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  • It just does not sound right, I can't say pop! Makes me feel weird. It is like saying chips, we don't do that either, LOL.

  • Bluecat123,

    Oh I remember that social networking thing, but I definitely remember the post thread it was on.

    The advice they were giving that poor girl, oh my. So that is very interesting. Addictdtoriches set that one, and the other one, straight huh? Even more interesting. Sorry you got attacked. Not right. I would have had your back. Boy some people.

    Yes "pop" that is what soda pop is here, and a "soda" here is "pop" with ice cream in it. We have other strange things we call stuff too. LOL


    Yup, "pop" is soda pop. You can use that one on anyone from SW PA you ever meet, they will laugh.

    Your intuition is sharp and spot on. As far as the cat, forget it, she is not gonna let you access her mind. Got to be open in order to get something out of it. LOL

    Oh sorry, I messed up the music thing, oops. Jeff Beck and Uncle Ted are cool in my book. What I got spoon fed pretty young though is Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple, and they still resonate to this day. I also really like Motown, early 80s Metal, early 90s Grunge. I basically listen to everything, from Sinatra to Slayer is how I put it. Also dig Classical, and Jazz Trios (piano, bass, drums). So you got the general first love vibe pretty much right on, blues based hard rock.

    I am kind of a little laid up at the moment, and my schedule is thrown off, so night owl kind of right now yeah. I am either a up in the morning person, or a night owl, I can do either. LOL

  • I guess different states might as well be alien nations with their own dialect of local phrases. Ice cream here is just that.! As a matter of fact a quirk of mine is that I get up every night and eat ice cream, wonder why I am awake right now.....I get the music thing, I have 4 older brothers who never let me listen to the Partridge Family when I was a kid. So, yes, I relate to the list of bands. I even do country music, can't help it, from a very small town. Still like it. What do you mean laid up? Sick? Go have some ice cream, it's good for the soul...

  • Red Pedals,

    Dialects are everywhere, and I think super fun. They have a cottage industry here of stuff about "Pittsburghese" (the way they say Pittsburghers talk), which can at times be embarrasing, people pronouncing Washington, Warshington, stuff like that. Madness.

    The one I like the best, is "n 'at" which is "and that" (they have stickers that say "N@"). Used in a sentence, you would say, "I was going to the store n 'at." The "n 'at" denotes the so on and so forth about whatever you are talking about. Just goofy.

    Yes, I blame my older neighbors for destroying my childhood with 70s rock, LOL, and with four older brothers, wow, you bet you can relate. I am surprised by the staying power of the 70s rock acts (not really they were quite good), we have kids across the street, idk 11, 13, they play that Guitar Hero game, they know everything from Alice Cooper to Rage Against The Machine, makes me laugh. Country is big everywhere, not just small towns. People relate to it I think. At least a lot better than "I gots my nine, and Im rolling with my bitches and hoes" stuff. LOL

    Laid up kind of sorta. I had a snow shoveling mishap (we got 2 feet one weekend), and it is nothing, but I am suppose to "take it easy", till they tell me it is nothing. Stupid really. I swear they are moving at a snails pace just to mess with me. LOL

  • Addie Addie Addie, Addie,

    And I quote "Amy? I like it but it isn't powerful."

    Have you lost your mind? I tease my sister unmercifully, and even I am not crazy enough to say that. OMG The chucks you dreamed about were the new shoes she bought to kick your behind with. I will plead for mercy for you with her. LMAO

  • You are pretty funny at this time of night! I am not even sure how to pronounce Pittsburghese, does not roll off the tongue very well. Yep, my family says stuff like "I am fixin" to do this or that. Or, crick instead of creek, I just hate that! Now that's embarrassing. n at? I won't even try that one. Yes, my cat can get a little "miffy" when I probe to much although you might be surprised at how open animals can be. I have worked with them for many years and for a "working vacation" I usually go each year to a place at the Grand Canyon called Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. It is truly AWESOME, breathtaking and simply relaxing. Anyway, yep, the music thing I can relate to. Right now at my office I have Uriah Heep going on much to the dismay of anyone near me. In my car, Stranglehold and in my bedroom Matt Murphy. Yesterday it was Vince Gill and the soundtrack from an 80"s play called "Chess", you know? Intense. Actually, you might know one song from the soundtrack, One night in Bangkok? The music was written by former Abba members. I know, tidbits of info that you might think "what am I supposed to do with that?" Stuff like that just rolls around in my head....Can't help it. By the way, you should be where I am at, total sunshine, don't do snow!

  • Must go to bed at some point, think I will attack it now. Maybe I should not say it that way, will probably keep me awake. Shall I say quietly, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I better not.!" Much better. Many blessings to you and good night:)

    By the way, I also get that you have a strong sense of social consciousness Volunteer? Support charities? Maybe just strong feelings of awareness? Am I wrong? Nite.

  • LOL My best frien was from New Jersey. They talk like that too. I like some '70s rock like Lynnard Skynnard, but I hated the '70s. I am an '80s chic! I don't like country or ballads, I can't handle the whiny sound. I was never a big Air Supply or Chicago fan. I think Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, sing through their nose. But I like early '80s hard rock and 90's grunge. I like some alternative and some classical. Don't like death metal like Slayer but I did listen to Hollow's Eve and M.O.D. I listened to alot of hard core punk and was in Rocky Horror Picture Show for about a year. We listened to Violent Femmes alot then (don't know what category they would be in) My sons listen to rap. I refuse for them to play it around me. I have them say to me a little slogan I taught them "Rap is crap wih a silent C" LOL I will make me 2nd son listen to some punk. If I have to hear their crap, they can listen to mone lol I tell my friend the saying off that bumper sticker ( the Nile is still a river in Egypt) They say everything different to me like water and plaza. She doesn't talk like that but her mother does. We speak so different on different sides of our own country but we still don't go anywhere and demand they speak like us! I think every foreigner should learn English instead of us learning their language. Hold them accountable for SOMETHING. I am not racist but I don't go to spain and demand they speak english. My whole family was Cuban. They not only learned english but my mom taught for 49 years and my uncle worked for IBM. They contributed. Tttttttttttey did't come he asfo a hadut, dmadweseak rlauae, acomplanha they weneeee fairly. I have a paper on how whites are called racists . Whites are actually the minority now. If we had a white history month or named a street in every city after a white guy, we would be racist> If you pay attention, all the violent gun crimes (robbery, shootings, etc...) are all black people but most the serial killers and high collar crimes are all done by whites. It's people in general. Doesn't really matter the color. Anyway, I won't get started on that subject either. I have to take meds to go to sleep. If it is daytime, I can sleep like a baby. But, unfotunaetly, everything is only open 9a-5p. Metallica is my favorite group (and Duran Duran. what a combo lol) I can name every Metallica songs in 1-2 notes. You can tell by one gong if it is Metallica (For Whom the Bell Tolls) or AC/DC (Hell's Bells) At least it is only 1 of 2 songs lol I listened to alot of Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Motlet Crue, etc... I remember all of my teen years. The last concert I went to was 98 Rockfest. Last year (I think) there was 3 Days Grace and Hinder. I don't know alot of todays bands. I still get confused on Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. It's bath time for my dogs. I just found a flea! I have alot of dogs but not very many fleas. They just had one hit wonders on VH1. lol I saw Flock of Seagulls and Steve perry when he went solo. I wonder if they will have a show on one hit albums? There would be Europe, LA Guns, even Ratt & Skid Row (though I think they had 2 albums lol) Anyway, I gotta go. Bathtime! TTFN

  • Also, BTW if you ever see a band called the Great White Underbelly's playing anywhere. That is Blue Oyster Cult. But I don't know how well that little known fact is.

  • Brian

    hahah! ;O oowweehh Brian, What else did the FBI say ? Lol,

    I cant Keep you too myself, ;/ Your advice and conversations are

    to Good To Not Share . =]

  • Brian

    Lmao, Woahh You told her ? ;/ I meant it in a funny kinda way,

    haha. She bought new chucks,really ?

  • I don't have any siblings but all us friends were brothers and sisters and sometimes, we treated eachother that way. I remember shooting someone in the butt during their baseball game and we did alot of crazy stuff on the trampline. My actual brother was more of a nerd and I was not. I don't think he has ever been hurt! In any way LOL. But he has no common sence. Very smart in an intellectual way but I can survive and adapt anywhere. I wear mostly t-shirts and jeans/shorts. Sometimes I wear long skirts but I don't dress up much. I don't think I have dressed up in 3 years. I don't even dress up for court anymore. I have a closet full of clothes but ask me how much I wear them. My teenage years were in the '80s. Which is good cause I hated the '70s. The colors, the stripes, was all bad! Paneling, stationwagons.... I was labeled a stoner and a metalhead and then a punk. (as me and my friend were the 1st 2 to have different colors in our hair) We were made fun of then but now it is cool. I had lawn darts! ! ;-D I used to play football I didn't have a computer or a PS2 or even cable! I remember being 12 when VCRs came out so that was around 81-82. I can't even go to a bar now cause when you see the sign that says, "if you were born on or before this date, you can't drink" and you can remember that date,... I start feeling old! Brian and Amy must be somewhat close in age. I say w/in 5 years. I am glad you two have eachother.

  • Brian,

    Yes, i read Very Often. When Im Bored ;/ Lol, Im not 100% crazy

    I learn the rules and dont follow them, But at least I learn Them =]

    lol. the book is named "SIMPLE ABUNDANCE". the passage

    stated the difference between our authentic self, and our selves in reality.

    I love TEA too, my family always tells me I make The best Tea 😃

    I will make sure you have funn shopping with me! ,PROMISE

    I love the Goerge Clooney look, pretty simple and creased-sharp

    look, Not too Flashy Not too simple But still Comfy Just like you like It 😃

    Right ? haha.

    I grew with alot of hispanics, I even have puerto rican family,

    I even attempted to learn spanish when i was younger. Here Where

    I stay there very many diversities, its very populated..It isnt such a big thing

    like culture because there are so many I LOVE IT. (california)

    Brian your right again, I just get so scared of becoming bored

    I see married couples and their lives are just STILL almost

    although some people search to find the one to become still

    with, My dream has always been to find the one to Keep Going with.

    Im scared to STOP, and Mature ;/ Im afraid Ill be bored, i dont

    know why. But I guess just because I mature my intuition; Dosent

    really mean I have to fully mature Me ? I wanna be able to relate to

    all people, Im not Perfect and Just because I have good intuition sometimes

    dosent mean I cant relate. Right ? I mean look at you Brian, Yor giving me advice

    On things I should Know..something I think ive intentionally avioded i'll say. lol

  • brian I hope you were'nt being hoggish, with OUR company.

  • brian I hope you were'nt being hoggish, with OUR company.

  • Addie,

    The FBI told me to tell you that,

    Brian did not actually talk to his sister yet, so he did not tell her anything, and has not found out if she has new chucks. And that you could keep Brian to yourself, but you are not quite sure what you would do with him, so you share.

    : D LOL

  • Addie,

    Yes it is OUR company, your name appears first on the listing.

    Me hoggish? How so? : o

    You were not here : ( I get bored with out you. : /

  • u Give me a minute to pound out a response to your longer post. Also get something to write with,

    v so you can write something down

    i you know what I mean

    j yes no?

    8 whoa

    @ got that so far?

  • lol you can mature some things but never grow up. I think you are just afraid of turning into the old people that you see. Some old people, their only exitement is going to Wal-mart. I have already been that way and I'm afraid that when my daughter is 18, I'll have like a mid-life crisis. I never had a '20s or a '30a period. I got pregnant at 18. I've been responsible and mature ever since. My whole family was cuban (though I was adopted and am obviously not) I know all the cuss words in spanish but my mom deliberately made sure I never learned it so when I was a teen, she could talk about me with me being right there and not understand it. I live in Z-hills and I am over run with rednecks LOL I lived in Tampa for 33 years. There is really no crime here but I have a fortress and lock everything. My ex would never lock his door and leave his keys in his truck! I can't do that! Iused to drink hot tea before I broke me back and as a kid, I spent alot of time at my uncle's and the only thing they had to drink was iced tea. The last books I read were Marion Zimmer Bradley Lady of Avalon, Mysts of Avalon, and The Forest House. I bought some R.A. Salvatore books but have not read them yet. I still have some of my books from when I was a tween and am trying to get my daughter into them. I just haven't had time to do anything that I used to do but it would benefit me now. I'd like to find my old room mate. But I haven't seen her in 13 years. So anyways, you can mature and never grow up. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face so to speak.

  • Brian,

    Yes I Know, My name appears First.. =] But we have Company,

    How Nice you entertained them while I was alsleep. L O L

    You seemed very entertained as well so were even.

    My pen and paper is here,

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