 at Capricorn, that was when all **** broke loose! My Taurus decided to end our relationship our of a sudden, with no specific reason. He threw me off guard! I was so pissed and hurt that I decided to cut off all ties with him. He didn't want to, he wanted us to stay friends. I told him to stuff it up in his A S S! He text-ed me on New Year's Eve and I did not respond to it. Who the **** he think he was? He broke my heart, the timing was totally off and left me feeling all miserable during New Year's eve while everyone was out there having a good time! We didn't talk to one another for the first time for a whole 2 weeks! Funny enough on Jan 15, I had this nostalgic feelings inside me and start reminiscing about old times ( when I actually swore not to think about him at all, in fact I wanted to kill this B A S T A R D if he was right in front of me). Well....what do you know, Mr. Taurus sent me an email the day after (Jan 16) to ask me if I was okay and just to let me know that he had no intention on giving me up. He wanted us to be friends still and build it back from there and see where things goes. He missed our daily chats! Okay...I caved in to him, I replied and to cut this short, we were the best of friends since then. We talked to one another daily, things went back to being normal, the only difference was, we were ONLY friends. No talks of relationship whatsoever but I didn't mind a bit, I felt that we were heading in a good direction and our bond were stronger than before. The break up might just be the thing we need..... Anyway, good things don't stay for good hey? Why am I saying this??? I haven't been talking to my Taurus since Mercury Shadow (Mercury Shadow started on April 02). Yep, up until now, we have not been communicating. No talk, no chat, no email, no text, nothing..ZERO! At first, I was the one who was trying to keep the communication to the minimum, because of this Mercury retro and I was preparing for it but he is the one now who is ignoring me. I sent him a text and an email and received no reply at all! First time for everything huh? My intuition is telling me that I won't be hearing from him this week or next still, not until Mercury leave his sign on May 10th. I believe it is effecting him pretty hard. He is 100% Taurus, to the bone!

    I am just trying to keep my cool and practice PATIENCE. LOL...those who think I have no Patience because I am a Sags, I can tell them straight that they are wrong. I have learned the new meaning of the word PATIENCE since I am with this Taurus! Gosh..I need a drink!

    I am not depressed, just pissed! I need to go and throw some rocks in the pond in my backyard!

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